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  1. akka

    What should one do?

    I think shooting an animal at the side of the road could have landed you in hot water unfortunately. That said, I have put many animals out of their misery over the years, fox, deer, rabbits, duck etc. I too hate to see suffering and try and do the right thing. If I dont, it plays on my mind. Atb. Ak
  2. 1 dog last night. 12B. Total 118
  3. akka

    Napier Gunslip

    Yes please. PM on way.
  4. akka


    No. 1 please.
  5. Yup, little wheel on the right of the front trigger. Never seen one like that before.
  6. Blimey, that's pretty light. Can see why you stopped using 32g.
  7. I never heard of this. Just googled it. Its great what you can learn here!
  8. Well it was only ever going to see an occasional bit of action. I'm going to keep it. Will see next weekend what some different cartridges do for it. It is interesting what difference the stock geometry makes, I have not really given that much thought before. Thanks for the insight.
  9. Yes, next outing will try some 24 or even 21g carts and see what that's like.
  10. I have been on the lookout for a second gun, something cheapish to use as a spare or in the hedgerows, something that I wont cry about getting the odd knock or scratch. I saw this Verney Carron 12B O/U, looked a bit unusual, but I like to have something a bit different. So I bought it. It's really light and feels great to hold. I took it out today for a few clays and I've got to say its recoil is savage to say the least. I was shooting 28g clay loads and after about 30 my shoulder had had enough. It's a cracking little gun and I really like it but the thought of putting some heavier game loads through it is not something I look forward to. So I think a recoil pad is a must for this little gun. I popped the gun on the scales and it comes in at only 2.8kg. Can anyone recommend an aftermarket recoil pad they have used? Yeah, I know, man up and all that. I know I'm a big wuss!😁
  11. Can I take the pistol mag please.
  12. akka

    Some old books

    Can I take 'Your Shoot' please. PM me payment details, cheers.
  13. Nice one, thanks for the upload👍 That's a big fat firing pin, I wonder what the logic behind that was?
  14. My boy found these old 303 cases and noticed that one (on left) has a regular round firing pin dent in the primer while the other has a lozenge shaped primer dent. After a bit of googling, I think that the lozenge shaped one may be from a Bren gun? Can anyone shed some light on this please?
  15. Go and have a peep next time your up that way👍
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