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  1. I basically asked A1 a few times about this via email what the score was. Extremely vague replies if at all. Most of the land is only a 15min drive away from me so it looked promising as such, but I ain't chucking £350 down the ****ter if they can't be bothered to answer. Some reviews online, some seem miffed, some happy.
  2. My ex boss actually bought a generator when they called. We called him a fool inpolitely (we all thought they were casing the joint) but that thing didn't break for years. Fake Chinese honda engine, so light it was one handed. Probably still running. Still wouldn't trust em/it tho
  3. strimmer_13


    Wondered why I haven't received much filth today.
  4. Had a 22wmr come back at us once from about 80 mtrs. From a elevated position as well (about 3 silage bales up). That would of smarted a bit.
  5. How did the marathon go? I've been to London once maybe twice. Both times for the royal Albert Hall for the cirque du soleil. Managed a quick trip to the natural history museum in the day. Got out of there straight after. Too much concrete, too many people and took me an age to get in anywhere. Tbf I feel the same in just about any large town, never mind a city. I'm going to a gig next year at the o2 arena, I'm dreading it, but it's closer than Birmingham or Manchester.
  6. Some people need to chill out man, loosen up, maybe have a joint 😎
  7. Gorgeous beach, would love to snorkel that 👍
  8. Cz probably stopped making them and concentrated on rimfire/centerfire more. They are superbly accurate rifles (the barrels often get grafted onto others) but having no multishot or reg, they didn't keep up with modern rifles/times. That is what sells I suppose. Still like most 'old' stuff, those and falcons/rapids still punch holes the same size as modern stuff, In fact still out shooting a lot of them in that price bracket. I regret not buying the mk2 I tried years ago.
  9. Airgunspares. Com Or Tw Chambers 👍 Unless I need something else which they don't have, occasionally I get it of eb#y
  10. VID-20210929-WA0017.mp4 VID-20210929-WA0016.mp4
  11. Think I'm on £10.38 ph. Highest rate I can go. Rents £700 ( that's cheap for a tiny 2 bed not in a scummy area) Ave House price £180k anywhere local. We'll never afford to buy in this county unless something drastic happens.
  12. To be honest I moved here after it closed. I remember the shop as such, as it still had signs and such in one of the windows, on the street with the butcher? Looked like a house? I emailed him about a airsporter which was still advertised only to find out he had passed away some time before.
  13. What bsa? Ultra se? Check the power, mine was 10.3 out the box. The silencer would be fine as long as its not calibre specific which I doubt. It won't be as effective as a hw silencer, which are like rocking horse **** atm.
  14. That's the one I was sent but doesn't look in the uk VID_20210928_165747.mp4
  15. If you get any accuracy issues buy a 3d printed second barrel band of eb*y, seems to fix 90% of any issues on other sites.
  16. Actually if going down the PCP route, I'd very much get hung up on pellets. Apart from user error, I can get over 2 inch in variation by using **** to decent pellets I've probably got 15 different brands/tins I try
  17. I expect to read a report tomorrow night, love, hate, warts and all 👍
  18. About. Bloody. Time 👍
  19. Wikipedia The appearance and intended purpose of the SPAS-12 initially led to its "military" designation as a combat shotgun. The SPAS-12 was designed from the ground up as a rugged military shotgun, and it was named the Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun. In 1990, Franchi renamed the shotgun the Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, which allowed continued sales to the United States as a limited-magazine-capacity, fixed-stock model until 1994. Following the United States Federal Assault Weapons Ban, imports of SPAS-12 shotguns to the United States were stopped. In September 2004 the ban expired, but Franchi had ended production of the SPAS-12 in 2000 to focus on the manufacturing of the SPAS-15 model. The SPAS-12 was designed to function primarily in semi-automatic mode, with the pump-action mode used to reliably fire low-pressure ammunition such as tear gas rounds or less-lethal bean bags.
  20. £100 profit or hours of garden fun for about 2 pints of beer. Or both. Nothing like using tinplate smoothbores to question 'was I aiming right?' 😅 Cracking find and enjoy
  21. Plenty of fish Used to be the tinder of its day
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