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  1. love this pic🤣 More beans? I think you had enough!
  2. I just used Osmo neutral on a pine table top. It seems good so far, hard wearing and wipes clean easily. You just need to put very small amounts on at a time. I did 3 coats. There are YouTube videos showing how to apply it.
  3. Ha! I have the exact same issue. I was thinking of posting a similar request. They are rather long aren't they. I was wondering what a second hand barrel would cost? Good luck in your quest👍
  4. Impala, thanks for the info.
  5. I'm not sure. But apparently 870 parts are interchangeable from what I've read. Having never owned a pump before I have nothing to compare it too, so cant really say one way or another about the quality of the internals.
  6. HI pump club. I just got myself a Remington Sportsman 12. After a bit of internet searching, apparently they were made in the mid 80's and were a cheaper version of the 870 Wingmaster. It looks to me like it's not seen much use at all, I've just had it apart for a clean and inspection. I've not shot it yet, but am looking forward to. Anyone else got or had one of these?
  7. 2 out the maize this lunchtime. 1 dog 1 vixen. Total: 227
  8. Can I take bottom far right please.
  9. I think JRT on the end is what is known as a "snatch 22". It would take the consumption of so much beer to want to get intimate with it, that you would not be capable of any kind of intimate action what so ever.
  10. Is that where the phrase "bash the Bishop" comes from?😂
  11. What wood is that? Nice bit of detail on the brass to match the grip, nice touch.
  12. I can see the appeal of a wood lathe now. I may have to put one on my Christmas list.
  13. Very nice. How do you attach the brass/steel ends on? I used araldite.
  14. Thanks! I like to have a go at various bodgery. 😄
  15. The cartridge base in the bottom has special meaning to me, It was the first ever fox I shot. A bit of Danish oil to finish it off, not too shabby i hope. Just need a leather strap to put through as a lanyard.
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