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  1. Scotty1980


    Countryman at Derby, bought one a couple of weeks ago.
  2. Scotty1980

    Guidance required!

    Guidance required! So first off I’d like to say “wow” it’s so hard to get into shooting without a healthy budget or some acquaintances in the shooting world. But...I am slowly clawing my way into the sport with the help of you lot on forums and Facebook groups! What I’ve achieved so far, 4X4, check Small first aid kit, check Shooting business cards made up and being posted, check Permission sheets designed and printed off, check Poles, nets and decoys, check SGC and Shotgun, check FAC and Deer legal calibre rifle, check Lots of green clothing, flat cap, boots and some farmer type shirts, check BASC member for insurance, check Active member of a local 500yrd rifle club, check Paid stalks booked in for later on in the year with estate rifle, check Oh…looking at the list above, I realise I’m actually not doing too bad! Permissions to shoot on…….Ha Ha Comical! Join the British Deer society? Please advise! Some kind of health and safety training? Please advise! DSC1 Course, will be booking shortly with a local chap. When I’ve saved up some money, find a syndicate and shoot stuff! Later down the line, think about trying for my DSC2. Have I missed anything? Can you suggest anything I haven’t thought of? Thanks Scott.
  3. Scotty1980

    Hello from North Yorkshire

    Hello from north Nottinghamshire.
  4. Scotty1980

    Pocket knife recommendations

    Another vote for Böker
  5. Scotty1980

    Painting scopes?

    I have acquired a scope that looks a little tired and could do with a freshen up. Not sure about full cammo, but if you paint it one colour it may look amature and **** any suggestions? Any pics of one you have painted? Thanks.
  6. Scotty1980

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    Love too, wouldn't know where to start.
  7. Scotty1980


    I am expecting my FAC to land on the doorstep any day, so I have started looking around.I have a budget of about £1500 At first I was thinking about getting a Tikka T3 super varmint .308 (£1255) but that doesn't leave me much money for scope, Rings, gunslip etc.So to free up a extra few quid, I have been looking at the Browning x bolt stainless Stalker Fluted .308 (£850)Iv also been looking at the Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50 scope (£575)Any thoughts?
  8. Scotty1980

    Has law and order broken down in this country ?

    When social media kicked off, crime dropped massively. Now people are board with Facebook and the like and going back out causing trouble.
  9. Scotty1980

    new to the forum

    Hello and welcome to the forum
  10. Scotty1980

    Older model Beretta's,

    This is my 682 Gold E. Its a great gun, been out with it this morning to smash some clays.
  11. Scotty1980

    I do wonder about my wife!

    So one of our girls has to go to school dressed as a Viking for a play she is doing. While im making dinner, she walks into the kitchen wearing a helmet that she had pulled out of the toy cupboard and said "will this be ok to wear for the play"? I said "I think that type of helmet was use by the Saxons but I'm sure no one will notice". My wife pipes up and says "it will be the same as Vikings, because they were from England". I said "what, the Viking didn't come from england" Looking confused, she then said "oh no that was the Romans, they were from England". I just shook my head! I do wonder sometimes.
  12. Scotty1980

    Recommend me a Garden hose...

    Always Hozelock. Always!
  13. Scotty1980

    Best military surplus outlets.

    Didn't realise there was one in chesterfield, there is one near me at Ripley.
  14. Scotty1980

    Lanber 12 gauge

  15. Scotty1980

    Hello from Lincolnshire

    Hello and welcome to the forum