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  1. Ah, TY175 was my first proper trials bike, then a TY250, Fantic 245 and then a Beta Zero 260 which I still have from 1991. I fully refurbished it a couple of years ago. Good job on the GasGas, looks nice👍
  2. Thanks for the comments👍 I also have a small table and 2 chairs that I rescued from a skip, I have painted them in the same colour. It amazes me what some people will throw out just because it has a bit if rust on it!
  3. It wasn't as hard to work with as I had feared, I do have some nice splinters though😀. I layed the cast iron back onto a large sheet of paper and took a rubbing (old school) to make a template for the curves, it worked really well.
  4. I bought an rusty old cast iron bench at a car boot sale about 10 years ago, I finally got around to stripping it and painting it about 5 years ago. It's been in the garage ever since. Every spring the wife asks how her bench is coming on, so I thought I'd best pull my finger out and get it finished. I bought some nice oak and finished it with lots of costs of Danish oil (with added UV protection). Unfortunately it's rained pretty much every day since putting it outside, so just waiting for some nice weather to give it a test drive. Good things come to those that wait (or those who nag enough)!
  5. I needed to extend the grip of my daughter's air rifle to fit my hand. It also makes a handy stowage for the spare pellet clip. I love seeing what other people are designing and making with printers! Keep up the good work!
  6. This is my gun, happy to answer any questions.
  7. No, the Spitfire shoot is just outside Stockbridge, I shot there a couple of weeks ago.
  8. This is my go to book for poop identification🤣
  9. A chap I used to work with mentioned it a while back, just wondered if it was still going as it's not far from me.
  10. Hello, does anyone know if there is a regular clay shoot at Middle Wallop, Hampshire, any more? I'm sure there used to be, but can't find any info about it. Cheers, Ak.
  11. Thanks, I'm sure he will!
  12. This is my Great Grandfather's ID Bracelet from the first World war. Its not been worn by anyone for the last 100 years. Today I made a strap for it and tomorrow my son will be wearing it on the remembrance parade through the village. The bracelet is made from an artillery shell with a .303 bullet mounted in the centre. I suppose there were times when soldiers had to find things to occupy their time and creating things like this helped to pass the time.
  13. Can I borrow your pole, mines not quite long enough..... 😁
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