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  1. hi would you be interested in a 243 howa 1500 varmint with mod and bipod heavy barrel 10 round and 5 round mag cheers
  2. absolutely brill great to watch. the good old days thanks for posting
  3. hi bluej thats what i would like to know i have seached browning data to no avail that no i gave you was not found on brownings site cheers hi bluej number could be S99470 5hanks
  4. hi bluej i have a browning a5 could you try this one i would appreciate serial no 599470 im having the same probs cheers
  5. thanks bluesj could not find for the life of me the date on brownings web site thanks again
  6. hi folks can anybody tell me the age of browning citeri 12 bore over \under serial no L13RP02523 thanks
  7. bigcat243


    hi mate the price quoted £45.50 that is for a 4 round go ahead please thanks
  8. bigcat243


    hi guys im after a magazine for a 1516 22.magnum cheers
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