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  1. Hotbarrels1

    Steel 12b wildfowl cartridges

    I’ll take these as well
  2. Hotbarrels1

    Steel 20b wildfowl cartridges

    I’ll take these please
  3. Hotbarrels1

    Express hevi shot

    I have got 31 & 34 gram I can’t download anothervpicture but these are 28 gram 5
  4. Hotbarrels1

    Express hevi shot

    Hertfordshire they are definately 28 grams
  5. Hotbarrels1

    Eley 20bore alphamax bismuth

  6. Hotbarrels1

    Express hevi shot

    12 bore sorry
  7. Hotbarrels1

    Express hevi shot

    92 express hevi shot 28 gram 5 £70
  8. Hotbarrels1

    Eley 20bore alphamax bismuth

    63 in total £50 Ono
  9. Hotbarrels1

    Duck & goose calls

    Wanted any solway duck or goose calls or interested in any Wildfowling calls thankyou
  10. Hotbarrels1

    Rio blue steel 32gr nr 4

    My dad swears by them he has run out now & cant seem to get hold of anymore
  11. Hotbarrels1

    Turner Richards

    Wanted dummies to fit Turner Richards launcher please
  12. Hotbarrels1

    Decoying equipment for sale.

    Will take the lightweight magnet please
  13. Hotbarrels1


    I’ll have a pair please if any left
  14. Hotbarrels1

    Benelli crio plus terror choke x full

    Hi is this the same as optima plus ? Also what other chokes have you got for sale thankyou ?
  15. Hotbarrels1

    Remington nitro steel wanted 12/20 bore

    Remington nitro steel 12/20 bore any shot size