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  1. Looking for .223 die set and .243 seating die or set. Must be Forster or Redding. Thanks Steve.
  2. Savage Steve


    Thanks Edd Will bear it in mind, looking for less miles really and happy to wait and see if an auto comes up. cheers Steve
  3. Savage Steve


    Looking for a 4x4 preference would be a Ranger 3.2auto. but would consider manual, other makes etc. up to £15000 and no vat or lunar mileage please. cheers Steve
  4. Hi Mike I live at Shotley which is near Ipswich. Steve.
  5. As new SX3 here£550 if any good. I don’t really do shotgun so it’s gathering dust. steve.
  6. I will take the last two please. Steve.
  7. No sorry. Apart from the scratch which doesn't affect it, it's a nice scope and I will keep it for a spare. Steve.
  8. Accushot now sold. Steve
  9. Docter 3-12x56 -M- VZF nos 4 reticule, 30mm tube, £415 posted Khales 4-12x50 KX nos 4a reticule, 1" tube Scratch and slight scuffs on outer objective does not show looking through. £300 posted Accushot EZ Tap 3-12x44 mini swat mil dot, 30mm tube, £120 posted The Docter & Khales both come with Bikini covers and original boxes. Cheers Steve. Correction I don't have the box for the Docter sorry.
  10. Ase Utra S5 up to .25 cal 1/2" UNF £140 to RFD or f2f ATec 119Hertz 6.5cal M15x1 Spigot £160 to RFD or f2f Wildcat Whisper.22 cal 1/2" UNF £90 to RFD or f2f
  11. Yes please. PM me details for payment I can't find them. Steve.
  12. A-TEC 119 hertz mod 15-1 spigot for 6.5 cal. Less than 100 rnds with original box etc. £150 to your RFD or F2F if local. Cheers Steve.
  13. Now sorted thanks. Steve.
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