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    This. But change asap
  2. I either say sporting goods to the ones who kick up a stink when I post guns, or I'm honest to the ones who know what you can and can't say. I've also been known to say it sex toys, mainly as I want them to ask if it has battery's 😂
  3. If not sold by Sunday night I'll chuck them on the bay. Multiple lots I can combine postage or make a offer on the lot (but I'll have to send via hermes) Basically royal mail 2nd class signed for is £4 (roughly) Knock it off on 2 lots e.g. Lots 2+6 would total £10 posted
  4. Having a clear out as I'm never going to get round to reading this lot. Some bargains here All readable but I wouldn't class as A1 condition as some are old. I think the badminton library is 1886 print. Most will be posted Royal mail 2nd class unless the total weight is over 2kg. Lot 1 Shooting made easy The book of shooting for sport and skill Guns this way £8 posted - - - - - - - Lot 2 The new poachers handbook Rough shooting £6 posted - - - - - - - - Lot 3 Dawn dusk and deer Deer management £10 posted - - - - - - - - Lot 4 Shooting wood pigeon Pigeon shooting £6 posted - - - - - - - Lot 5 The art of good shooting The young shot The elements of rifle shooting How to shoot Shotgun shooting £12 posted - - - - - - - Lot 6 Clay pigeon marksmanship Shooting by moor, field and shore Introduction to shooting The shooting times anthology 101 shooting excuses Shooting £12 posted - - - - - - - - Lot 7 Field sports The shooters handbook The badminton library The shooting weekend book £12 posted - - - - - - - - PayPal or bacs please
  5. Well I didn't know he got stabbed by a narwhal tusk
  6. I remember seeing my mates older sister in the shower when I was getting the cows in one evening. Walked funny all night... 😅
  7. A new jimny stopped by me the other day. Bit late to the party but it looked spot on.
  8. Pm me an address and I'll post them over
  9. Just imagine they are plastic butt plugs for guns 😂
  10. Yes sorry forgot to add that. Semi chisel chain as well, about half way through. I take the rakers down a bit on all my saws
  11. Yes weird little things. Anybody wants them they can have them. I don't use snapcaps
  12. Bagnall and kirkwood, and as above chambers/knibbs. I use both and switch between the 2 when finding parts for the best prices. Both will be the top searches if you Google 'bsa meteor spares' https://www.gunspares.co.uk/categories/24305/Meteor https://www.airgunspares.com/meteor-variants https://spares.bagnallandkirkwood.co.uk/bsa/bsa-meteor-air-rifle-spare-parts-list/ Occasionally ebay may come up with the really hard to source parts. But some sellers take the **** and try and charge you more than the guns worth. Bsa meteors are easy to work on other than the piston head on a few earlier models getting stuck, then they can be a right **** to get out.
  13. I picked up a few things lately and these were one of them. What the hell are they? I know they are snap caps, but what for? 9mm handgun? Garden gun? The little ones are 22 I'd imagine as the pin is hitting the ridge but the larger I just can't get my head around apart from being pistol calibre shaped. They've been in a box of **** for many years Any help before I shove them into auction
  14. As a private individual, technically yes. Freeads (before the ban), people used to 3d print them and do exactly that.
  15. The above, bought off a mate, been stored for 7 years, took it out, filled it up and she fired away. So I've changed the oil and fuel filters, cleaned it, re conditioned the bar, sharpened the chain and used it today for a hour knocking up a fallen cherry. Oils good, cuts very good for a small saw (I bought it as I use one at 'work') It's a very clean saw, don't let the age put you off, you can see how much use its had, the exhaust isn't hanging, compression is like new and Piston is scorch/scratch free. I'm honestly selling it as I can't use this after using my 261. Different league 😂 And I need a battery hedge cutter... 😅 £180 posted. £160 collected Gillingham dorset Bacs or PayPal Also come with the manual, spanner, file guide and a little stihl bag
  16. Lighten the trigger as well Also I've never heard of a 22lr barrel being shot out. Put a normal scope on not the yukon as well
  17. I remember on mine when it leaked or wouldn't hold air after 5 pumps I used to - literally - pour motor oil in there It would work fine for a day then I'd love one again in 22
  18. http://angryangryguncompany.blogspot.com/2013/09/smk-b54-2-multi-pump-air-rifle.html?m=1
  19. Guy at work like that. Tbf it's not entirely his fault, he works alone a lot, but at lunch he doesn't shut up. I was half way through my sarnie, and he's asking me opinions and questions, literally my face is full and he's staring at me waiting for my answer. Calmly and patiently I chew and swallow, look him dead in the eye and tell him '**** off I'm eating' 😂 He wasn't even offended, he just turned to someone else and carried on with them 😵
  20. Surprised he stopped at half a mag. I wouldn't have, but that's why I'm not in the armed police.
  21. Never heard of it tbh
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