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  1. Driven Pheasant

    That’s good value for money for 120/85 birds. but you have no guarantee what will be put over the guns would you still be willing to pay that if your guns just shot 30 birds. it must have been a big shoot for you to shoot 120 birds at the end of season.
  2. Driven Pheasant

    What as this cost you in previous years and how many guns,
  3. Holy moley

    I’ve won that many fishing match’s through the winter using mole hill soil as ground bate, you can dig the best top soil you can find riddle it five times it still will not work so what them moles put in it I do not know.
  4. Beaters wanted

    Will do mate thanks,
  5. Beaters wanted

    Hi all, We will be looking for beaters this coming season with dogs our with out to join a friendly shoot syndicate. The shoot is located in Stone Staffordshire. There will be a full beaters day put on at the end of season food and refreshments provided and tips. Shoot days are mostly Saturdays but we do have 4 midweek days. kind regards Steve,
  6. Beaters wanted

    Will pm you date’s
  7. six nations

    Are you sure you didn’t recorded it for the exchange of shirts at the end.
  8. Teacher bashing!!

    You slate them if they close for bad weather in one topic! Then praise them for the hard work in the next topic???
  9. Aldi

    Just log on read this and thought I was on some house wife’s forum? are you lot shoppers our shooters? i leave the wife to buy the shopping if it’s **** I tell her.
  10. Lost permission and FAC renewal

    So how would the land owner know it’s allready passed by the authorities? On your friends permission.
  11. Lost permission and FAC renewal

    I do not understand this? So I have 300 plus acres how many shooters can I have register to my land just one? our as many as I won’t?. Is there a legal amount that can register to the land,
  12. Fox hunting

    I’ve got nothing against fox hunting, however they have know respect for the land what so ever. They think nothing of galloping 60 plus horses across new seeds,wheat,barley sending hounds in fields with cows and calves. I have had calves wrapped up in fences and had to cut them out. They leave gates open cut fence down to get through just a blatant disregard of the land. they got band from are land years ago but that did not stop them they just sent the hounds over with just three our four huntsman to get the fox’s of are land. a riffle doesn’t make that mess and talk to you like your a piece of **** when you point out to them the destruction they leave behind.
  13. Just put tender together and we have now got to start using this on bridges and gantry’s might be good to keep pheasants in pens and BOP out???
  14. Bird free Brid repellent

    Mate I did not know it existed that picture is from the tender document. we have never been asked to use this before but we do have loads of bird strikes on the overhead line that knock the breakers out, this is one of NWR brainwaves to solve it?????
  15. Selling land rover

    Hi all selling this for a friend landrover 90 300tdi 1997 160,00 miles. She is looking for 8k for it Located in Crewe.
  16. A Friendly Warning.

    They have been on but not commented, but bid next door on Decoys.
  17. A Friendly Warning.

    I think you have it the nail on the head with the ones with the large amount of cash. the guides Will put these on the pigeons as this is more profitable I’m know pigeon guided but I no my land when I put the muck on the fields they are gray with pigeons when I drill the spring barley they are all over it and then again at harvest. So a good pigeon guided will no this also and give the good land to the ones with the cash. ive got some lads coming on Saturday the muck will be spread on Thursday and Friday and will be ploughed with in the next two to three weeks so they should get a good 6 to 7 weeks at them.
  18. A Friendly Warning.

    Your giving some lucky person some shooting for free for some pigeon shooting that as know pressure? He will be happy to get out there. ive got chaps coming on Saturday off PW will they get some good sport???? All I can say the field is gray. Johng paid good money for good pigeon shooting and did not get that with a company the provides the service. if it’s your livelihood you would make sure you give them some sport. And the company involved as been on PW today and replied to another posts.
  19. Pigeons

    I will be sowing wheat, barley/peas in at the end off Next month, looking for two guns to keep the pigeons at bay. i would like to offer this to the ones on PW that have none our little shooting but you will need all the gear, The best time to hit them is when I put the muck on and when I drill, The muck will be spread when land dries up looking at the next couple of weeks, The land is at cw2 5rs Kind regards, steve,
  20. Selling land rover

    Yes mate
  21. Beans as a cover crop

    As pointed out by me all I said kale as got to be easiest crop to grow, idealy you need to get this in by the first week in June buy Brassica ole med treated kale seed it is treated for flea beatle. with mazie this is a bit more difficult you need muck more muck and then more muck. then you need to sub-soil to 600m deep then plough as deep as you can.never roll seed in spray when up around 4inch. i got 22.1 tons to the acre last year seed was drilled 29 April.
  22. Pigeons

    You do realise it’s a good 3hrs from Devon mate.
  23. Track identification help

    Best from the east leaving his mark Emma will be along shortly lol.
  24. School closures

    If they did mate they would not be teaching them Algebra
  25. What have I let myself in for?

    Not a clue but it must pay.