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  1. We had loads about 2 weeks ago but just when I spotted them in a quiet spot, leave them for a night, the kids (I assume) had booted them to bits. Fried in garlic butter, bit of toast, a tasty free meal.
  2. Would taking a flat file like the raker one for your chainsaw, and taking a mil or 2 off each side of the mount work? Most are only ali, so a normal 9-11 with 1-2mm off each side would open up to 13-15mm roughly. Yup that looks like my old meteor mk1
  3. While living in West Wales, in the 90s the hills were alive with jets daily, no dramas, but one week they decided to come over stupidly low. As kids it was amazing, but the goats had a **** fit and our Welsh Mountain pony was in foal and it was a tense few weeks. Anyway mother complained to brawdy, asked them to just stay higher up over our heads until it was born, then carry on as we all enjoyed it. They responded by giving us a guided tour of brawdy. ******* amazing, we went in these simulators, allowed to sit in one of the hawks in a hanger (I can remember flipping switches like a loon, hell I thought I was Tom cruse, and the crewman not being happy about me and my sisters touching everything 😂) also met the pilots who gave us loads of signed posters (which I still have somewhere), postcards, paper weights, notepads and pewter pin badges, then a quick drive round in a landy upto the airfield and the finale of a quick up and down a few hundred foot in a seaking. Amazing ******* day. Well worth complaining 😂
  4. Was it a pump action he used?
  5. Tbh I'm extremely happy with the hornet. It's taught me a lot more about how much I can lean over, its like being a teen again, permanently grinning like a tool when I get on it, its like being on a mountain bike with a 100hp engine (it's 70kg lighter than the cbr). Also its only £78 to insure, £70 to tax, but the tank is tiny, 100miles and have to fill up. Don't care, its a absolute blast to chuck about
  6. List it as tools, spare parts anything you like really. Stick with Royal mail. I've posted non ticket moderators dozens of times, in fact I've just had one posted to me privately 2 days ago.
  7. My dad had a blackbird. I remember I wasn't into bikes much in my teens and I'd got a hobble painting my exs grandparents house in the middle of know where. Anyway phones dad, can you bring me up some thinners. He turns up on this new bike, grinning like a tool. He said watch this, and opened it up, first gear all the way to redline, turned around and asked how fast he was going. Well I think you know how fast he was going. He sold it not long after as he knew summat was gonna happen.
  8. My mate took one home as a try before you buy, he's a regular customer there, came back and stuck it through the chronograph, 9ftlb. Anyway, I laughed as I had been telling him to buy a ultra for weeks, I bought a ultra to prove the point, that came in at about 9/10ftlb too. He took it back and bought a fx royale.
  9. strimmer_13

    MS Word?

    That's what I use
  10. Well I bought a hornet 600 2003reg. Pick it up Tuesday 👍
  11. I kill crows but enjoy shooting pigeons
  12. Dunno what this was this morning
  13. Now I looked at taking the boy to center parks agsin, we went 2 years ago. Only for the long weekend/3 nights, admittedly in peak time August. £1200. Not a chance. Tent it is then unless I find a cheap deal for abroad
  14. I've pushed the budget to £2.7k. Probs do 3.5k if I had another week as I could transfer some funds over but I'm not really keen on that idea for something that will live in the garage 3/4 of the year. I'd rather buy a 1.7-2k bike and have the rest as a good full service on it I've been predominantly looking at in this order (Ish) Zx9r Vfr800 Vtr1000 Er6f Yam xj600 naked 2010 on Sv1000 Fazer 600 Bandit 600 or 1200 Thundercat Zx6r Hornet 600 or 900 And as a kicker I've seen a Zx12r with 205bhp 😬 but it looks like a drag bike with that extended swing arm with a mot. I know I'll kill myself on that but.... Nothing is local atm, and I hate going into Poole/bristol with a passion. I don't do any large towns if I'm honest
  15. No I haven't I'll have a look
  16. I've been looking at one of these for a while now, lockdown boredom but couldn't really find any decent reviews anywhere. It's on hold atm, I might have a superten on the back burner but if that fails, I'll see if I can handle one.
  17. Right had a Google You should be fine with a mk3 they are standard size. But I'll add they are a pig to stay on, all meteors have shallow groves (apart from the mk1 which I'm certain mine had raised rails). I've got 2 piece mounts and carefully filled a sliver off the bottom to help the grip, and seriously over tightened the grub screws. I doubt when this comes off those mounts will be used again. It seems a common problem with the mounts not gripping the meteor on other forums. I've got a Richter optic on mine, I quite like them but I use it for bashing cans not hunting, the crosshairs are quite thick. I'd go hawke if I bought again. Also I've used smk and mount master, I wouldn't bother with either, stick with hawke 👍
  18. Ah hold on I'm not sure, hopefully another member might help here Some meteors came with 15mm rails, in which case I'd worry about finding mounts first I'll have a Google a min
  19. I'd say that's just a touch overkill with 50mm. You'd need high mounts, and don't know if you'd be able to break the barrel with a long scope because of the overhang. I'd stick to 3-9x40 or even a nice 4x32, as it's realistically a 25 yard gun, tops. I've a 4x32 on my meteor.
  20. My boss is getting rid of the manual 18plate and getting the auto just because he hates towing in manual (tows a 750kg chipper).
  21. Depends if its for hobby or trade. You won't go wrong with a dewalt tbh, every dewalt I've used has been sound and accurate out the box. I've a cheap einhell and I wouldn't trust it to make a square cut in anything over a inch thick. Junk. But then it cost nothing, only some bushes. But also the 'evolution' saws are good as well for the money, accurate, no movement and a handy blade that cuts most stuff. That's what I'd be looking at hobby wise for that money or under, probably save dollar to get the stand as well.
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