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  1. Savage Steve

    17 fireball

    I've got the CZ version Which I haven't used for ages. Steve.
  2. SL5 sold subject to usual. one of the others is a Brattonsound the others look the same build but I can't swear on it. PM me if you want individual pics. Steve.
  3. Yes ipswich. Photos soon and only the Brattonsound has makers name, will try and find out others. Steve.
  4. I have up-graded my cabinets to have large ones so have for sale four cabinets. 1/ Brattonsound RL5 £125 2/ 7 gun with foam rifle rests. £100 3/ 5 gun with foam rifle £80 4/ 5 gun with foam rifle £80 2/3/4 are all 1310mm high Pick up only due to weight. Cheers Steve.
  5. Honda Forman 4x4 ES. 432cc Agricultural registered.everything is as you would expect. For a bike that's only done 685 hrs work. £2500 no vat. Cheers Steve. PM me for more pics
  6. All gone now. Thanks Steve.
  7. That's That's why I don't have anymore !!!!
  8. 7 mm Rem Mag has gone so clearing out Bullets. Hornady interlock 162gr Full box + 20 + 34 pulled £30 posted...SOLD subject to usual. Sierra Spitzer boat tail 175gr full box £25 posted Fox Classic Hunter 145gr 28 off £20 posted If you buy the lot I will chuck in 12 TTSX 140gr and 42 Speer 160gr. Cheers Steve P.S. New and used cases and dies to follow.
  9. Sold complete subject to usual. Steve
  10. Will let you know . Thanks Steve.
  11. Scope without extras can be £1500. Would also consider a Docter variable scope with IR. In PX steve.
  12. Swarovski Z6i 2.5-16x56. This came on a rifle I bought off a mate and I just can't get on with it. It has the Swarovski aluminum covers and "Znikiz" turret rings (and originals) mint condition as you would expect for a scope 18mnths old, mounted in Optilocks and seen little use. Comes with original boxes and paperwork. £1750 posted Rmsd Cheers Steve.
  13. All sorted now thanks. Steve.
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