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  1. As per title. Unused with its storage pouch. Tiny scratches/pitting/marks on it but only mentioning to be fair £25 posted to mainland UK
  2. Having a bit of a clear out, I have for sale : 194 Kent tungsten matrix cartridges. 12g. Shot size 5. 30gram load. If you can find them I think they're over £2/shot now! Only down side with these is they are paper cartridges, but all in new condition. I'd like £225 for them  210 bismuth forest. 12g. Shot size 6. 30 gram load. I think these are about £300 per 250. Asking £125for these please.  Face to face with a valid SGC. Collected from near Salisbury. I travel around the south a little so may be able to meet up- just ask.
  3. Beginning of the season. Get your non toxic now?
  4. Season’s starts soon- still available
  5. For sale is my TransK9 storage drawer with double shotgun foam insert, storage for cartridges and other stuff you need but don't know where to put. Anti slip mat on the top Three locks with 3 keys for the cam locks and 2 for the lever lock Security cable to secure to the car floor/chassis with 2 keys Fixing kit and the ability to have dog cage fitted to the top Here's a link to their site https://www.transk9.com/products/vehicle-storage-drawers/ At it's max, the dimensions are: 109cm Wide,103cm Deep 20cm High. This includes the brackets Hopefully photos added, if not pm me and I can email/Whatsapp them £375 collected from Salisburyg
  6. Ringtone

    Cheap 12 bore

    Marcus, I’ve a single barrel 12 for £20......but I’m in Wiltshire. Any help? No help?
  7. That’s a generous offer. Good for you. Hopefully he would appreciate them continuing to be used. Perhaps whoever gets them will offer a donation to a charity that you feel is appropriate?
  8. New price:£3000. No offers thank you
  9. Apologies I thought I’d put the price on there. £3800. S line. CVT gearbox. 1/2 leather seats
  10. Selling the wife’s Audi. Mot until October. 102k miles. S line. £3800 CVT gearbox - auto or flappy paddle Salisbury Pm for more photos
  11. Armsafe corner/pyramid/triangle gun cabinet. Take 3 guns As you can tell from the photos it needs some work including a new lock. Edit: I can’t upload photos! It’s tired, needs a respray. Email or WhatsApp for photos please Thought it’s a bit different from the normal cabinet £30 collected from Salisbury or I’ll use it for the steel
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