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  1. yanto

    Brass for sale

    Got any in a 36DD?😂
  2. The Yamaha digital piano range are pretty decent. Clavinovas(CL range are great but probably more than you want to pay) YDP 144 is good at around £800 I think. All weighted keys and sampled grand piano sounds. Don't know much about the rest tbh
  3. Spares are freely available-you just need to identify which model you have. The top one could be an early Hunter Hawk 4 with the contemporary door
  4. I'm pretty sure the second stove is a Coalbrookdale Little Wenlock, probably a Mk 1-the company was taken over by Aga Rayburn and are marketed as Aga stoves. Not sure what the top one is.
  5. I wouldn't go for the 12 litre engine. You'll be lucky getting 5mpg😉
  6. I think it's Winery Warehouseman. The W is the same
  7. yanto

    Old Whisky

    The Scotch Malt Whisky Society have their own numbering system for their whiskies. No 27 is Springbank in Campbeltown as far as I can tell. Just google it!
  8. Try Tesco Finest Highland Malt-can be got for £20 on special. It's Dalmore and amazing value
  9. I would use SBR/water to seal the ply. As long as the ply is thick enough to resist deflection, then you will be fine with a flexible cement-based adhesive and grout
  10. yanto

    Browning Auto 5

    I've got one that I may sell. From memory it's a '49 and full choke
  11. Aye use them in Orkney for that purpose and nice soft shooting cartridge. I miss Winchester Superspeed 36's though-shot a lot of geese with them
  12. Try Raymond Shearer Orkney Islands Goose Shooting. You'll find a link at Shearer's shop which is the local RFD in KIrkwall
  13. Thanks. I'm shooting a lot better at closer range now-my other gun is an old A5 full choke which is fairly deadly at range but not great at 20 yards. Although I should never have been shooting at it, I dropped a goose the whole width of a field about 10 years ago. Paced it out at 110 yards and not a mark anywhere to be seen-maybe died of a heart attack! Used to shoot the shore a fair bit, especially in colder/snowy weather when the ducks would come into a lee shore in the mouth of a burn to feed, but really need a dog. As you say, our shores are similar to yours-most beaches fall away steeply and there's a fair height between tides . Strangely enough Shetland has very little rise and fall compared to us
  14. Last Saturday morning, and my last chance also to shoot geese inland. Went for a recce on Friday afternoon and spotted a fair number of Greys feeding in a field a long way off the main road on a hillside about a mile away from my home in the main town. Up bright and breezy in the morning-poor forecast with heavy rain and gales coming at 9am. Set up 8 deeks on what I thought would be their flight path, beside a burn with a large area of gorse as cover, and sat for the next hour and.......nothing. Rain starting to get quite heavy, and then spot a flight of about 10 coming straight towards me from downwind around 8.40am-very late and fully light-and they spread over me at perfect height. 3 greys with 3 shots all stone dead, and feeling that buying my new Affinity was the right choice. Thought I would hang around for a little longer to see if the main brunt of the geese were still coming, so left it 30 mins, and got very wet so decided to pack it in-was happy with my bag anyway. Packed up deeks and started down farm track with everything and sure enough, 2 large flocks, maybe 300-400 came right over where I'd been sitting. Unusually late, around 9.25am, so not sure where they'd been. Anyway, very happy, and hopefully will shoot the ebb this weekend
  15. I stay in Orkney. When I started shooting as a young teen in the late'70's we would rarely see greylag and if you bagged one that was a real bonus. Now we have a resident population of 25,000 and probably another 100,000? over-wintering here. Why this has changed I'm not sure, but mild winters in Orkney due to the gulf stream and good grassland feeding are certainly factors. There's far less mallard now, and I still yearn for a good night over stubble on a bitter, windy night with large flocks of widgeon, just like the olden days
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