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  1. I can see that happening after this has blown over . They wouldn't let facts get in the way of their agenda would they.
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    Thank you, no harm in giving it a try 👍
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    I'll be honest even if they prescribed it to me I'd say no. Sometimes just a warm milk helps sleep come that bit easier.
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    Most nights I'm one of the last on here 😂 used to be able to sleep fine before my accident, then couldn't sleep at all because of the pain. Started taking morphine which helped with the sleep big time but since coming off it all the old pains are back. I'll lie in bed until I can't keep my eyes open anymore, around 2/3am then drift off usually for an hour or so. Then I'll be on and off till about 6 in the morning by when I'm fully awake again. The doctors have mentioned sleeping tablets but I'd rather not be putting anything unnecessary into myself. Not much help to you I know, your not alone though 👍
  5. I keep getting recommended a video on how to bake with beer instead of yeast, I suppose it would depend on what one you value more 😂 Plenty of recipe's for flat breads from around the world that don't use yeast, not the same as a fresh white loaf I know but be done the quite a bit in the past with curried etc.
  6. Yep that's the one 😂 thanks JDog
  7. Something similar came recommended to my YouTube once. Someone stateside was was having trouble with poaches and set a similar trap. The reaction was priceless lol.
  8. So sad. No mention of anything about being shot other In that first paragraph, possiblily a headline grabber.
  9. I wish I could, half hour and I'm knackered. Although to be honest sometimes I just stand in there and look at things 😂
  10. No, I've decided it's best all round if I stay out of the kitchen for the foreseeable. Maybe Ill make a milking stool 🤔😂
  11. Cut all four to even it out didn't I 🤫
  12. It certainly looks tidy for the money, I did come across a thread on here from 2008, there weren't that many positive comments, ie pick an Escort over it. If you put franchi prestige into Google it's about the third result down. The main reason I picked the affinity is because I wanted something that could do everything, 3.5" chambers for me is excessive, 3" covers just about everything. I'm itching to be able to go and do a 100+ sporting with it. The slightly raised rib is spot on too.
  13. Been doing a few little bits here and there, been rather hard work but the physio seemed to think it would be good for my shoulder so I've been having a little play when the rest of myself felt up to it. 1) The Greener is nearly done now, couple more coats of oil and then hopefully Sunday night/ Monday morning it will all go back together. Trying to find a nice orange/red pad for it, even a second hand one so it doesn't stand out to much. Will probably sell it after all this has blown over as it doesn't get any use now. 2) I found an old lock knife on the floor of the greenhouse, covered in dirt and dust, seized solid. Removed the pin cleaned it up the best i could. It's been gorilla glued into these two peice's of wood and is now a fixed blade haha. It's now ready for shaping and sharpening when I've got the energy. 3) I broke the handle on my missus favourite frying pan, ( favourite because no matter how hard she tries nothing sticks to it 😂). I dropped it and snapped about an inch off the end, she hadn't even noticed but I found a old table leg and have given it a bit of a rub down and tidy up, a coat of Alkanet oil and then some Danish over the top. Few more coats and it will be ready to fit. Been nice to spend a bit of time on my own in the garage although I can't work out if I'm slowing down or the list of jobs is growing quicker. I'm very much looking forward to the day I can get in there and shut myself away all day and think nothing of it.
  14. Ahh ok, all my shorter or lighter carts I'm just going to hang on to till I've got another O/U. I'm sure someone would snap them comp X up if not? Never heard of that either, if have definitely had a 24" barrel if I could of though. I'll have a little Google too 👍
  15. No worries 👍 I think it is purely down to the case length. Are you giving up sxs and o/u's in favour of an auto?
  16. It is nice, we went up to high lodge about 6 weeks back so she could have a go with her 687 as she hadn't used it since buying last year. I only stuck 20 or so cartridges through it because of my shoulder but the gun was fine. Can't say I even noticed the recoil. Had a mixed load of cartridges, a few superfast, some hypervelocity and a few blue diamond I had left over, all cycled faultlessly. I put one 24g jocker in and one 28g comp ex but neither had enough umph to cycle it. Had to manually rack it and give the stock a tap. When I get back to it properly I'll stick to 1oz loads, could shoot blue diamond all day with no bother now.
  17. Very nice! I had to use gorilla glue onine as I had no epoxy and it's held up ok so far.
  18. My 26" Affinity is supposed to come in at 6.6lbs. It's had limited use so far, but I can't fault it. Its cycled 26g and up as long as they are in a 2 3/4 case. The missus likes it so much she's ordering a compact when all this is over.
  19. I thought long and hard about a maxus, I handled a few and they did seem to fit well out of the box. I also like the fast loading system. I did read of a few reliability issues but I suppose you get that with any gun. Be interesting to see how you get on 👍
  20. Ahh gun porn filter 😜😂 But yes me too, a lovely looking peice, proper bosher bargain 👍
  21. Yeah emails what I meant, I do all mine that way. With all the hoohah regarding people loosing tickets, true or not I wouldn't even bother trying to explain I hadn't actually brought the gun and hadn't left the house. I wasn't suggesting I was going anyway, can't afford it 😂
  22. I think her indoors might soon drive off into the sunset if I was to make monthly trips, I just about got away with going two years on the trot. Still, would leave more cabinet space wouldn't it 👍 I get the feeling if you submitted paper work now you might be in a little bit of bother.
  23. Who's going to Kettering for a loaf of bread later then..... 😂
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