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  1. can i have the the howa mag please
  2. bigcat243


    hi mate the price quoted £45.50 that is for a 4 round go ahead please thanks
  3. bigcat243


    hi guys im after a magazine for a 1516 22.magnum cheers
  4. cheers mate do you need my address cheers
  5. bigcat243

    gun cabinet

    thanks swinton cheers mate
  6. bigcat243

    gun cabinet

    hi folks im after a 3 gun cabinet local to Cheshier /merseyside must be police approved cheers
  7. bigcat243

    gun cabinet

    hi folks im after a 1or 2 gun cabinet ill pick up if local i,e cheshire //lancs cheers
  8. fantastic mate great picture
  9. where in cheshire are you buddy ?

    1. barrelsniffer


      arh thats what i sent

  10. hi all in need of a shooting buddy from around runcorn area foxing pigeon crows the usual suspects got around 1500 acres cant manage on my own must have sg and 22lr and transport cheers
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