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  1. akka

    Some old books

    Can I take 'Your Shoot' please. PM me payment details, cheers.
  2. Nice one, thanks for the upload👍 That's a big fat firing pin, I wonder what the logic behind that was?
  3. My boy found these old 303 cases and noticed that one (on left) has a regular round firing pin dent in the primer while the other has a lozenge shaped primer dent. After a bit of googling, I think that the lozenge shaped one may be from a Bren gun? Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  4. Go and have a peep next time your up that way👍
  5. A view from Salisbury plain across to the Bulford Kiwi (that's the white blob on the hill in the distance) the Kiwi was carved into the hill by NewZealand troops at the end of the great war, whilst waiting to be shipped home. If you zoom in and squint, you might just make it out. Or Google the Bulford Kiwi for some closer pics.
  6. Thanks for sharing, that's another really interesting mechanism I've not seen before. I'd like to find out more about that 👍.
  7. I have often wondered if anyone had invented a mechanism like this and how it might work. You can pretty much guarantee that whatever quirky and weird firearms related things you might dream up, someone has already thought if it and made one.
  8. Salisbury cathedral👍
  9. 👍that's the one.
  10. That's a very nice job! The Harvard had a really nice distict sound to it, always made me look up when it went over. My boy has this picture on his wall.
  11. akka

    hedgehog study

    Whilst trying to remove one of those horrible saw grass plants a couple of years ago (the type that shreads you to ribbons if you happen to pass by too closely) I thought I would cut it down close to the ground first before trying to dig out the root ball. I first tried pruning shears, no chance, so I tried a wood saw, much more effective. Now, about halfway through, I thought I heard something Growl. So I paused, looked about, the dog was inside, so carried on. Then another growl, louder this time, so I stopped again, parted the leaves of the plant and peered inside. Staring up at me was a very, very angry mummy Hedgehog and her 4 or 5 little pink baby hogs! I was a out halfway across their nest and a out an inch and a half above them with the saw blade! So I covered them back over and left well alone for a few weeks. Racked with guilt for disturbing them and almost decapitating an entire hog family, I left them food out for a few nights as way of an apology. Who knew hedgehogs could growl?
  12. Izal? Wasn't that known as the John Wayne toilet paper?
  13. I wonder if she's finished that jigsaw yet?
  14. Fair play to you, I only lasted 5 minutes before I had to turn it off for the sake of my own health!
  15. "How to steal pigs and influence people" Channel 4 10pm tonight, if you fancy winding yourself right up! Dont think I can bring myself to watch it though.
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