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  1. I've noticed probably 1 or 2 in every box with the ccis go with a crack. I never bothered with the Winchesters as they grouped the worst in my gun when I tried them years ago. I don't know if it's me either but I'm sure they are louder in general, back in the day it would only be a hollow 'putt', now I'd put a tenner on it they sound louder (just had a hearing test as well and I'm good πŸ˜…)
  2. Received today Well pleased thanks again πŸ‘
  3. I put bbs through mine with no problems
  4. Die back (around here anyway) really hits hard when they are 20-30ft on. The amount of private work here atm is unbelievable. Can be bloody dangerous to fell as well. Elm disease is ridiculous as well, out of 1 hedge line I took out 82 trees ranging from 20-70ft. That was within 150 yards. I can look over the housing estates and every one has dead trees hung up, Ash or Elm in the back gardens.
  5. I'll have the second set please on the right Pm on the way
  6. I don't have it but then I have a huawei and obviously the chinese gov is spying on me not the British.
  7. +2 Might hurt for years in the sun if you wear shorts
  8. πŸ˜… The cbr scares the **** out of me, it's ******* fun, I've had silly speeds on that but I need something civilised 😒, comfortable and can eat the miles when I go back home, but also be lighter. When I had the 400 it was hilarious chucking it around, ok I know I can't have it all, but mid range with a higher seat will do for now.
  9. Big signs on the a303 near Salisbury today saying solstice cancelled... Like that's going to stop the crowds
  10. Funnily enough there's one local Ish at 2k with 30,000 miles on. Messaged a few people about their Vfrs this weekend and no reply. I'd have one but I think I'm a tad big for one πŸ˜‚
  11. I fancied a thundercat a few years ago, but was worried about the size. That thunderace is quite a lot for the price πŸ€”
  12. Nobody's said anything about the vfr? I'm 14stone and didn't mind it, maybe because I'm pretty inexperienced, I've only been riding big bikes 5 odd years.
  13. Zx9 was on the list, always wanted a bright green monster since I had its 400 little brother years ago. Should I be worried about 30,000 miles?
  14. I've my old cbr1000f in the garage, but I've come to a love hate relationship with it. I love it for going 100+ miles, for going like a absolute ****** in a straight line, but hate it's looks (it's the pig) and it weighs 250kg before I get on it. It's not much fun in the bendys (plus I hit a pheasant and smashed most of the fairing last year). So I'm thinking of a new toy. I was going to go zx10r, but my sensible budget has said no (and prices are high for the season) so I'm thinking vfr800 or vtr1000. I like the vtr as my best mate had one and it rode lovely, I'm fairly lazy and like the torque. But I like the 2002-on looks of the vfr. Bare in mind I'm not a knee down guy, only had 2 bikes (ntv650 and the cbr) and am open to suggestions even 600 bandits are on my radar, but I'm 6'6'' so the higher the saddle the better πŸ‘ Could push the budget maybe a little more, or look for trade ins with a dealer
  15. I wouldn't risk it. Most new cars would shut you down straight into limp mode anyway. Has he got aa or rac? I think they charge but cheaper than a garage bill
  16. I used to do that in my van just to clean the system after using veg oil for a few months.
  17. Pms incoming and first lot posted today rm2nd class signed forπŸ‘
  18. Lots 3+4 sold πŸ‘
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