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  1. Had one, shot a lot of game with it. Pretty solid well made gun if a bit ugly. Most notable thing I remember was the trigger blades being too thin and it bloody hurt after a few boxes. Also the trigger pull on mine was horrendous, almost scratching internally and far too heavy. Cost me £25 and I struggled to give it away.
  2. Apart from having a best mate who is a complete animal, where as on more than one occasion we've had to cancel our pub crawl halfway because of leakage of *** lava after a raging curry, the worst I'd recall is a occasion where we had a pretty good sesh in town before a day out fishing. What followed the session was a nasty hot garlic chilli chicken curry takeaway. To spice it up, we had some Naga sauce at mine, which is the usual kinda ******** I'd get in a present about Christmas time and never use because 1, it's disgusting, 2, it's so hot it melts your eyes just opening the bottle but anyway we decide to step it up a few notches and slaver the curry in it and tuck in. After much panting/screaming/drooling/milk/anything cold and promises never to do it again, we all hit the sack and look forward to a day out on our boat the next day. Next day rolls about, and boat is launched, were about 2 miles offshore and it happens to him. Deli belly,of the worst kind. With no karsie onboard, his only option is to hang his *** over the side and try and get the worst of it overboard. Great plan, poorly executed. What actually happens is, the beer and curry make a brown waterfall, to which he's not that happy about from the sound of him howling and he looses his grip on the side and falls straight backward into the oil slick he's created. Whilst dealing with the shock of cold, thousands of sandeels are swarming him eating the ****, and he's scrabbling to get onboard while were pushing him off with the gaff untill he's a bit cleaner. I think we made him swim under the boat, might of dragged him by rope a few meters to help and sit in the corner when he did come aboard. Just one of those days. True story. If you want a hilarious story about curry, YouTube The Rock FM, the curry story. Well worth a watch
  3. It's a skill you'll pick up with time and use. Watch a few YouTube clips, watching someone will teach you more than reading about it. Remember to make sure they are all the same length in tooth or you'll be cutting bananas. Use calipers if you need to. 1-2mm on one side more than the other will start to trap your blade 8'' into a log. That stihl sharpener above I seen a lot of guys use, and seems to do good results. I've never used one but the guys in the council did, but they like to leave the rakers on, I don't as I don't do a lot of borecuts
  4. Beach is now open to swimming again.
  5. We've had a lot (step mum was to do with 'greyhound rescue wales' so we always took a few on). Can make great pets, but they can be in a right state when you take them on. One we had, was a ex racer, found in the woods hanging by his neck, badly malnourished with his legs broken (one had to be amputated). He had a lot of trust issues, which took a long time to fix and didn't tolerate other dogs at the food bowl till his end. Another we had killed next doors Yorkie when it snuck in, it just saw a fur ball and then it was dead... Also 'sash' was a ****** in the field, let off the lead, straight into hunter mode (bearing in mind he was the above dog with 3 legs) he was off and wouldn't stop for no rabbit. So so fast. Beautiful obedient dog in your own yard, swine in a field. Lived to 16yo I think, we had him over 10 years. The things racing dogs have done to them would make you sick, if you have the patience they can make a great dog.
  6. One and only price drop - £350 collected or posted at cost.
  7. As above about 2 years old. Sirocco mod 2 x mags Bushnell banner 4-16 scope Hardcase (and original box if picked up) Running at 11.7ftlb Mark on the barrel from a shroud, and 2-3 small marks on the stock. Nothing serious. Good little, seriously accurate rifle that just doesn't get used. Pm for more photos £400 picked up ono I will post at cost which I'd imagine to be about £10-15 to mainland where parcelforce go, please be aware that they only give £100 compensation on guns. Your risk not mine. Bacs or cash on collection, Gillingham / North Dorset
  8. I was only going on the level of finish every ata I've ever shot had 😅
  9. Get a wire brush in a drill, knock the worst off, rough it up and get a can of matt black spray paint and do the barrels. Stick it on here on other trading sites for £50, it's a few beer tokens.
  10. Exchange. I recently decided to give the ata airborne a go,and after taking back 3 times because I thought it would eventually get fixed (it didn't), I bought a s/h hw100 for a few quid more from the same shop. I really wanted to try 'non mainstream' brands, but honestly the ******** I was getting fed as to why it was nackered put me right off from ever buying anything newly released again.
  11. Houses are selling for good money and fast down here. Next door went in 9 days. I personally wouldnt bother at auction
  12. Eb*y Solid rubber mat 372772265481
  13. Deleted my cookies 3 times so glad its not just me Pita
  14. What are you after/usage requirements? Ill be getting a np03 or 02 next week and getting rid of the ultra
  15. Must be the sun coming out
  16. Half expected to see handcuffs on the sides tbh 😅
  17. 24" barrel took a bit of getting used to but even with cylinder i was breaking 40 yard crossers Its not as noisy as my last 500 either
  18. 1.75 white, 1.19 red here. ****s hitting the fan
  19. Just checked online, bit short for me
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