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  1. Thank you. I have memories of a pair of tan school shoes that I loved, then hated a couple of weeks later. My mum dyed them for me. Bless her, they looked awful. I had the Mickey taken out of me at school. I'd hate a repeat performance. I've applied dubbin to my bag, I assume that'll come of with turps?
  2. Throughout my shooting career I've bought pretty much everything second hand. Chuffed to bits with some of my purchases. However, as much as I like the design of my cartridge bag, it's a rather bright tan leather colour. Any ideas how to tone this down? I have a cartridge belt in an almost identical colour too. Any assistance greatly received.
  3. Hi Jeff, Would you be willing to do £35 including postage please? Thanks
  4. Does this have a game pocket on the rear please? A further photo would be great. Also, where abouts are you? Thanks
  5. So, I've seen people wearing gilet / body warmers with a game pocket on the back. Barbour springs to mind but not sure of the model. Can anyone suggest a brand, name, website or similar where I can find one? Even a name or style so I can pick one up second hand (I like recycling / I'm tight). Really want to get ahead of the game before the beating season. Also, with the mild winters of late, it'll stop me sweating like a whore when battling up hill to the next drive.
  6. Use a file sharing website such as Hightail or Wetransfer. You'll need to subscribe, however free accounts are available. Upload to Hightail or similar using old machine, turn on new machine, download files. Not as simple as an external hard drive but another option.
  7. 2 on Friday and a further 2 on Saturday in different locations. 79
  8. Hi, I use the term plumber rather generically. I do mean gas safe in due course. I do a little plumbing at home and find it satisfying. I like the idea of working hard, generating your own work, and having a skill that will last. It's a first thought hence my query.
  9. Thank you one and all for your comments. I felt pretty low on Wednesday but am now looking at this as an opportunity. I've spoken to a solicitor and I'm going to have an initial consultation. Contracts were never issued, just a staff handbook giving guidance on the companies expectations. It was a relatively small company of about 25 and two people including me were made redundant, likely more. We'll see how it goes. I don't feel the need to be overly vindictive but I do need to know if what happened was legal. Did anyone retrain with a trade after being made redundant? I'm considering plumbing but would struggle supporting my family on an apprentice wage at 49 years old! I'm also trying to be canny and choose something which may be Brexit proof. While we always need hairdressers / barber's and undertakers, I reckon we'll always need trades too? Great group this, thanks for the moral support and advice.
  10. I'm a land surveyor by trade, localised maps, floor plans, elevations and sections, setting out on construction sites and monitoring movement in buildings. I knew times were hard and heard a pay cut may be coming but had no warning on redundancy at all. I'm getting professional advice on this today. My industry is changing beyond all recognition with the constant advancement of technology. Where once a team would collect measurements by theodolite, now one person can do it using a robotic instrument or a laser scanner or a drone. Half of the problem is the owner didn't keep up with the advancement of technology. The company was stuck in the 90's kit wise with too many staff and a lack of can do attitude. Quotes were astronomical too, based on the good old days. No wonder we didn't win enough work. It hit me hard on Wednesday, sleepless night and worrying. However I do fancy a change. It's just finding something I fancy or something I can transfer my skills to. I left Carillion just before it collapsed and took the job I've just been made redundant from as it was local (a novelty for me as I was used to two hours commuting), the dog could sit under my desk and I could be home for supper with my family. It was a lifestyle choice over money. I'll keep applying and also take time to think. Who'd have thought such good career advice was available on a shooting forum? Thanks.
  11. I was made redundant in the most abrupt way. No warning, no notice, whisked into a meeting room and given an envelope and escorted from the premises. My wife and I are lucky in that we have some money saved and have a little time before I have to commit to another job. Has anyone else been in the same situation? Did you see it as a second chance? Did you follow your dreams and herd alpacas, make cheese, become a rent boy or act on the west end stage? Any stories to inspire would be appreciated.
  12. Visited Wallers Ash today, and while incredibly busy (men women and children getting out between Christmas and New Year), it was a lot of fun. Well organised, friendly staff, pheasant guns up for a laugh and some of the most entertaining clays I've ever seen in my limited career. Well worth a visit.
  13. Hi, Lovely idea by both you and E W before you. I'm writing on behalf of my daughter. She's a keen beater and has an interest in shooting too. She's just turned 10. I'm 49 and a 1/4. Is this a left hander or right hander please? She's a leftie. Thanks Lee
  14. I've had numerous boots over the years, from Aigle to Hunter to cheap supermarket boots. Best I've had are https://www.bekina-boots.com Not overly pretty but very comfortable, fairly light and very very durable. Most get trashed by brambles when beating. Not these.
  15. Very decent of you, however my wife has just sorted out a nice leather cartridge bag from eBay. Second hand but looks a little worn, which is good. Game bag is a curiosity. Don't do enough walked up shooting to warrant one. Pheasants on the shoot are carried on a game carrier until they reach the quad. If I need a game bag, I know where to find them. Thank you.
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