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  1. akka

    Olympus 8 X 21 Binoculars DPC1

    Yes please. Pm sent.
  2. akka

    3D Printer Discussion..

    I needed to extend the grip of my daughter's air rifle to fit my hand. It also makes a handy stowage for the spare pellet clip. I love seeing what other people are designing and making with printers! Keep up the good work!
  3. This is my gun, happy to answer any questions.
  4. akka

    Middle Wallop shoot?

    No, the Spitfire shoot is just outside Stockbridge, I shot there a couple of weeks ago.
  5. akka

    Name that ****

    This is my go to book for poop identification🤣
  6. akka

    Middle Wallop shoot?

    A chap I used to work with mentioned it a while back, just wondered if it was still going as it's not far from me.
  7. Hello, does anyone know if there is a regular clay shoot at Middle Wallop, Hampshire, any more? I'm sure there used to be, but can't find any info about it. Cheers, Ak.
  8. akka

    WW1 ID Bracelet

    Thanks, I'm sure he will!
  9. akka

    WW1 ID Bracelet

    This is my Great Grandfather's ID Bracelet from the first World war. Its not been worn by anyone for the last 100 years. Today I made a strap for it and tomorrow my son will be wearing it on the remembrance parade through the village. The bracelet is made from an artillery shell with a .303 bullet mounted in the centre. I suppose there were times when soldiers had to find things to occupy their time and creating things like this helped to pass the time.
  10. akka

    Cryptocurrency Opportunity

    Can I borrow your pole, mines not quite long enough..... 😁
  11. akka

    Spitfire shoot, Stockbridge?

    Thanks Stocky, Will probably give it a pop when the old fella comes down. 👍 I've been in that pub before, was very good. Cheers.
  12. Hi all, Has anyone shot there before? Any opinions on what it's like, I was thinking of taking my dad over there for a couple of hours next time he visits. Cheers, Akka.
  13. akka

    Bullet ID please

    Stuartyboy I recon your right! Cheers! 👍 HK 4.6×30mm The HK 4.6×30mm (designated as the 4,6 × 30 by the C.I.P.[7]) cartridge is a type of ammunition primarily used in the Heckler & Koch MP7 Personal defense weapon (PDW). It is designed to minimize weight and recoil while increasing penetration of body armor. It features a bottlenecked case and a pointed, steel-core, brass-jacketed bullet
  14. akka

    Bullet ID please

    On closer inspection it does look like it's copper coated, but defo steel inside.