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  1. Fair play to you, I only lasted 5 minutes before I had to turn it off for the sake of my own health!
  2. "How to steal pigs and influence people" Channel 4 10pm tonight, if you fancy winding yourself right up! Dont think I can bring myself to watch it though.
  3. Was always pulling the blighters off our old springer, but only during the summer/early autumn. We now have a new pup, he has only been out in the garden so far and is already getting ticks.
  4. I have picked 3 ticks off my dog in the last 2 days. I thought ticks were only about in the warmer summer months, this really surprised me. We are in south Wiltshire and it has been a terrible year for the ticks around here. Is anyone else still finding them?
  5. Would like the fleece please if still available.
  6. I genuinely did not see the gun in the first pic! Either that's really great camo or I need to go to spec savers!🤣 Good luck with the sale👍
  7. ✊cant wait to see this. That's going to be one fun bike to ride! Love the smell of 2 stroke in the morning👍
  8. Ok Dan, Cheers, will post tomorrow.
  9. Non branded body warmer I bought for fishing but it's too big for me. Its labelled as size medium but really I think it's a large. Worn once. Lots of pockets. A £10 donation to Julia's House please. http://www.juliashouse.org/ Free postage.
  10. @A1Decoy Just collected from post office. Thanks very much. Looks great👍
  11. Wow! That's very generous A1. I will gladly concede defeat. Well done Diver One!
  12. DOH! Told you I dont win anything! 😭 Oh well, there's always 'trap the rat' at next year's village fete.....
  13. NO WAY! Is this a wind up? I never win anything! I think the last thing I won was 'trap the rat' at the village fete in 1986! Ta very much.👍😁
  14. Was I the only one expecting to see a gun in there? Very nice by the way👍
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