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  1. I genuinely did not see the gun in the first pic! Either that's really great camo or I need to go to spec savers!🤣 Good luck with the sale👍
  2. ✊cant wait to see this. That's going to be one fun bike to ride! Love the smell of 2 stroke in the morning👍
  3. Ok Dan, Cheers, will post tomorrow.
  4. Non branded body warmer I bought for fishing but it's too big for me. Its labelled as size medium but really I think it's a large. Worn once. Lots of pockets. A £10 donation to Julia's House please. http://www.juliashouse.org/ Free postage.
  5. @A1Decoy Just collected from post office. Thanks very much. Looks great👍
  6. Wow! That's very generous A1. I will gladly concede defeat. Well done Diver One!
  7. DOH! Told you I dont win anything! 😭 Oh well, there's always 'trap the rat' at next year's village fete.....
  8. NO WAY! Is this a wind up? I never win anything! I think the last thing I won was 'trap the rat' at the village fete in 1986! Ta very much.👍😁
  9. Was I the only one expecting to see a gun in there? Very nice by the way👍
  10. akka

    Shome rebellion

    The old boy who tries to pick up that flayling hose😂. But on a serious note, a loose hose under pressure like that could do some proper damage to some poor passer by. I hope they come come down hard on these muppets, but probably not...sadly.
  11. Well, in a way I'm quite glad it's mostly a lottery, it takes the pressure off a bit. I can just go with my gut feeling🤞. Thanks for all your advice👍
  12. Well, I suppose when you are there amongst the pups, it will evident which is the right one for you. I'm looking forward to the challenge. 👍
  13. Its been 3 years since Worzel, our fantastic Springer, passed away. It is now time to look for a new dog. Our Worzel was a very big strapping fella, and as great as he was, he was a fair handful. So this time we will be looking for a slightly smaller dog, and have decided on a Cocker. So my question is, what do you look for when picking a new dog from a litter. Are there any characteristics/traits which should be avoided or sought after? How did you choose yours?
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