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  1. This came as part of the deal on my new rifle, tail end of last year. Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3x42 flexichange it's got the Ballistic turret and Swarovski magnetic lens caps. ##### Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3x42P The most versatile rifle scope of the market for both driven/big game hunting and stalking. Combines a remarkable field of view for driven/big game hunting with a lightweight design, making it also ideal for mountain hunting. (available with the optional 4A-IF FLEXCHANGE reticle ) ##### It's just too good for me and I don't do driven game, I'm quite happy with the 3-12x56. £1850 Posted and insured. Pics to follow.. Cheers Steve.
  2. £1000 it's pretty much as new. Steve.
  3. Benelli super black eagle any good for you.??? steve
  4. Hi MattI will take this please. PMd you. Steve.
  5. Having a clear out and I've got .... Full box (1000) of Federal gold medal match large rifle magnum primers GM 215M plus some 160 Remington magnum primers.£50 the lot collected. Winchester super x subsonic 40gr 400 of + Selection of over 200 £50 the lot collected. Will need to see your licence. Steve.
  6. Savage Steve

    Cz 527 rail

    I've just sold my 527 and he doesn't want the rail. I could use it on my other one but it's got mounts already on it. Its a DIP rail and 0moa if any good £50 posted. Steve.
  7. Savage Steve

    Cz 527 rail

    Did you get sorted. ?? Steve.
  8. Sold now. Thanks Steve.
  9. Savage Steve

    Pickup 4x4

    Hi Ive got two and obviously need to sell one, but they are both more than you're looking to spend. 2009 Navarra £5000 no vat 2008 Vitara £3000 Steve.
  10. It's my rifle on S/D I've had it several years and prior to that belonged to a mate. Thumbhole stock etc. Steve.
  11. Savage Steve

    Pickup 4x4

    Price range ????
  12. Looking for .243 Ackley improved dies. Cheers Steve.
  13. I've got three bags of new .243 WSSM brass 133 in total and about 65 once fired cases, £110 posted or £100 picked up. Steve.
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