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  1. I'm tempted to get another, wish i'd never sold mine now.
  2. The trigger is the only bad point but as has already been said the trigger mod lightens thins up a bit. When you get used to the trigger it’s not that bad or stump up £240 for a hard unit. When you get past the trigger it has the quickest action and best mag out there bar none. The only other down side is the cost.
  3. Had my 525 for 3 1/2 years now and never had any rust problems but i clean it after every outing . go for one post 2015 because they changed quite a few things and they are better for it. The inflex pad , nicer wood, better balance i. The rifles and to me the trigger feels better on these. i have had problems with pitting on the firing pin but its not affected the firing so not really an issue. The action remains stiff because of the way the foreend works which is bad because its not a eacu to open as say a berreta of the same age but good because it still feels new. there are the inly bad things really. They handle really nicely , dont recoil much, have lovely triggers which all aids concerntraiting on the shooting . Most of the time i dont even notice the gun . if they fit you then i would recommend buying one, nice shotguns.
  4. Went for 25 g 6 in the end. Will try them out tomorrow
  5. I don’t actually want to use the biggest load but depending on what they had in the shop I didn’t want to buy a cartridge that isn’t suitable . my gun is chambered for 3 inch cartridges but there’s no magnum markings so will probably go no higher than 25 g. Thanks for the advice chaps , much obliged .
  6. I’m off game shooting soon and taking my berreta sp 20 gauge and wanted to know what the biggest load you can put through it without doing it any damage ?
  7. I’d say buy the cheapest. Tried them all and although i’ve Had my best score with white golds I have settled on hull comp x which are cheap
  8. I would say because they are so popular so loads of them about which , proportionally will mean more for sale
  9. Try and go for a second hand b525 or silver pigeon and you won't loose much money if you decide to sell. however they do have to pretty much fit or there's not much point
  10. Did it look any different to the old ab3?
  11. The hmr is a very versatile round and it'll do most things well, some better than others,some worse. I'v toyed with the idea of getting rid but wouldn't be without it. Yes it's noisy and exspensive but it has a bit of reach and is less prone to bouncing than the lr so it's staying.
  12. And I thinks that's the key with the t bolt, they need a bit of tweaking and running in but if you can get over that then they are great. just wish browning would address that out of the box
  13. I have the sporter synthetic. Great instinctive hunting rifle with a very quick action and because of the straigh pull you can mount a scope as low as you like . they are very light and I added weight to the stock and took some plastic away from around the barrel to free float it. This has helped keep it steady and enable the use of a bipod without affecting accuracy. this triggers are a bit heavy but you can modify them for nothing to lighten them up. they do take quite a bit of running in but once done they are very accurate. for an out and out hunting rifle I don't think they can be beaten, I tried to sell mine recently but couldn't bring myself to sell it , says it all really.
  14. I wouldn't clean my hmr barrel again until it went wildly off. Cleaning the barrel on my t bolt sporter seriously screws the accuracy.
  15. If you take the trigger assembly apart there is a plastic shelf that the trigger Spring sits on. This is the reason why the trigger is so heavy. Simply remove this shelf, bend the spring up a touch and hey presto. There are a few guides if you google it.
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