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  1. If anyone is on the lookout for a new pair of decent boots, take a look on here, militarymart.co.uk I was just about to drop a couple hundred on a new pair of boots as my old ones had finally died. Then I saw this site. I picked up a pair of Meindl SF Mountain boots in A+ condition for £80. They arrived today and are brand new, well pleased with them. Also lots of other quality boots, Altberg etc. BTW I have no affiliation to military mart.
  2. We have several positions available on our friendly shoot. We shoot 8 days over 2 farms in Wiltshire (shoot hut at each location). It's walk 1 stand 1 and mostly pheasant but also some partridge and duck. Maybe the possibility of a half gun option. The shoot is run and organised by our very experienced keeper and any prospective guns will be put in contact with him, but please PM me here first. Full gun cost is £1200. Also simulated days put on in the closed season which are great fun. Thanks for looking.
  3. Very nicely done👍 What is the rifle your lad is using?
  4. Yes please, just what I need right now. Will pm details.
  5. Hi, lot 4 please.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Just ordered one.
  7. Thanks. Will have a look for a copy👍
  8. Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good book on the subject of gamekeeping? Not so much looking for stories or memoirs but practical information on how to care for birds etc. Cheers, Ak.
  9. akka

    Identify the.....

    Oh yes. Was a Christmas prezzie one year.
  10. akka

    Identify the.....

    You need this book
  11. Yes please. Will pm address for posting.
  12. Hi, I would like a pellet pouch with lanyard please. No rush, just as and when. Cheers, ak.
  13. Cheers, sounds promising. There was another one poking out the ground, I might go and dig it out, then i can make that midgets bench👍
  14. I was wondering if it was railway related as there was an old military railway in the area way back.
  15. I dug this up a couple of weeks ago and have no idea what it is. So I'm putting it out there to the Pigeon Watch mystery item investigators. It has the word WIMBLEDON cast into one edge and illegible PATENT on the other.
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