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  1. Am going to a big 5 stand shoot tomorrow. I'm laying a bet with myself, that every gun will be a 12 gauge, so probably zero opportunity to try a 28 gauge; will probably struggle to find someone who owns a 28 Gauge ! ( one of the reasons I'm drawn to a 28 - something different )
  2. Yes, reloading would be almost mandatory given 28 gauge ammo is double the price of 12 gauge. Fellow shooters who once reloaded 12 gauge, have mostly sold their reloading gear due to high price of lead shot and relatively low price of 12 gauge ammunition. But, considering a lesser amount of shot will be required for 28 gauge shells .....
  3. Have in recent times only been involved / interested in 12 Gauge guns ...... I have a line on a gorgeous Beretta Guibileo 28 gauge with 28" tubes. I want it, but would like to be assured that 28s will still be 'viable' versus, just a useless toy regarding sporting clays. I have absolutely zero experience with 28s and none of my shooting pals use them.
  4. Because I am not a high volume shooter, the Aus. importer of CGs said the Forum would be "fine" and if I were ..... the Invictus would be a better choice ! 'Luckily', I have committed to buy a Forum based mostly on aesthetics.
  5. Hardly any CGs down here in OZ and consequently the FORUM is a rare bird indeed .... In my searchings, I see the Caesars are relatively popular in the UK ( as well as the States ) Am close to 'dropping the hammer' on a Forum, but with an almost complete dearth of 'online talk / reviews', I'm ( surprisingly to me ) a bit apprehensive ..... But hey, that's a good a good thing, right ? Anyone here with some comment on the Forum ?
  6. I too own a Perazzi MT6 ( without mid rib ) and although it looks amazing with a custom stock made to my specs, from a stunning piece of Tasmanian grown walnut ...... and I enjoy shooting it, if I feel even remotely serious about posting a decent score, the Perazzi stays at home.
  7. Yeah, marketing ... Try getting an understanding on Winchester's Quail 1 and Quail 2 choke denominations !
  8. A gun needs to look good. Notwithstanding your 'less than professional' photographic talent ( ) your gun certainly looks the goods. P.S. I'm curious how the 'extra wood' is done. Some of the guns I've seen in the flesh with this type of finish, have been outstanding in appearance.
  9. I will begin by saying I have zero experience with semi autos ... My wife is very petite in statue ( 5" nothing and 104 lbs ) The little darling has always had a hankering to join me in my chosen 'sport' of sporting clays, but has struggled in handling the few guns tried, ( all of which have been U/Os ) regarding weight and recoil. The last attempt at finding something manageable, had me buying a Rizzini 'Teen 20' - a gun specifically designed for youths / persons of small statue .... It belted the living daylights from her ! A few of the local blokes who should know about this, say the a recoil operated semi is the way to go and one who is very experienced with semis said the Beretta A400 light is definitely worth a try. So, here in Oz gaining approval to buy a semi is like applying for Sainthood. The redtape is onerous but not insurmountable, IF we are on the right track. Does anyone have experience with similar issues that I describe and also with the gun mentioned. Thanks.
  10. Have serious problem with rabbits at work ( ornamental horticulture ) Enlisted the aid of a fellow Sporting Clays shooter / Hunter to help out. He brought his CZ with IR Nightsite; ... what a debacle. So cumbersome with the battery pack attached to the buttstock - couldn’t aim the ‘traditional way’. I was spotting the quarry and he took an eternity to locate when handed over for the kill. $1400 Aussie of equipment that just ‘got in the way’ ! Next time, it will be shotgun or the ‘old fashioned way’ of lamp ( as the Brits say ) and good quality scope. P.S. 28 from about 200 seen ... a poor result.
  11. MR. BROWN


    Ahhh yes, rings .... Thats something else I discard before a shoot. ( can’t risk any damage whatsoever to the woodwork, particularly at my ‘own hand’ ) edit: incoming clay chips and careless teds with their barrels swinging about over their shoulders, are other hazards to worry over.
  12. MR. BROWN


    ^ this ?? Mine is a Swiss Army.
  13. MR. BROWN


    I always 'de-watch' for a shoot. However, I am the cautious type.
  14. Just laid my money down for a 687 eell Classic. Last one left; I wonder what the wood was like on the others.
  15. I also have had a hankering for the Maxum .... but in the end, I felt the engraving was a little 'hokey'. I now, much prefer the Forum or Essex.
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