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  1. Looking for a rifle package, already have scope but would consider one if it came with rifle. I have about £650 to spend and would like it to be somewhere in Scotland so I can collect.
  2. Can I ask what engine in it, 2.5, 2.8, or 3.1?
  3. Was hoping someone might know if I can change the 15" wheels on my 2005 Ranger for 16" alloys from 2004 Mazda B2500. And could I then fit 255x70x16 tyres? Thanks in advance if anyone knows, tried looking all over the place but struggling to find out.
  4. I will be down in Edinburgh on the 28th if thats any good for anyone, still a bit away from Ayrshire.
  5. Anyone interested in slab of Eley Grand Prix Bismuth 20 gauge. 25gram. 65mm. No 5 shot. £100 Also have 2 slabs of Caladonian 16 guage. 67.5mm. 26.6 grams. No5. £50 each. Also have slab of Gamebore 20 Gauge. 28gram. 65mm. No8. £50. Face to face only in Aberdeenshire
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