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  1. One of the best looking airguns out there. Best of luck with the sale
  2. No not yet unfortunately Its definitely going to go ahead, just he's had a newborn and there's been a few problems along the way Snapper/Weymouth is likely where we're go out, but I'll also do torquay another time as it kills the day when visiting family in paignton
  3. Omg I've just ruined everyone at work And home Absolutely love it 😂
  4. When I first saw the photo of that I assumed it would be co2. Also what most surprised me is that no ******** has been on with a Walt comment yet...
  5. They wasnt really on my radar tbh, I'd become aware of the trailsman through the shooting mags and general chatter back in the day, also I liked the poacher style. Also I knew they had some co2 setup which they no doubt hoped would win a few over that are nervous around high pressure filling tanks (bottles if you like)After a quick Google the tomcat looks sleek, and on the other forums there's a few pages about it, but no real info. Seems 22 was only available in co2. Never seen one, probably never will.
  6. They turned down a tour in the 90s for 1 billion dollors. Anyway In todays age, the youth will get bored of listening to granny's and grandads sing and they will fade away/out the charts quick enough. I'll give it 1 year of hype and -hopefully- no more.
  7. I use that rifle in battlefield 5 😂
  8. Dunno what size this is but I know it's a apache practise round with a few empty 50cal behind for scale.
  9. Seeing killer whales off the Welsh coast about 94. Very rare sighting. I was slightly obsessed with the coast back then. Losing my virginity around the back of the family planning clinic in Cardigan. I was terrified and wobbly legged for days. Hilarious looking back, wish I married her. Being in bed at 3am and getting the phone call to go to my sisters to help tell my niece and nephews their dad ain't coming home (suicide). Then bearing his coffin at the funeral. I lost a life long fishing mate, to drugs and its paranoia. Many many more involving adders, dead sheep and girls, but that's stuff to tell the boy when he's older
  10. When I looked at the boxer just before Christmas, I had a itch to buy a 'short' gun, mainly for car work, but wasn't really needing one as I like 1 tool to do all jobs and that position had been filled with the fx. Got to say the weight surprised me, but I suppose every thing is back on you and not spaced out. Also Ive a neck like a giraffe so I thought I'd need high mounts to get a good comfortable mount as holding it in the shop made me pretty much float my head above the cheek piece to even stand a chance of lining up. Combined I put it back, it felt solid enough but I shouldered a bsa ultra and for only 50quid more, it fitted lovely (tho I've yet to fit a adjustable butt pad) and bought that instead. I might try one of these smks tho, there's not a lot of bad stuff said about them on any of the forums.
  11. I haven't seen the nutter in town today, so hopefully she's off causing grief to the east. Might be too much to ask for her to glue herself to a bus for a few months
  12. So I did. Only took 3 months....
  13. I've one of those small emergency kits you've got to have when on the saw. I've chucked out the plasters and put in a roll of steri tape instead with a bit of wadding. Small carabiner and just hook it onto a kit bag
  14. Brilliant I'll look into them all Thanks 👍
  15. After a disappointing day down Seaton with the spinning rod (usual 😂) my mate and his brother suggested we do a day trip on a boat in the next month or 2. Can anyone suggest a crew/boat to go out on? There's a few going from Weymouth I see, but I'm not bothered about going out on a smaller tug if the big boys are fully booked. Budget not really a issue, nor distance but I'm thinking Christchurch area to Exeter, maybe a bit further west, say a max of Paignton as I've a place to crash there anyway. Species, anything really, though we'd all like to try wreck fishing as we personally own a small inshore boat ourself and would like to go further out Thanks
  16. We had loads about 2 weeks ago but just when I spotted them in a quiet spot, leave them for a night, the kids (I assume) had booted them to bits. Fried in garlic butter, bit of toast, a tasty free meal.
  17. Would taking a flat file like the raker one for your chainsaw, and taking a mil or 2 off each side of the mount work? Most are only ali, so a normal 9-11 with 1-2mm off each side would open up to 13-15mm roughly. Yup that looks like my old meteor mk1
  18. While living in West Wales, in the 90s the hills were alive with jets daily, no dramas, but one week they decided to come over stupidly low. As kids it was amazing, but the goats had a **** fit and our Welsh Mountain pony was in foal and it was a tense few weeks. Anyway mother complained to brawdy, asked them to just stay higher up over our heads until it was born, then carry on as we all enjoyed it. They responded by giving us a guided tour of brawdy. ******* amazing, we went in these simulators, allowed to sit in one of the hawks in a hanger (I can remember flipping switches like a loon, hell I thought I was Tom cruse, and the crewman not being happy about me and my sisters touching everything 😂) also met the pilots who gave us loads of signed posters (which I still have somewhere), postcards, paper weights, notepads and pewter pin badges, then a quick drive round in a landy upto the airfield and the finale of a quick up and down a few hundred foot in a seaking. Amazing ******* day. Well worth complaining 😂
  19. Was it a pump action he used?
  20. Tbh I'm extremely happy with the hornet. It's taught me a lot more about how much I can lean over, its like being a teen again, permanently grinning like a tool when I get on it, its like being on a mountain bike with a 100hp engine (it's 70kg lighter than the cbr). Also its only £78 to insure, £70 to tax, but the tank is tiny, 100miles and have to fill up. Don't care, its a absolute blast to chuck about
  21. List it as tools, spare parts anything you like really. Stick with Royal mail. I've posted non ticket moderators dozens of times, in fact I've just had one posted to me privately 2 days ago.
  22. My dad had a blackbird. I remember I wasn't into bikes much in my teens and I'd got a hobble painting my exs grandparents house in the middle of know where. Anyway phones dad, can you bring me up some thinners. He turns up on this new bike, grinning like a tool. He said watch this, and opened it up, first gear all the way to redline, turned around and asked how fast he was going. Well I think you know how fast he was going. He sold it not long after as he knew summat was gonna happen.
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