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  1. I was told by my FEO (East Cheshire) that on renewal they were going to be looking for key storage in a "Digital Key Safe". Since moved my guns to Gwynedd & the FEO there said they thought that was ridiculous! Continuity would assist us all.
  2. I think the problem is that the keeper is trying to put a mark down & stamp his authority (ridiculous I know), as mentioned previously & since updated further, he has managed to fall out with the landowners on 3 sides of his shoot. Ultimately I am not looking for a “war”, all we intend to do is wait until beaters day & in the morning flush anything from our land out onto theirs. The beaters will get a damm good day & maybe questions will be asked of the keeper. My family have owned the land since before the war so have seen many come & go, I suspect this one will go before most. I understand that there are vacancies in the syndicate now for next season as there have been issues regarding “tips”. Its a small world, one of the guns who has given notice is my Cousin & the other a very good friend.
  3. Apologies for the delay in updating, been busy @ work 7 a couple of trips North for Salmon now the rain has come. In a short word, no, the new "regime" have seemingly gone out of their way to alienate not just me but the other landowners in the area. I had a chat with the keeper shortly after my original post explaining our position & asking him to justify his request (which for obvious reasons he could not), he became rude & abusive at which point I informed him that as no agreement was in place then he would not be shooting from our land as the previous lads had. This did not go down too well, not quite sure what he expected, & we parted company. Last laugh goes to us though, in order to fit an extra drive in he has altered things around which results in most of the birds from the first flush flying back over the beaters into the safety & comfort of our land where they seem to be quite happy!! Basically I get the impression he is just an a$$hole who does not have a clue how operate in the countryside.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, they all confirm my initial reaction, I just wanted to make sure that “etiquette” was not on their side. Have just sent an email to the syndicate letting them know that permission has been rescinded & the reason for the decision. Its a shame as we had a good relationship with the previous crowd for nearly 27years. There is always one a$$hole who spoils it for everyone!
  5. I have 25 acres of woodland in North Wales on which we have our own clay shoot (basic 4 traps which we move about), shoot a couple of dozen pigeons & around the same pheasant every year. The land is "sandwiched" in the centre of a horseshoe & the sporting rights on the land around us is let to a syndicate which run a semi commercial shoot (mixture of invitation, lets & members). we have always got on well with the lads who run the group & even let them use a corner of our land to make an extra drive. This season it has changed hands & last weekend whilst we were cutting some wood to stack for next Winter we had a visit from the new keeper & owner. It started off with pleasantries, they wanted to check that they were still okay to use the corner for their last drive (agreed, but explained that I had a very basic agreement that I wanted them to sign). The discussion turned to our shooting & what we shot, at this point I thought they were joking when they said that they understood we shot the odd pheasant & if so it was their intention to request a charge for them as they were "their birds". Once I realised they were serious I questioned the validity of their claim as we have had quite a number of pheasants breed as nature intended over the years plus there are a couple of other hobby shoots in the area. Just want to check that they have no claim over the pheasants that take up residence in our woods/on our land? To be 100% clear we only ever shoot into our land if after game & all our traps are positioned so everything (clays & shot) travels in & never leaves our boundaries.
  6. 2nd dibs if the above falls through.
  7. Thanks for the reply HF, will pop into local Smiths when home & see if he can get any. It’s not a major issue, I am just a bit anal about kit being “complete”
  8. Picked up a cheap Armsan 20 o/u over Christmas, only came with the 2 x chokes already installed. Looking for, preferably, a set plus key. Anyone got any spare/lying around they will part with? All the best for New Year everyone.
  9. Sawyet

    20 bore

    Thanks for the offer but really want a 20.
  10. Sawyet

    20 bore

    Thanks for the replies, would rather not have a semi-auto, but thanks anyway.
  11. Sawyet

    20 bore

    Cheap (not folding) 20 wanted for Sons girlfriend to use on clays/game over Xmas. Really don’t want to spend a fortune. Either o/u or s/s. Located in Cheshire but can travel but no more that 2hrs away!! Anyone got anything?
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