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  1. Young guns


    My local gunsmith sells fiocchi cartridges and no bad price. I want to go get some but I don't know if to go with the f3 game or the pl32 . Has anyone had experiaince with both thankyou
  2. Young guns


    Okay thanks for your replys
  3. Young guns


    I got 2 dots on the side when I took the choke out
  4. Young guns


    I got a beretta silver pigeon and in my gun I got 1/2 and the other choke has no marks or anything so I don't know what that is do you ??
  5. Young guns


    what chokes do people think for decoying and rough shooting .. in english terms thanks
  6. Young guns

    Gun dog training

    I do decoding rough shooting and beating that's why I think springer
  7. Young guns

    Gun dog training

    Okay thankyou was that down here in Cornwall??
  8. Young guns

    Gun dog training

    Hi I'm thinking about getting my first gun dog. I was thinking about maybe getting it trained by a trainer. What are people's views as I've never done it so haven't got any experience with them. Also how much would I be looking at to pay. I'm in Cornwall thanks
  9. Young guns

    gun fit

    hi I was thinking about getting my 20 bore and my 12 bore fitted to me properly.. what do think about getting it done?? bit of waste of money or does he help a lot and make you shot a bit better.. Also I was thinking about going to uk gun repairs . what is people's forts on going there thanks
  10. Young guns

    Eley gamebore

    Cheers bud for your reply
  11. I went to my little cal gun smiths to get some number 5 eley s hi flyer or gamebore supergame! But my local gun smith recommended the eley zenith . Has people used them and your forts what to go for if u used any
  12. I have been looking on just cartridges at eley hi flyer for prices and that but the velocity of them on there is 1400 but on eley hawk proper website they say they are 1246 fps .. I take it I should go with what eley hawk say. But why would just cartridges up the velocity that is not the true velocity
  13. Young guns

    Good but not to expensive

    Because I'm not used to the faster cartridge like 1500 or 1450
  14. Hi got my beaters days coming up next month wondering what people think of a good but not to bad on my pocket I want 32g 5 I'm used to like 1350 cps / 1375 cheers
  15. What is people forts on eley hi flyer 32g 5 vs gamebore super game 32g 5. As next month I got my beaters days and was not sure on the 2 there is only 50p difference in the price of them . Thanks