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  1. No problem getting 00 buck but its not optimal for my 20G but I could start using in my 12G I suppose. Well I suppose it depends. I'm only mucking about for curiosity. The 5.5mm TSS experiment is still getting more pellets in the 30" circle at 50m than the 00buckshot x 15 pellets with a lot less kick.
  2. This weekend I loaded up BB and F shot in the 20 bore and tested the patterns at 50m and 70m. I also compared the patterns against a 12 bore shooting 3" 00 buck. The winner in the patterning right out to 70m was 26 grams of BB. Unfortunately the penetration test was a washout because it got too dark and there was not enough pellets to hit the small test medium. I will try to test again at a closer range with more light. I have no idea what the end game is but if I look at the performance of BB for animals larger than a fox or larger at 70m I think I'm there.
  3. You can hurt your back not lifting this stuff correctly.
  4. I'm assuming the #10 is 1.8mm size? How are you finding it on ducks?
  5. Got some #10 coming soon for testing. 10 yo 15 gram gram load for 40 yards should be close to ideal.
  6. I got the chiappa triple crown 20g and I'll be putting tss through it very soon
  7. This Tungsten Super Shot is something else.
  8. Then i test it. Hits like the hammer of thor.
  9. Yes just cutting up strips of crisp bags. Its cheap and available. I just wash and dry first to get oil off it. Making the 410 move up a few notches in performance
  10. Checking the three wads i recovered they aren't rubbing through.
  11. Here is a 27 gram, #9 shot 20 gauge at 50m and 70m on a 30" circle.
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