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  1. Yep another here, served and proud and was a very good shot to say the least One of three people out of a 500ish that earned my cross rifles and was allowed to where on ceremony Biggest thing i fired was small compared to these guys ( Milan Firing Post) wot a buzz
  2. Very true, we have three phase 10kva CTE transformers; our 110v secondary side are Belts and braces protected by 30Ma Rcds People panic and don’t follow safety rules will get hurt on any voltages, used correctly you will be fine use stupidly its ya own fault
  3. Due to moving ive bought one gun locker, so i have the three for sale grey one without inside safe £50 rifle locker fits 4 with scopes and internal locker £90 Black one fits 4 shot guns £80 two sets of keys with each marks on sides as i had them stuck together they are what they are all working let me know if ya want any more details Cheers
  4. No dont do it ends a train wreck, always in my place
  5. Cheers Mate nice to put faces to names
  6. makes you wonder if the vote was rigged
  7. I don’t vote and never have done, some say I’m wrong but it’s my choice never slag whoever is in parliament of, they have an hard enough time and are a law to themselves and whatever I’d say wouldn’t change a thing, but I’m curious how many voted to leave and now have changed their minds
  8. trickle charge is better than fast charge
  9. didn’t think it was against the rules for freedom of speech, if I’ve upset anyone wasn’t my intension
  10. was a couple like that in york guns yesterday, got a plum in there mouth when talking about there horses and land love the sport but the snobs really do my head in
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