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  1. Hello All, Please can I have some help? I'm selling a PCP rifle and want to post it to the buyer. I've read somewhere on here that the cylinder on the rifle should be removed, is this correct? I know it should be empty and sent via Parcelforce 48hrs. Many thanks
  2. Hello, I haven't received a message yet incas you thought I hadnt answered. I did post an airgun a couple of years ago. I'll look into that, see if its still possible. If so I'll have to bubble wrap and box it really well!
  3. Hi, I've got one. I've had it for nearly one year and its good. Plus points. Very durable. Waterproof. Good full hood. Length just right, just below backside. If beating, the warmth is just right. Negatives. Not breathable, are any? Could do with neoprene cuffs. Another pair of side pockets near below pockets would be good. If standing all afternoon not warm. Before this I had a ridgeline torrent. That was really comfy, warm, good pockets but very heavy when wet. The kraftforce doesnt get sodden like that. Hope that helps a bit.

    Wanted Cheap PCP

    I've heard a Pr900 in action, granted without a silencer, it was disappointingly loud.

    Wanted Cheap PCP

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Wanted Cheap PCP

    Nitro venom. It sounds pretty quiet. Quieter than my old HW35!

    Wanted Cheap PCP

    Thanks OPP. I've looked at one of those but as it was new in the shop they wouldnt fire it. I couldnt guage the quietness. Today I looked at a crossman gas ram - pretty quiet. Its got me thinking! Any thoughts anyone?

    Wanted Cheap PCP

    Wanted a cheap PCP preferably with a silencer. Budget £150.
  9. Asking price dropped to £50 posted.
  10. Ridgeline Monsoon 2 (not the elite) for sale. Medium size. Very good condition. Just some stitching has come undone on the hood zip as pictured. Otherwise no holes, tears etc. £65 posted.
  11. Browning invector plus skeet choke wanted. Thanks
  12. Beretta mobile imp cyl, 1/4, for sale. As new, never used but no container. £15 posted Or, Swap for Browning invector plus skeet.
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