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  1. Thanks @Rewulfreal helpful of you mate. They are £895 new
  2. I have a Ward W800L for sale which will give you a lot more range than the Pard with a decent IR illuminator/torch. NV Store W800L The pard is good for closer in (22LR and 17HMR out to approx 100M) but for foxing/long range stuff the Ward is miles better.
  3. For sale is my W800L add-on night sight. Bought in 2019 this is the newer version with the freely rotating clamp (so it doesn't hit the bolt when reloading). Used but not overly, no damage or scratches. This was mainly attached to a Delta Titanium on a .22-250 for foxing and laterly to a Hawke on a .22LR for rabbits. Now superceeded by dedicated units so hasn't been used since last year, I have fitted a cover over the on/off switch to stop me accidentally turning it on (see pics). The sight comes complete with the supplied scope adapotor rings (the black ones) and a couple I made up
  4. Good advice from @stu64above, As you are essentially fitting a hot metal box the rules regarding the air gap are defined and are relatively easy to understand. As you are in the planning stage a 6" gap is a good guide. I had an existing open (coal) fire so the chimney was fine (its an 18" concrete tube), you would need to be checked. So the first step is to pick a stove and decide weather you want a top or rear flue. A top flue means the stove is set back into the fireplace and a rear flue puts it approx 12" further forward so the back of the stove will be approx 18" from the ba
  5. Yes it opens a Microsoft Excel speadsheet..
  6. Applying an over voltage to a DC motor is a bad idea, the armature will draw to much current, get hot and burn out. Applying 9V will slow the motor and also provide less torque. Typical motor controllers use some form of Pulse Width Modulation, ie they turn the motor on and off. @Ultrastuhad the best idea (IMO) extend the arms so the tips will spin faster.
  7. That works, it's 10% hydrochloric acid, I think you can get 15% too, like @Centrepin said, the stronger the faster it works. Wear a mask, eye protection and gloves. It's also excellent stuff for cleaning up Galvanized metal, have a hose ready as water neutralises it.
  8. A wonderful thing ... over the middle of a letter indicates pharyngealisation or velarisation and if above it smybolises a nasalisation (like the 27th letter in Portugese). Its an approximation in numerics .... '~50 people were there' or '~£100 gets you a good one where ~£50 is a fake' ...
  9. BASC do it again, demonstrating how 'in touch' they really are. 🤠
  10. BT own plusnet. They use xactly the same infrastructure, switches. poles, wires, everything but are 5000% better at customer service/sorting out problems. Cheaper too. BT will not let them sell/have access to FTTP but for FTTC and ADSL they are highly reccommended. Errr NO. 5G uses an 'air interface' which apart from adding delay (latency) also puts several more 'hops' into the mix. Most BSC's (the mux that looks at several towers) also deploy a plesiochronous doppler buffer which ensures the data leaving the BSC is timed the same as that coming in, which adds more del
  11. Yes its wonderful. I bought a new tin last year and am so dissapointed.
  12. Still do, I add mine to boiling water around 50:50 and swab the barrels of my shotguns. It is also good for cleaning the HMR crud off the moderators insides. Thats what old toothbrushes are for
  13. Royal Lochnagar is good, but harsh compared to the likes of Mannochmore and Ben Rinnes. Speyburn is similar to Royal Lochnagar but still smoother as are they are from the Flora and Fauna range. They are all Diagio whiskys too so principly used in thier blends. The OP asked about Irish Whiskey, of which I know little. I think most of the good stuff is only available in Ireland with only the supermarket casks getting across the border. Teeling and Fercullen are pretty good I recall.
  14. Have a look at FARMSTREAM linky
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