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  1. kentish

    Job lot

    I'll take a dog lead please
  2. I have to drive from Kent to Cumbria just to see the family - you're practically next door to Donny
  3. There's someone selling a gun in the classifieds with a cabinet. He might want to split (might find it easier to shift without the cab)
  4. I'll have hides, calls & decoys please
  5. Was going to suggest But I guess he's already pinged you about it
  6. kentish


    No worries, thanks for letting me know
  7. kentish


    On the off-chance that 1 and 9 don't sell, I'll definitely take them both. Cheers
  8. Looking for a small lab or Springer, preferably from working stock, in the southeast. Would have a Puppy but prefer a bit older with some basic training up to 2 year old. For family pet and hopefully wildfowling companion, excellent home awaits in a Kent village location with a decent garden to ruin. Cheers
  9. Thanks all, Interesting to read people's experiences. I've seen a few small labs about that I could live with, also a few smaller wirehaired viszlas. It's about striking a balance really, I simply can't accommodate too big and boisterous of a dog. Hence why I'd rather get an older dog, so I've got a better idea what I'm getting.
  10. Fair point, I'd happily consider a lab or retriever, would have to be on the smaller side though
  11. Actually I'd prfer a bitch, but looking for a gundog as a family pet, running companion and something I can train hopefully to start wildfowling with. Don't especially want a pup but must be young and biddable. Springer/field spaniel/Cocker or an HPR breed. Don't want anything too big, and preferably local. Thanks!
  12. Glad someone bought this. I scratched my English boxlock itch recently but would have loved this. Beautiful, enjoy!
  13. What a fantastic book that is (alas mine is a modern paperback).
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