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  1. I’d say buy the cheapest. Tried them all and although i’ve Had my best score with white golds I have settled on hull comp x which are cheap
  2. I would say because they are so popular so loads of them about which , proportionally will mean more for sale
  3. Try and go for a second hand b525 or silver pigeon and you won't loose much money if you decide to sell. however they do have to pretty much fit or there's not much point
  4. Did it look any different to the old ab3?
  5. The hmr is a very versatile round and it'll do most things well, some better than others,some worse. I'v toyed with the idea of getting rid but wouldn't be without it. Yes it's noisy and exspensive but it has a bit of reach and is less prone to bouncing than the lr so it's staying.
  6. And I thinks that's the key with the t bolt, they need a bit of tweaking and running in but if you can get over that then they are great. just wish browning would address that out of the box
  7. I have the sporter synthetic. Great instinctive hunting rifle with a very quick action and because of the straigh pull you can mount a scope as low as you like . they are very light and I added weight to the stock and took some plastic away from around the barrel to free float it. This has helped keep it steady and enable the use of a bipod without affecting accuracy. this triggers are a bit heavy but you can modify them for nothing to lighten them up. they do take quite a bit of running in but once done they are very accurate. for an out and out hunting rifle I don't think they can be beaten, I tried to sell mine recently but couldn't bring myself to sell it , says it all really.
  8. I wouldn't clean my hmr barrel again until it went wildly off. Cleaning the barrel on my t bolt sporter seriously screws the accuracy.
  9. If you take the trigger assembly apart there is a plastic shelf that the trigger Spring sits on. This is the reason why the trigger is so heavy. Simply remove this shelf, bend the spring up a touch and hey presto. There are a few guides if you google it.
  10. Don’t discount the t bolt. Very handy shooting from a truck due to short length, light weight and the straight pull make it easier to cock (less movement required) and faster . The composite stock model can store a spare mag in the butt if you really get into the rabbits. The trigger can be sorted at no cost and the straight pull allows more scope mounting options ie lower mounting.
  11. Last year shot 165, this year 111 so far. So a little bit down but definitely not seeing as many around. in 2015 and 216 was shooting 300 plus on the same ground. However previous to 2015 it hadn't been shot much so I'd expect a decline
  12. That would make sense , presuming if this was the case then plod will catch up with them in due course.
  13. I was granted my 243 for deer and fox without a dsc but the police wanted me to have a mentor. The game keeper put his hand up for that one and that was that . The mentor thing is basically to shift the blame away from the police if anything g should go wrong . If you can try and find an experienced bloke that will be willing to vouch for you.
  14. I think you can have too many guns but that doesn't stop me aquiring huge amounts of old Spring powered air rifles
  15. I've got the variation form filled out and ready to go for fac air. I'm going to turn up the power on my .177 wolverine. i know it's .177, I know it'll be worthless when it's converted and I know I'll only gain another ten yards and it'll eat air but I don't care, I'm doing it anyway
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