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  1. I hated my mossberg 500. Felt like a gun that would last but by god it was crude. And so noisy, the rattles from the foreend, might as well be banging pans together while your walking about. I've got a sxp now. 100% a better handling gun, and I score better with it than anything else I've owned, but I'll guarantee the mossberg 500 will still be going when the Sxp is long dead and in parts. Benelli is on my list and a remi at some point.
  2. My Huawei one used to clock up quite accurately to the other guys with Samsung and apple watches. Reckoned we were all within a few hundred a day. In the summer it was 8-14000 a day with a strimmer on your hip. Nackered.
  3. I've tried a few main brands, Air arms, sak, the older sak, Edgar bros, theoben, etc and the older hw is easily the best main stream I've used now. Not tried the newer ones. Yet. Another option is get down a club. You'll probably see dozens of different brands and might get to try a few
  4. I'd load up the vid of me filling it, I knew it was going to go pop so filmed it and showed the rfd where I bought it. You can hear the inlet valve **** itself then a load of me swearing. So best not show it on here. Its not even allowing it to be filled, it's as soon as the hose pressurised to the gun you get a very very loud click and then it dumps the air. Anyway its back at the shop, see how it gets on. Never had this problem with theobens, fxs, falcons or bsas.
  5. Don't need one. They ring mobiles, and my misses supposedly has registered with tps. She gets them monthly
  6. My misses loves those calls. She'll play them along for at least 10mins. Then at the crucial part, it's on loud speaker for everyone to hear. They are a pretty obscene bunch, usually has the same key words, "die" "white" "bitch" "hoar" "s##t". Hilarious
  7. That's got a good video of it https://abc7.com/pacoima-plane-down-crash-metrolink-train-video-of-pilot-being-saved/11447057/ That piece of debris nearly hitting that guy Jeez
  8. The curious side to me is telling me to try it. The sensible side is saying don't risk ******* up my £600 chainsaw. I'll have to see if I can find a ****y old chain and have a go. 2 years ago I saw my work colleague cut 3" rubber mat (from a playground, actually still on the floor in the playground), and that ruined the chain, sprocket, clutch, oil feed, worm gear, bar and chain. Also the guy eventually broke the top handle by pushing to hard. Pretty much the chainsaw (ms261) was ****ed after, covered in melted rubber and never went well again, he had it pinned flat out for about 20 mins bucking like mad. The chain was worn nearly flat from the hardcore underneath. That's council mentality for you.
  9. I don't eat fish believe it or not. All mine go back unless somebody asks for one,which is either usually bass or mackerel. Used to sell eels to the chinese, and sea trout to the pubs but that was a few decades ago
  10. I've always been with people that catch big bass, never had one myself. Biggest I think is about 3lb, but tbf think the biggest I've seen is only about 8lb. I miss living near the coast, I used to fish a lot, coast at one point was 300 yards away 😢 now it's a 1 1/4 hr at least to anywhere decent
  11. 100%. Watching people go hell for leather doing half pumps cracks me up.
  12. Might bring some interesting species further south. I'm not used to southern fishing, all my fishing has been west wales
  13. I've been using the one supplied. I do have another that came on a whip I've got spare, but tbh I can't see how that would make the valve blow out as its on the wrong end (by that I mean it's the gun inlet valve that's failing internally, not the quick fill adapter) I also gave my best fittings one away when I sold my falcon recently. It leaked 130+bar just sitting for a few weeks as well. Honestly the o rings must be made of cheese. I'm tempted to give it another go if I get a replacement, but I'm not giving in and having a faulty gun returned again. I'm going to replace it and probably get a kral np02 unless anything else pops up in the shop that catches my eye.
  14. Bit of paracord, ceiling bracket for a sex swing
  15. I use the exacts rs which I think are 14gr in my springers. But as a general rule you can't go wrong with those, might be a little loopy but then your probably not shooting 12ftlb. Jsb have made the most consistent pellets I've tried for years, though I've found those crossman premiers pretty good (not the hollow points). Keep us updated
  16. Could try the sound clip off the rspb site and blast it out a Bluetooth speaker
  17. How you getting on with the air rifle? Closed those groups up yet?
  18. Did you take the rakers off, I just can't see how that would bite the metal enough otherwise?
  19. Only way I can see is what jaymo says, short barrel, with too long a sling, bends down, catches on a sapling and it catches the trigger standing up. To shoot yourself in the guts sounds quite avoidable.
  20. strimmer_13


    Flip top, patience, patience and more patience, and don't collect them, leave em where they drop, stay still, don't fidget, more than likely there's another half dozen sat ready to come in after if the areas not been shot before.
  21. Crazy isn't it! Mackerel the size of Jack Pyke. On light tackle that would of been better than any salmon
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