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  1. said it for years, i served and would do all the scroates good
  2. hi guys just after advise, does anyone know roughly how long after signing house contracts it takes to get a moving date, having a few issues i cant get a moving in date but they want me to sign contracts on monday cheers
  3. i thouht that, wife went and never held a gun and smashed the heel out off them
  4. cheers gents i cant move them the day i move the house im buying isnt ready for 2 weeks after i move out going to try swillington
  5. it wouldnt work would it, aint they programmed to the area
  6. cheers guys doncaster i dont mind travling as i have company veichle so its free LOL local RFD wont have them he says its full Thanks
  7. just apply for it mate , i did and bing bang bosh they emailed the new GL
  8. Hi guys Just after some info, does anyone know off any gun shops in south yorkshire where i can store 12 shotguns and rifles for approx 2 weeks , im getting desperate now as i move next friday Cheers
  9. if i put them out i can honestly say the pigeons would move on, ive never had ay luck with a magnet
  10. I was just curious to see if we have any police or solicitors on here that are affected by the GL, and what they think about the new rules as they are the law that has to be upheld would have thought this would have had to be disgussed in meetings incase they have to cross this subject through work Cheers
  11. good job there is a little shooting ban What a choice get wed or shoot this lovly weather thank you Packham you owe him a drink TT
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