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  1. My daughter makes unbelievable sausage rolls for the shoot 💯 mince pork a proper sausage roll. But to sample you need to get your name down for beating.
  2. Hi all, I would like to start with a big thank you to all are beaters and pickers up for all the hard work put in to make are shoot the success we had in are first season on the shoot. With the shoots first year under the belt where we have achieved above and beyond are expectations we are going to utilise more of the shoot this coming season. We will be selling 4 days this season the dates are 2nd and 16th November 7th December and 11th January these days can be tail made to suit guns. We can put on 80-150 bird days for up to 10 guns, We also have pegs available on are syndicate days if you pm me I will give details. would like to say thank you for all PW members for there help and support. kind regards, steve,
  3. https://goo.gl/images/dsjdBn Harrison time watch is the one 😂😂😂😂 it made the Trotters,
  4. Hi mate, I understand with members not wanting to get the app as I am also. I’m will to give £100 though mate. kind regards, steve,
  5. Just email them mate through gunsonpegs Where did you see no insurance needed?
  6. Mugs game my dad as race horses and all lower grade races are fixed,
  7. There has been 22 shot on are shoot up to now with one day to go. Are woods are full with them and when they are shot guns put them in there pocket so they get them. I think one beater as managed to get one, I do think we could hit the 30 mark after are last shoot,
  8. Do you think when game season finishes I could build big pigeon lofts in the pens and do driven pigeons.lol 😂 would be good 💰 at £1000 a gun. Have I got any takers 🤞
  9. Short on beaters on Wednesday if anybody is available. steve,
  10. https://www.gunsonpegs.com/classifieds/syndicates/available?id=64RLZqPuzmiNXoevJ&ref=newsfeed_class_new this might be of interest to someone local bargain.
  11. Will get some photos tomorrow. Will pm you more details.
  12. I’ve 2004 L200 that as stud for two years now but starts and drives good just never bothered MOT it. Would be will to sell.
  13. All the cabinet should stand down and re-elect new government from PW members. Sorted👍
  14. If not sold I will have them,
  15. Saber tooth tiger 😂
  16. I would treat it like a Beautiful woman they both look good on the arm but cost a fortune.
  17. Well on are shoot on the 22nd we had a cracking day this was are Xmas shoot. this day was made more special has we had 5 guns on the pegs that were under the age of 21 the Young’s being just eight shooting a single barrel 410 with is dad he managed a hen bird on the first drive. We also had a 14 year old half gunning with is dad and a 15 year old girl half gun with her mum. Rumour as it she out shot Westley on the next peg? we also had my son at 16 and another girl at 21 The beaters where unbelievable again making the day what it was putting them birds over the guns. We also have 4 beaters under the age of 20 so all good to see the bag was 86 Next up was beaters day on the 27th this day we let them down really with not a enough beaters with just 6 syndicate guns and with Xmas man flu 🤧 We did manage to put birds over them but they just didn’t point the gun in the right place. Bag 38 but we didn’t take a shot count but there was a lot. I think they all had good thought. On to yesterday’s shoot another good day was had this day I was on a peg with Lincoln he’s just 11 and he missed beaters day as is dad had to Work so he shot the peg with me he end with 3 birds but 1 he hit would have any gun thinking what a shot. This day after 3 drives was looking like a record bag with 47 in the bag but not to be we pegged a new drive the wrong way with the guns the wrong side of the wood with the birds going in the opposite direction. But watch this space on this one there must have been 30 plus woodcock come out just guns in wrong place. After 4 drives the bag count was 54 so we moved to Hilderstone shoot bad move the birds where just not in the drives we should have stayed at hose wood as when we drove out down the drive the elusive partridge where in the next drive planed to do bad move on are behave. we finished with 64
  18. Will do mate when we have them good to have you on are shoot your welcome back when ever your available. And thank you for your beating expertise mate. Steve,
  19. Crossing Railway sleepers are the best if I’m closer than TC you can come and get what you require Nantwich mate. Will the chip shop be happy installing all that above them. 😂
  20. What about a sweep on the total?? Would take some guessing.
  21. Westley you are top man and a pleasure to shoot with. This year I’ve meet some lovey people that have come to the shoot and have returned. I’m learning and every new booking I’m taking a deposit of 30% I’m investing in a small gun bus so on your return you will be dropped at your peg mate.
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