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  1. When we had industries they used to work sweeping up
  2. K85

    Why the masks

    Pigs are ominvores carnt we feed them to the pigs
  3. If its laminate take it up carefully fix problem floorboards. I use decking screws. Then relay laminate with better underlay. And if you hav really squeeky floorboard put talcum powder under it.
  4. They voted adolf in! I carnt stand corbyn but i think he will end up pm. God help us
  5. The people who think the world owes them a living will belive them and vote for it.
  6. K85

    Why the masks

    I breed pekin bantam chickens and i had a nice young girl come to buy some as pets. Spent a while talking to her. I tryed to explain food production she was so confused.
  7. K85

    Why the masks

    Vegan idiots. soy bean production is worse than keeping cows
  8. Every time min wage rises more people get dragged in to it. Cus wages dont rise for everyone then prices rise because costs hav gone up so they have to topup your wage with benifits. Then lest for other gov spending.
  9. Im working in the green in birmingham as a contractor at the moment. There lives in there are a joke.
  10. Are these 3 idiots britans last gun makers!
  11. I was wandering if a tar burner would work as a furnece. By my math 60 gallon would hold 2.8 tons of lead. And some of them have side pour spouts.
  12. My mate lost 2 goat kids last year to crows
  13. Thst russian video is what you call primitive but very afective
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