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  1. Yes please, pm me for payment details Posted too, thanks
  2. I've got a new iPhone XR I'm looking to sell. It is New & boxed but the box has been opened & the phone plastic cover has been removed. It has never been used. I bought the phone sealed recently & went to set it up. At that point I realised it was locked to the EE network. I'm not with EE so it's time to take a loss & make sure I buy unlocked next time! My mistake can be your gain. These phones are £749 new from retailers. I'm asking £485 posted RMSD. Happy to accept PayPal but buyer to cover the fees
  3. Nice looking watches. Hopefully they'll sell on here but if they don't watchfinder are worth a look. Earlier this week I sold them my Breitling Emergency. Easy from start to finish & I got a good price
  4. Lovely idea. Bravo that man👍
  5. To the same bank account would be fine



    1. I also had a 692 black that suffered from the exact same problems. Other problems I had were double discharges & a repeatedly loose forend. I lost faith in the gun & traded it in for a Caesar Guerini, so far I'm very impressed. 2K will buy a nice CG
    2. I've recently changed my Beretta 692 Black for a CG. Really happy with the new gun
    3. Bit far for me too but should you find yourself down Sussex way I'll take them off your hands
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