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  1. Hello, I will take this if still available please.
  2. No not coated timber.
  3. I have the SE. And am aware that will probably have to cut out the hole for the pressure gauge, which isn't a problem for me. A shorter stock bolt shouldn't be too hard to sort out. Thanks for the info.
  4. Thanks. I've been thinking of getting one as I don't want to scratch the bejesus out of my wooden one while skulking about in the woods. And as you say, being plastic they won't mind getting wet, which is a bonus.
  5. Anyone got a bsa ultra synthetic stock? I'm just wondering if they are much lighter than a standard wood stock?
  6. The Endurance book is fantastic, you won't be disappointed. Amazing photographs.
  7. Original model 50 in .22 dated June 1974. Just doesn't get used any more, so rather it go to a new home. Open sights all present. Works perfectly, some very minor marks to woodwork and a tiny patch of rust on the barrel. See pics below, have tried to show all the bad bits, but considering its age its in very good condition really. Will post at cost. £200.
  8. Ok, thanks for that info. As stated, I'm selling on behalf of a friend, so don't know too much about these. Cheers.
  9. PRICE REDUCTION Now £260 posted Also, I think that the original description above is incorrect. I believe these are night vision only and NOT day/night scopes as originally described.
  10. Cheers! Well it's been raining here all day, so got to have something to do.👍
  11. We have found a few bits of shrapnel while out mooching on Salisbury plain (don't panic, we weren't anywhere we shouldn't have been) and rather than just have them on the shelf in the man cave, I thought I might be able to make something useful with it. And every man cave needs a bottle opener, right?
  12. I have 2 Yukon Photon XT day/night scopes. Both in great condition with cases and instructions. Scope mounts included, see pics. Asking £300 each. Offers considered. Selling on behalf of a friend.
  13. Hi all, a friend has a Pard 007 that had a little mishap the other day. On the rear (the bit you look through) there is a tiny grub screw that holds the rear lense assembly in. The grub screw had wound itself out and he ended up dumping the lenses and some other components out on the bench. He's now struggling to work out the assembly order of all the parts, it's a bit of a puzzle by all accounts. I've not seen it myself so just going on what he has told me. I've had a Google to look for an exploded diagram or similar, but with no luck. Has anyone else had this happen or does anyone know how to re assemble one of these? Cheers.
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