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  1. HI guys So I've found the pcp I'm after for 150 less in the Netherlands. They will indeed ship to the UK and have advised me that they do this all the time, but the only problem is that the gun will be running at around 30ftlbs. The idea is to take delivery of the gun and turn it down to under 12ftlbs , but I'm not sure how realistic that would sound to customs if they stopped the package. I don't want to be importing a section 1 into the country without a licence. ☹️ What should I do?
  2. I'll sell them for you and send you the money in an envelope You have my word You could post me the Rapid too. I'll do a full overview and tune I'm good like that, see....
  3. Anything with John Darling in it lol. I feel a bit cheeky though. It's like I have nostalgia from a time when I was not even around. Is that even possible lol? Having a look on ebay.
  4. I'm jealous! I'll have to pick up some of those vintage old magazines.
  5. The RAW HM1000 looks to be a serious bit of kit.
  6. Gun shop - yes. Apparently it has had all it seals replaced and had a full service. I think they were around that price brand new. Ugly looking things, but John Darling used one so..........
  7. I've heard a lot have been opened up and had all kinds of things done to them. I found and handled a stunning Theoben MK1, but they were asking £750 for the rifle alone. Found other examples online for around £600.
  8. We need a new airgun company lol British owned, British made, good looking and reliable....
  9. The 3 year warranty is what tempts me.
  10. Have thought about getting a secondhand Theoben. Big John Darling fan!
  11. I think I've been well and truly put of buying any Daystate. People have only confirmed on here what I already knew. For the money, I'd expect excellence. My shotgun is worth more than any daystate air rifle; a shotgun never really has anything go wrong with it and will provide decades of trouble free use. Asking over a grand for a non-field target air rifle, at 12ftlbs, I'd expect near perfection and complete peace of mind. My quest continues.............
  12. The Huntsman looks just like my SAKO. The stock anyway.
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