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  1. When I was house shopping with my sister in paignton we stayed in a hotel in brixham which is directly opposite torquay (well l I say that but it's probably about 3 mile away) and it was plesent enough. Think it was 4 stars. Hell of a lot cheaper too. Used to walk in to paignton along the coast path and quay and its quite a nice walk. Not something I'd recommend after 6 pints though 😉 Other than that I'm no help as now she's been living there 3 years I just crash at hers in paignton.
  2. Probably a 1amp charger. Get a 2.1 or use a official charging cable into a usb port if your car has one
  3. Ive had loads of secondhand ones posted to me. Not by rfds tho
  4. Trust me, you don't want it, you won't sleep facedown for weeks
  5. I get 4g here at times (and like saltings, I spend half the time looking like a zombie on spice). It's 14mbs and I've not found anything on my phone where I thought I needed more. Videos load faster than I can watch them, even the filth teamtractor sends me loads almost instantly 😂
  6. They look bloody delicious
  7. My old Fiat doblo. Comfiest van I ever drove, used to do 250miles without stopping and I'm 6'6'' with a fairly screwed back/hip. Can't see why the vauxhall/fiat mpv version would be any different. I stopped driving cars after the xtrail. That used to kill me after a hour. I drive a transit connect now, its not great but better than most cars.
  8. Don't matter what your using, if your at full chat and hit some wire or any other sharp edge it's breaking off. I personally think it's all a gimic, same as lures to a fisherman. Plain old simple works everytime, just some have soft line some don't. When I was tight and idiotic I'd use earth cable as it was big strong copper wire. Until it stretched and broke, swiping my calf on the way past. I was lucky, no stitches needed but my boss at work has a 3inch scar from connecting with rusty barb wire and the (proper) line and barbs swiped his face when it all went off leaving a huge gash needing stitches. Ironic isn't it 😅 i had it before I decided to go down this route of work, mainly to do with **** haircuts
  9. So to sum it up, good deal agreed on, then instore they wanted £250 more without the added £20 a month extra after already negotiating a deal, after you go out of your way to visit a store to be told the above (as most people would as they can't be ***** with the hassle of ringing - as Scully points out reasons why-, then have to ring to complain and take up the original offer. Not sure I'd class that as good customer service
  10. I use stihls 3.2mm and 2.8mm (round red line) at work but that's coming out of the beast fs460c. Pretty effective upto about 1/2 inch bramble stems. In the battery junk we use 2.8mm and tbh it's not bad stuff, well it's the reason we use it. Can't remember the brand tho. I'll find out. I've tried all sorts in my line of work, dozens of kinds, brands, colours and shapes, as I literally strim for 6 hours a day in the summer and the one I hate the most is square of any brand. Some swear by it but It vibrates at high rpm and gives me havs. Also I use roughly 300 meters a month (we buy proper bulk now in kms now, tho stocks are low atm😅) so loosing a fair bit is expected if going near stones, wire, stakes ect ect If your not desperate, drop me a pm, I'll pop into work and grab you some to try and pop it in the post next week
  11. End of the week last chance All the .257 £60 posted (275no)
  12. Not a lot Both have single stage triggers apart from the mk2 is plastic, mk1 metal. Mk1 and 2 have single piece clocking arm where later models and I think the 's' have 2 piece. Mk1 are blued, mk2 are painted. Tho Im starting to think this mk1 has been painted previously. I've a issue atm the mk1 came to me in 3 bags, and the barrel is drooping when fully locked up/closed. Time to strip it again.... As for accuracy, never found them amazing but good enough for close range stuff
  13. I've seen it a fair bit with the dead ones, in fact some of the wounded or kicking ones can get swamped by others. Also I have witnessed in my tunnel traps years ago was stoats and polecats taking the rats, basically chewing off what they could and taking the body away leaving heads, legs ect. It puzzled me for a long time as I knew a fox couldn't get at them
  14. I've been after one for a while at the right price so I can put the airguns in and fabricate a locking bar so it can go over the stairs, locked up. Fed up of them taking up the cabinet space
  15. Failing that, there's some perspex ones on ebay for under a tenner or racks turn up every once in a while
  16. In the pub I worked in years ago, the old muzzle loader was held up with some thing like these but bigger and shaped to the barrels and grip. Basically to stop **** heads trying to pull it off but it looked alright and not too obtrusive
  17. Very accurate little guns tho the trigger is **** the more you pump it. It will probably blow a seal before it gets enough wind in it to kill the elephant these things are renowned for. Imo not worth over £50, the custom stock is more desirable and might fetch £60 😂 Barnett wildcat, jez, that's going back a few years. I remember bending bolts with one because the thing would go through 3/4 ply like butter...
  18. 38no 243 sold 👍 Just the .257 left
  19. Hi Mel What cal is it? I had a .22 as a teen, my first proper airgun and loved it, the .177s never really went over 8-9ftlb where as the .22s were 11ftlb. What's he asking for it?
  20. Payment received 👍 All .223 sold and ready to be posted
  21. Got a mk1 and mk2 here now I've been fiddling with 👍
  22. £45 posted pete I can do PayPal but send it as normal, I'd rather you had buyer protection and ill take the hit so to speak.
  23. Some reloading items for sale Not to clued up as I personally don't reload myself so excuse my expertise as i have zero in this field. i will add loads of pictures so you can see what your looking at. All prices are posted royal mail second class. Boxed heads Nosler Ballistic tip varmints .257 25cal 85 gr Spitzer price is for both (2) boxes of unopened 100 (total 200) cheapest I can see these is £48 a box without postage £70 posted. Hornady V-max .224 55gr sp 1 full unopened box of 100 and 29 in the other box £25 posted SOLD Hornady A-max 6mm .243 105 gr 1 box of 100 (box has been opened but 100 present) £20 posted SOLD Sierra Gameking 22 cal .224 55gr Spitzer boat tail box of 100 (box has been opened but 100 present) £15 posted SOLD Right this lot are unboxed (loose in bags) and from unknown makes. I've tried measuring with cheap calipers and weighing but I don't have accurate weighing scales so these are a lot cheaper. So please when you receive these double check the size and weight, i've double checked myself but for peace of mind do it yourself as well as these are ROUGH measurments with a £10 set of calipers from screwfix, though theyve been pretty accurate on the boxes above. 30 x .257 (measured 256.5) 8 gram (roughly) £13 posted 38 x .243 (measured) 3 different types here, look old and not suitable for hunting due to heads don't look sweet. Cba weighing so going cheap to be used for practise or 'plinking' £8 posted 60 x ballistic tip (orange) .223 (measured) 3 gram (roughly) £13 POSTED SOLD 45 x ballistic tip (blue) ( I believe these are more nosler bt varmints from above) .256 measured so guessing these are .257? weight 5.5g (roughly) £15 posted Deals All the .257 for £80 posted (275no) All the .223 for £45 posted (260no) SOLD By all means if you buy more than 1 lot, ill combine postage and knock off the £3 for each lot until you reach the 2kg posting limit. But for instance the 2 boxes of nosler weigh in at 1.3kg. Payment by bacs preferred but will do PayPal as well. Thanks for looking.
  24. And the winner was on air snorting cocaine off the table. https://twitter.com/i/status/1396223821493985281
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