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  1. Are you still looking for one of these? Petty sure I've got one you can have
  2. This is mine, ping me with any questions
  3. kentish

    Camo Net

    This any use? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164914469805?hash=item2665ab1bad:g:G00AAOSw1pJgwiMT (not me selling it, just came across it on eBay)
  4. Have you still got this or did it sell?
  5. I don't have much experience of air rifles (since 1990 anyway) but found myself in your position earlier this year, looking for an air rifle to shoot targets while my rifle club is shut. I would have preferred a s/h s410, but was difficult to travel etc so in the end I bought a gamo phox in .22, came with pump, scope and slip for £460. Wood stock would have been nicer but I'm pretty happy with it. Just fitted a bipod for a bit of prone fun
  6. Don't suppose you ever find yourself in Kent?
  7. There are some in our village down here in Kent. Have to say I was a bit surprised to see them https://filston.co.uk/the-farm
  8. I was lucky enough to see one of these chaps while walking back off the marsh today, hunting the hedgerows in spite of a fierce wind. Beautiful photographs
  9. kentish

    Kids air rifle

    Kent, as per the op
  10. kentish

    Kids air rifle

    Thanks mate, that would do the job but was looking for something local that I can get hold of quick, are you over in Hampshire? What kind of money are you looking for?
  11. kentish

    Kids air rifle

    Well since Christmas at the in laws is cancelled and I now have two weeks at home, I might see if my daughter enjoys a bit of garden plinking. So if anyone has a serviceable kids air rifle that they no longer need in Kent, I could take it off your hands. With or without scope, Springer, co2, PCP, anything considered. Tia
  12. As above it will be probably determined mainly by the construction of your house. Put it somewhere that's easily accessible to you but out of sight. Mine is inside a built in wardrobe bolted to a brick party wall using chemical fixings. FEO was very happy with it. He also pointed out that while it's a 3 gun cabinet I could probably get 5 guns in it if I top and tail them! One problem with this is my elderly neighbour sleeps in the room on the other side of the wall, and imagine the racket when I'm fumbling about half asleep trying to get my gear ready to go out at 4am. Also My girlfriend keeps filling my wardrobe with bags of junk bound for the charity shop so I have to move all that out the way before I can even put the key in the lock... I keep the keys in small combination key safes also screwed to the wall out of sight.
  13. If anyone relatively close to north/west Kent has a surplus of head-shot rabbits and/or steel-shot pigeons that I can use for dog food, I'd be happy to come to some arrangement. Thanks
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