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  1. I have one, my house 'sits' at around 420W in the day, I can tell at a glance if I have left the garage lights on or if the clay trap batteries are fully charged. I find it quite handy to see what power i'm using at any given moment. It doesn't cost you anything to have it fitted, my mate doesn't plug his in and keeps it in the drawer. i'd say go for it.
  2. miki


    Well, try a decent one. Krug Grande Cuvée Brut or (if you like sweet) Laurent-Perrier Harmony Demi-Sec, Tescos £15 a bottle is a low cost fizzy wine and isn't a representation of Champagne at all. Marketed at and bought by those who don't know what a Champagne is ...
  3. miki


    Different brands taste different - which one did you try ?
  4. have you got pics, am interested in seeing your adjustable butt pad.
  5. I'd give you £25 for the Hoggs of Fire - FieldPro Tweed - Gents Edinburgh Waistcoat - Size XXL - posted. If thats any interest ?
  6. miki

    Gun slips

    I will take the shotgun (green) slip please. PM me your payment details
  7. I've tried that, its a very soft alluminium bar/rod that melts so it's more brazing than welding. It works well on most things and very well on allunium sheet, copper pipe etc.
  8. miki


    It is ...
  9. Pictures ? is it a 'Tiger' ? Is it skeet-skeet or 1/4-1/4 ? 26 1/2" barrel ? Light wood or Dark ?
  10. miki


    If people wanted to they would ...
  11. That kills chickens .... Bullets are a different matter
  12. A chap is selling some 53gr VMax bullets if you are interested ? linky to SD
  13. No probs @n8ess its a common mistake 👍
  14. Bullets, not bullet heads ...
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