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  1. Thanks for the replies, perhaps it’s just best to walk then 😅
  2. Sort and snappy this one…Does anyone drive across rape stubbles ? I’m more than happy to drive across wheat/barley stubbles but have always wondered if it was safe to do so over the cut rape. Stalks can be seriously sharp so wondered if it would damage tyres/ body work of my motor. ( have a small hatchback)
  3. Thanks for all your helpful replies ! The show type cocker was bought because they are deemed slightly less energetic than the working type. So for day to day round the house thought it would be more manageable. I don’t shoot enough to have an out and out working dog, therefore it will also be a pet as such. (shoot pigeon once a week)I am going to try and make the best of the situation and train it. If I can train it to the level of being steady in and around the hide and carry out basic retrieves I would be over the moon !I have started reading the book ; Training spaniels by joe IrvingAny other suggested reading material?
  4. I have purchased the dog yes, picking it up in a week or so. I was aware that it wouldn’t be ideal but was just wondering if it was achievable to train them for this purpose. I am planning on keeping its coat short, will get clipped regularly
  5. Has anyone had any luck training a show type cocker to retrieve and be a decent hide dog ? Would ideally like to take it beating on a few days through the season aswell
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