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    The mrs and energy drinks

    +1 hope she managed to get your Coca Cola TT
  2. The gouse

    thorn apple

    Are they new lay cover crops and what have you put in.
  3. The gouse

    sugar beet

    Carn’t say will get two points
  4. The gouse

    sugar beet

    Doing a good job? But can you sort out these points if I get 3 points for speeding thay last for three years. Get two points on PW you got them for good. I'm on my final warning for mock swearing.
  5. Well that’s a nice welcome to the forum.
  6. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Hi all, We require beaters and pickers up this season on are new shoot with our with out 🐕 The shoot is at Hilderstone hall and hose wood park Stone Stafford, Beaters will be feed and watered and receive tips and beaters day, Kind regards steve,
  7. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Post code ST15 8SL Are first shoot is the 13th Oct.
  8. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    Thanks Kev,
  9. The gouse

    Ads all over the site

    I think you need to chill out like as been said it’s being sorted. The 🌍 is not going to end with just an IT issue on PW.
  10. The gouse

    Beaters needed

    We still require 2/3 more beaters with dogs are first shoot is 13th Oct
  11. The gouse

    Cheap flight to Berlin?

    Sorry skyscanner you can go from most airports tomorrow for less than £100 same day return.
  12. The gouse

    Cheap flight to Berlin?

    They had it sorted in 1940/1943 going to Berlin and a quick turn around😂 go on flight scanner.
  13. The gouse


    I will be sowing wheat, barley/peas in at the end off Next month, looking for two guns to keep the pigeons at bay. i would like to offer this to the ones on PW that have none our little shooting but you will need all the gear, The best time to hit them is when I put the muck on and when I drill, The muck will be spread when land dries up looking at the next couple of weeks, The land is at cw2 5rs Kind regards, steve,
  14. The gouse

    Driven pheasant,partridge,duck

    We still have Oct 13, 20, two guns and 17, 24 Nov we have just the one gun on the 17th and two on the 24th. kind regards steve,
  15. We have pegs available on are shoot this season. This is a new shoot in Staffordshire. We just have 6 syndicate guns so we will be selling 2 pegs each day, these days are all Saturdays. we are putting on 100/125 bird days with breakfast bap in our new log cabin, with refreshments in the field and then back to the Cabin for a full home cook meal at the end of day. the price is £450 for the day we have 10 days available. We have some very testing drives and a good bunch of lads. pm me for shoot dates. kind regards, steve,
  16. The gouse

    Badger damage

    Could be one of these
  17. The gouse

    Alastair Cook Retires

    He was at top opener was best when he batted with Strauss. making him captain was that good for him??? I think not and he could not catch a cold, but as the best opening batsman in test cricket well Gayle, Smith, Hayden, Gavaskar, these lads will take some toping,
  18. The gouse

    Pheasant Pellets

    that was from massey feeds I just ask the question I've got 25 ton from my own land, just have not got it to the shoot yet,
  19. The gouse

    Pheasant Pellets

    you lads had a price on wheat yet, I dropped the phone when quoted £350 ton in 25kg bags delivered our £320 if I collected
  20. The gouse

    Well done to the women

    You could be right after World Cup women’s hockey England where favourites. but Ireland’s team with all there plays in full time work and had to take holidays to play. They got to the final.
  21. The gouse

    Well done to the women

    Why will money ruin them.?
  22. The gouse

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    That’s understandable how’s your mate ferret man???
  23. The gouse

    Shooting Short Eared Owls

    I might be wrong but the courts could have sent him down for two years? But he gets off with £700. Which probably was paid by land owner.
  24. The gouse

    Sussex poults wanted

    7/8 week old poults are available on gunsonpegs delivered to Hampshire,Surrey,Sussex £3:30 each
  25. The gouse

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/16591599.police-find-black-market-gun-factory-in-hailsham/ BBC Panorama did not know it was on its own door step