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  1. Evening. I’ll have one please. Pm me payment details please
  2. Morning. I’ve not done any mug welding- do you need gas with that?
  3. Blandford side….but only just outside of town so I might as well be in Salisbury
  4. Aluminium framed case Approximately 123cm long (4’) by 31 cm wide (1’) and 18.5cm deep Useful storage or the beginning of something to put in the back of the truck? Handles at either end £20 collected from Salisbury or arrange the postage/courier and I’ll do what I can to help
  5. 100 rounds of once fired Norma .243 £45 inc p and p
  6. Morning. I’m interested…just doubt I’ll be near you too soon. Do you travel at all so we might be able to meet somewhere mutually convenient?
  7. Any chance you’re travelling SW at all? Bristol or Southampton directions?
  8. Thank you for that suggestion. No, she’s not joined a club but I’ll investigate where our nearest one is
  9. She’s really enjoying it. Plus teaches the children a bit more about the important things. And yummy honey. What’s not to like?
  10. My wife has taken up bee keeping and in particular is after an extractor. Quite happy with a manual two frame one, but if you have anything please let me know. probably also interested in other bee related stuff
  11. Second dibs please. Or when you have some more
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