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  1. Neverforget


    any normal person would have had a drink test after accident, wot makes him special one rule even seen tonight he is driving again
  2. Neverforget


    wot boils my wee about this is the poor people who he pulled out on, not a mention about them and he gets all the sympathy and a new one del the following day
  3. Neverforget


    cheers gents ill take the rifle in and have the shop fill it, if thats ok ill uy a bottle forgot to add S200 Mk1
  4. Neverforget


    i have a air arms rifle that my youngest uses, the pump has broke im hoping when i get to the pressure the valve should open just can seem to pump the pump anymore if it turns out to be the pump is it possible to adapt the compressor at work if i buy the correct valves to adapt it
  5. Neverforget

    Need a new truck

    ive had a hi lux (company Veichle) they changed it for a ford ranger limited 3.2 both good 4x4s if i had to buy one either would do, ranger does 30 to the gallon on a run but i dont pay for fuel so not a problem,
  6. Neverforget


    i bought the wife one few months back 20g, she loves it i reload for her trigger is fine and chrisp
  7. Neverforget

    Re-plastering house estimate

  8. Neverforget

    Thinking selling up

    No there are 12 months on a 75 year lease
  9. Neverforget

    Thinking selling up

    Me and the wife have Been talking about selling up , couple off choices of what we fancy doing One is buying a couple off holiday lodges (one for MIL) round a lake and living in it all year round Two is buying an old place with a few acres and doing the place up There are a few more options but do fancy the two above , if I did the second one would I be able to use the land when I re apply for FAC instead off having a farmer sign a permission slip for me Does anyone live in the first option Cheers
  10. Neverforget


    Dn 7
  11. Neverforget


    Hi guys Sold my 222 last week and have 23 ppu rounds up for grabs FOC Must have these on ticket
  12. Neverforget


    Me personally think they are built well , everyone has there own oppinion and is entitled to it the wife is impressed and she is happy I am She had never shot a gun before this one first ever two shots hits I was gob smacked she just turned and smiled
  13. Neverforget


    Mine loves hers
  14. Neverforget


    Evening peeps Ive bought the good wife a 20 gauge kofs o/u as she wants to take the sport up , nice little gun now I bought the junior version as it fit her , but was wondering if anyone knows where I could find a full stock as I can't seem to find anything on the web Cheers
  15. Neverforget

    Sold .222

    Evening Just after some advise please , as per title is it possible that I have the slot opened back up for a different calibre as a one for one , or would it cost me for thr privalage Cheers