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    Working cocker spaniels
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  1. theboycalledleaf

    decent clay shoots in Surrey / Hampshire

    Visited Wallers Ash today, and while incredibly busy (men women and children getting out between Christmas and New Year), it was a lot of fun. Well organised, friendly staff, pheasant guns up for a laugh and some of the most entertaining clays I've ever seen in my limited career. Well worth a visit.
  2. theboycalledleaf

    Free - Young Shots Only

    Hi, Lovely idea by both you and E W before you. I'm writing on behalf of my daughter. She's a keen beater and has an interest in shooting too. She's just turned 10. I'm 49 and a 1/4. Is this a left hander or right hander please? She's a leftie. Thanks Lee
  3. theboycalledleaf


    I've had numerous boots over the years, from Aigle to Hunter to cheap supermarket boots. Best I've had are https://www.bekina-boots.com Not overly pretty but very comfortable, fairly light and very very durable. Most get trashed by brambles when beating. Not these.
  4. theboycalledleaf

    Game bag

    Very decent of you, however my wife has just sorted out a nice leather cartridge bag from eBay. Second hand but looks a little worn, which is good. Game bag is a curiosity. Don't do enough walked up shooting to warrant one. Pheasants on the shoot are carried on a game carrier until they reach the quad. If I need a game bag, I know where to find them. Thank you.
  5. theboycalledleaf

    Game bag

    Blatantly obvious, thank you all.
  6. theboycalledleaf

    Game bag

    I'm looking for a cartridge bag at the moment and happened upon game bags in my search. What's the net for? Any ideas? Is it a fishing thing? Asked a member of staff in my local "country store" and she admitted that while she stocks them, she had no idea about the net! Cheers
  7. theboycalledleaf

    Baikal 27e 12 gauge

    Admin, please remove this from sale. Now advertised elsewhere. Many thanks for your time.
  8. theboycalledleaf

    Baikal 27e 12 gauge

    Barrels measured at 27 1/2 inches and fixed chokes thought to be 1/2 and 1/4.
  9. theboycalledleaf

    Wanted - Friction choke key

    Thanks for your opinion. Much appreciated.
  10. theboycalledleaf

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    I'd be surprised if it wasn't. I'm not sure the National Trust would allow it's Adders to become trained killers. Especially as they have enough trouble organising their parking on a sunny day....... Are you local to Frensham? I beat near there.
  11. theboycalledleaf

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    Find out if there's crayfish in your area. Approach an angling club to see if there's a population and if they want help. Apply for license from the EA, one pet trap. Bait with anything from cat food to fish guts. Meaty works well. Take home your spoils and enjoy!
  12. theboycalledleaf

    Wanted - Friction choke key

    I have a Lanber Field 12G shotgun featuring multi chokes with four lug holes. I like the idea of the friction choke key Teague style that prevents over tightening. Does anyone have one going spare please?
  13. theboycalledleaf

    How did you get your username?

    Before I married into my wife's family, I went for supper at my brother in law's house. As I was new blood, my 4 year old niece was clammering for my attention. Lee, Lee, Lee, Leeee, Leeeeeeeee, Leeeeeeeeef! And it stuck. Mainly a family thing, however I've been called worse!
  14. theboycalledleaf

    Does anyone else trap Crayfish?

    I think the key thing is to sell them on to the pubs and restaurants whole and possibly live. Under a commercial licence of course. I boiled my share of 120 and gave away 40 of those to a neighbour who also likes a brace of pheasants too. Shelling 80 was a chore. Tasty but still a chore!