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  1. Got an SMK that needs "putting back together", Son bought it off a friend working fine & then bought almost a complete set of new internals from TR Robb. He stripped it down & put it back together & surprise it does not work & now he has lost interest! Quite happy to post if you are interested £50 (incl post)
  2. Hi Rewulf, did you manage to get any images?
  3. Thanks, spec wise is it the same as the below? https://www.uttings.co.uk/p107636-yukon-nvmt-spartan-1x24-gen1-nightvision-goggle-kit-yuk-24125/#.XzVhZcBKiUk
  4. That is the kind of thing I am looking for, do you have a couple of images?
  5. One handed is not a problem, the distances are so short that a small "flick" is all it needs & use my net handle as a wading stick (hangs on a lanyard by my side). If I eat any more carrots I will look like Bugs Bunny!!!! I did try a set of NV goggles a few years ago, borrowed from a friend who does a lot of security work here & abroad, amazing things but way beyond my budget to catch a couple of Sea Trout.
  6. Morning all, only my second post so be kind!!!! I am looking for a night vision spotting scope, but it is not for shooting. I do a lot of night fishing for various species & am looking for something to make identifying features in the dark easier (torch not an option as it would scare the fishes away), no distance involved (5/10m max). I have been looking at various spotting scopes on EvilBay & there seem to be a few around £100-150. My question is are they suitable for what I want, any recommendations for a brand/model would be fantastic, dont need massive clarity just to be
  7. I was told by my FEO (East Cheshire) that on renewal they were going to be looking for key storage in a "Digital Key Safe". Since moved my guns to Gwynedd & the FEO there said they thought that was ridiculous! Continuity would assist us all.
  8. I think the problem is that the keeper is trying to put a mark down & stamp his authority (ridiculous I know), as mentioned previously & since updated further, he has managed to fall out with the landowners on 3 sides of his shoot. Ultimately I am not looking for a “war”, all we intend to do is wait until beaters day & in the morning flush anything from our land out onto theirs. The beaters will get a damm good day & maybe questions will be asked of the keeper. My family have owned the land since before the war so have seen many come & go, I suspect this one will
  9. Apologies for the delay in updating, been busy @ work 7 a couple of trips North for Salmon now the rain has come. In a short word, no, the new "regime" have seemingly gone out of their way to alienate not just me but the other landowners in the area. I had a chat with the keeper shortly after my original post explaining our position & asking him to justify his request (which for obvious reasons he could not), he became rude & abusive at which point I informed him that as no agreement was in place then he would not be shooting from our land as the previous lads had. This did n
  10. Thanks for all the replies, they all confirm my initial reaction, I just wanted to make sure that “etiquette” was not on their side. Have just sent an email to the syndicate letting them know that permission has been rescinded & the reason for the decision. Its a shame as we had a good relationship with the previous crowd for nearly 27years. There is always one a$$hole who spoils it for everyone!
  11. I have 25 acres of woodland in North Wales on which we have our own clay shoot (basic 4 traps which we move about), shoot a couple of dozen pigeons & around the same pheasant every year. The land is "sandwiched" in the centre of a horseshoe & the sporting rights on the land around us is let to a syndicate which run a semi commercial shoot (mixture of invitation, lets & members). we have always got on well with the lads who run the group & even let them use a corner of our land to make an extra drive. This season it has changed hands & last weekend whilst we were cuttin
  12. 2nd dibs if the above falls through.
  13. Thanks for the reply HF, will pop into local Smiths when home & see if he can get any. It’s not a major issue, I am just a bit anal about kit being “complete”
  14. Picked up a cheap Armsan 20 o/u over Christmas, only came with the 2 x chokes already installed. Looking for, preferably, a set plus key. Anyone got any spare/lying around they will part with? All the best for New Year everyone.
  15. Sawyet

    20 bore

    Thanks for the offer but really want a 20.
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