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  1. Hi What is Orkney like? This is a serious question I've shot ducks and geese in Orkney since I was 10 years old, so I've never been taken out by a local guide-I shoot my own peedie(wee) watery bits, fields etc. Lately though, I've noticed that a lot of local farmers are not too keen on letting me shoot as they have an arrangement with one or other of the local guides. It's frustrating that cash is king, but I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised given the money that can be made, although I've heard that some local guides have written this year off due to Covid. So what
  2. yanto


    You are of course correct, although I think Udal laws are rarely acted on, and generally it would be a commercial case where money/rent could be made by the landowner. As I said before, best to ask the landowner.
  3. yanto


    I don't think there's a wildfowling club in Orkney. Shooting can be very good-ducks best early season coming into stubble at night. There's a large feral population of Greylag numbering about 60,000 and that is added to by around two thirds of the Icelandic group , so something like 120-150,000 over winter. There's a few flocks of Pinks as well, but they generally migrate further south to Mainland Scotland. Orkney has a relatively mild winter climate due to the gulf stream so grassland is of good quality and provides excellent feeding for the geese, much to local farmers' chagrain. There has b
  4. yanto


    I believe that any shore below the high water mark is owned by the Crown Estate, so no problem shooting on that. Above that is the landowners, but they generally wouldn't be bothered by someone shooting there. I was pointing out that it was good etiquette to ask farmer if you intend to walk across his land with a gun in order to access the shoreline Not that I'm aware of
  5. yanto


    It can be a bit hit-and-miss(pardon the pun) shooting the foreshore in Orkney. If you can find a pond beside the shore, and get the right wind direction then there's a good chance of getting some ducks, and geese. Also flightlines on points can pay off. Around, or between Stenness and Harray loch can also be good for flights, but it's not really foreshore, although Stenness runs into the sea and has brackish water. If it's really cold and the ponds freeze up, small sheltered bays can be full of duck, especially wigeon. Most bays have farm roads leading down to them, and if you ask the far
  6. Victory Minimag 3's are nice soft-shooting cartridge. I couldn't get them last year so ended up with Cheddite Elite 42g 70mm in 3's which worked fine and not too rough on shoulder. I've got RC50's for using when the geese are wary of the deeks, but you certainly know all about it if you're using them!
  7. I would hire an electric or petrol floor scabbler. A day would sort that-it doesn't need to be set deep to lightly roughen the surface
  8. yanto

    Brass for sale

    Got any in a 36DD?😂
  9. The Yamaha digital piano range are pretty decent. Clavinovas(CL range are great but probably more than you want to pay) YDP 144 is good at around £800 I think. All weighted keys and sampled grand piano sounds. Don't know much about the rest tbh
  10. Spares are freely available-you just need to identify which model you have. The top one could be an early Hunter Hawk 4 with the contemporary door
  11. I'm pretty sure the second stove is a Coalbrookdale Little Wenlock, probably a Mk 1-the company was taken over by Aga Rayburn and are marketed as Aga stoves. Not sure what the top one is.
  12. I wouldn't go for the 12 litre engine. You'll be lucky getting 5mpg😉
  13. I think it's Winery Warehouseman. The W is the same
  14. The Scotch Malt Whisky Society have their own numbering system for their whiskies. No 27 is Springbank in Campbeltown as far as I can tell. Just google it!
  15. Try Tesco Finest Highland Malt-can be got for £20 on special. It's Dalmore and amazing value
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