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  1. Im also looking to start reloading. Ive been making my own shot in the summer. Until i ran out of antimony. The shot making is fun.
  2. K85

    Lead shot where to buy?

    antimony these days is getting hard to find.
  3. K85

    101 woes

    I had 8 armed coppers heavely armed with sheilds and attack dogs. I was lit up like a christmas tree!! On center mass. Then the search light on the helicopter shinning on us then god knows how many normal coppers with a search dog combing woods liking for somthing that wasnt there!!! Tax payers $$$
  4. K85

    101 woes

    Last thing you want is a run in with armed police! I did while out walking we didnt hav any guns with us but we still spent 25mins handcuffed face down in the mud. Before being told they couldnt find anything and let us go!!!
  5. Ive had problems with them too.
  6. K85

    Wads primers powder

    Pm sent.