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  1. Is this the adjustable cheek piece stock ?
  2. miki


    Am still interested but you do need to move on your price ... or is this sold now ?
  3. Woodburning/multi-fuel stove with a big window ... this one - Stovax Vogue - for example. On full chatt you'll be opening windows and reaching for your shorts, the secret is to get a lazy flame gently licking the glass in a myriad of colours. You'll be amazed how little fuel they need to keep the room/house warm.
  4. Makes a massive difference, fuller rounder, thicker almost creamy with a lot more mouth watery long lasting fruityness and with a subtle hint of hazelnut if left for a few years. The flowery/perfume of the base gin is so subtle it's almost gone but is noticable if you immediatly try the Sloe Vodka. Tanqueray is a good base for the older mash as it suits the peppery coriander and hint of sweet liquorice it contains. I used to live near Warwick and started making Sloe Gin then with Sloes off Lord Leighs estate and from around Stratford, not quite 40+ but probably 30 ish years ago Now i'm using Sloes from doon the Clyde valley. There are two distinctly different bushes here, 1 is the normal thorny burghair which has lost most of its leaves and develop a grape sized blue sloe and the other is still covered in small yellow leaves and next to no thorns with smaller berries. This latter type really produces a deep ruby red mash, the resultant Sloe Gin is a deeper red with little to no difference in taste.
  5. Do you make Sloe Gin yourself @old'un ? Have you ever tasted a Sloe Gin made by fermenting berries or just a Sloe Gin where the Sloe berries were simply soaked in Gin ?
  6. Interesting logic @old'un, surely the act of pouring Alcohol into the mash will have a sterilising denaturation effect too ?
  7. Sloes have a natural bloom of yeast when ripe. This sends the berries a nice, matt blue. This bloom (yeast) will react with sugar to form alcohol. In doing so it kills all other germs and bacteria effecitvly producing a sterile, alcoholic, fruity, red syrup. The ratio of Sloes to Sugar is a matter of taste but 1:1 works well. Ikg Sloes to 1Kg sugar. If you wash the sloes you will remove the natural yeast and so the reaction will not take place. If you add alcohol (ie Gin) you will kill the yeast and the reaction won't happen. It takes a few weeks for the sugar and the fruit to turn into the alcoholic fruity red syrup (called the 'mash'). You can shake the jar if you wish as this mixes the sugars and yeasts together but a gentle stirring/shake a day is all that is needed. When adding the sugar to the sloes you do not need to pr*ck them with a pin or squash them or damage them in any way, simply remove leaves, twigs and stalks, put them in a glass jar or demi-john, pour the sugar on top and cover with clingfilm. Once the sloes and sugars have turned into a deep red liquid small bubbles appear, these are oxides given off in the process of alcohol production. A shuggle a day won't hurt but the best is to maintain an equal temperature of around 25C and leave it to ferment for about 6 to 8 weeks (longer if cooler). I leave mine for 3 or 4 months, then I add cheap/supermarket/value Gin @ I litre for 1Kg of fruit. I give it a good shake and leave it for at least 6 months, often a lot longer. At the end of this infussion period I syphon the clear liquid off into the empty gin bottles and its ready to drink. Some of my friends like to taste the Gin so a little more is added to thin the mixture. If the mix is too sweet, the fermentation didn't happen or wasn't allowed to finish (ie the Gin was added to soon). The flavours are enhanced and get more complex if the mixture is left longer. A nutty/woody taste develops inside the blackcurrant and cherry flavours of the sloes if the 'mash' is left for a couple of years. If you like to taste the Gin, add some more when drinking (ie use your sloe-gin as a cordial). Don't wash your sloes Dont add Gin until the sloes have fermented and produced an alcoholic mash Be patient, Sloe Gin is not a next week drink it's a 'it'll be ready next year' The Gin flavours are swamped by the sloes so cheap Gin works well, as does cheap Vodka
  8. I like the T-Max. The key figures are the amount of air in Ltr/Min. The T-Max is 160Ltr/Min @ 0psi and 70Ltr/Min @ 30psi It takes a few minutes to pump up a Landrover tyre from flat and around a minute to go from 15psi to 35psi (off to on-roaf pressures). I does need 45Amps so should be connected directlt to the battery and have the engine running when inflatinbg. I also use a separate gauge as the supplied one isn't that accurate. Vevor also do one which is very similar but red not yellow.
  9. Excellent. I'll take the Norma cases please. Could you PM me with payment details ? Regards
  10. Are these factory rounds once fired ? Are the old primers still in ?
  11. Up here in the frozen north, there is no need to submit a 'doctors letter' if you have previously submitted one. However. I understand that there will be a change in 'reccomendations' from the HO, after the Plymouth shootings when Jake Davison was given his guns back in that we will all need to submit the doctors form at every grant/renewal. I did read that there was "an error made" and that a memberr of staff was being investigated however I don't think that will change much, we need to wait until December to find that out. So if I read your post correctly @ilovemyhecklerthat this is a renewa, l I can only presume that you have not had your notification from Police Scotland, as if you have, paragraph 2 reads "If you have previously submitted a GP response and your GP has placed a marker on your patient file you are NOT required to return another GP response with this application."
  12. Draytek Vigor AP800/810 or AP900 no problem with covering the distances you are talking about. I have one in an upstairs bedroom that easily feeds the shed 35 yards away. Look on eBay for a pre-owned one, they don't wear out...
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