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  1. How old and what is its condition out of 10. Thank You.
  2. Recieved This Morning. As described. Thanking You. Regards James.
  3. Where are you Located ? Regards James
  4. Money Transfer on Monday 21/10/2019 at 13-28 to your Account at Barclays. Regards James.
  5. Yes Phil I have received your details Thank You. Have received my name and Address. Will Transfer Money To Morrow. Regards James.
  6. Hi Phil, If you let me have your Bank details I will make the necessary arrangements on Monday. Regards James.
  7. Hi Phil, I would like to purchase your iphone 8. Row would you like Payment ? Bank Transfer ? please advise.
  8. Phil, How old is your iphone8 and does everything work including Fingerprint recognition. Thanking You. Regards James.
  9. Pay pal is not accepting your email address. Can you please ring me on 07768077443 Thank You. Regards James.
  10. Trying to send you payment by Paypal. Regards James.
  11. Has the Phone been sold to Stromgman ? If not then I would like to purchase it. Thank You. Regards James.
  12. I would like to Purchase your iphone. Regards James. Please supply information re Payment. Thank You. Regards James.
  13. What is the condition of the camera out of 1o. Regards JB.
  14. I would like to purchase your Phone. How would you like me to pay you ?
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