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  1. https://news.sky.com/story/twenty-hurt-in-shooting-at-florida-school-11250721
  2. Cheers for all the comments. Put my mind at ease a little so I think I'll just bang it on when the time comes and keep the fingers crossed!
  3. That's good to know mate, never even dared put a BASC sticker on mine for fear of the above. Only have a National Trust sticker in my front window.
  4. Most seem to echo my own thoughts it seems. The plate dates to 03 so will go straight on my Defender. I know it will knock her duck off if i moan about it so I think i'll have to bite the bullet and bang it on and hope it doesn't get vandalised as a result. Its not exactly subtle though especially with the rear 4x4 plates as it will just read... XXX GUN
  5. What is the general consensus on gun related number plates? I personally prefer not to advertise the fact I shoot to the general public however the missus has bought me a number plate as a surprise gift for valentines. The plate clearly states 'GUN' in it and the car its proposed for is a LR Defender. I don't want to be an **** about it but I have my reservations with putting it on the car for 2 obvious reasons - Advertising the fact I own guns and could be targeted or followed home as a result - Advertising to anti's who may vandalise my car as a result. Does anybody have shooting related number plates and have had problems as a result? I feel quite uneasy about putting it on but don't want to be an unappreciative so and so at the same time.
  6. I can't remember which as we went to several but one of the Beach Bars/Clubs in Barcelona royally had my pants down. Drink prices doubled after 1 or 2 i forget which and we had all bought a round (4 of us) so the cycle repeated and it was again my turn. I was unaware until the barman patiently waited with his hand out for more money than i had given him to pay the last round. I think 4 double vodka red bulls cost me about 80 euros we sipped our drinks thereafter.
  7. Similar thing happened with my partners parents. Local Golf club which their land adjoins was bought by a well off bloke with no interest in Golf for a pittance and some months later was proposed to be a landfill site. Legal advice was sought by a lot of locals clubbing together and managed to overturn the sites change of use to prevent it being a landfill mainly due to the increase in traffic movements. 7 years later it is still a golf course turning little to no profit but now has full planning permission for a few hundred new build homes which won't get over turned as there is a housing shortage in their area. One thing you could do also is club together to undertake surveys such as newt, bat, noise and traffic surveys. Prove there are bats, newts etc. settled on the land and you could prolong the process at least!
  8. Matty89


    We walked from Auschwitz to Berkenau, I didn't want to be on the shuttle bus full of overly excited school kids. Myself and my partner barely spoke as we walked we were both sinking in what we had saw and read. As soon as we got to Berkenau it just felt like another wave, on how big a scale this was. Walking from the platform down the side roads between the buildings knowing some groups would have unboarded the train only to be lead immediately to their death. The hair shaved from dead victims really hit something with me just seeing the vast amount of hair, shoes, glasses and possessions at the camp just from the liberation era. We went around on our own, I don't think the group tours allow you to take things at your own pace, and they seem to avoid a lot of the factual exhibitions in favour of the 'display' areas where shoes etc. could be seen. Noticed this article since posting, sums up the problem imo. I can understand taking a picture of the camp or a building ruin for something to reflect upon or share when discussing with friends and family, just not smiling like your on a night out and taking a selfie. http://metro.co.uk/2017/11/28/is-it-ever-okay-to-pose-for-selfies-at-auschwitz-7114547/
  9. Yes please, I’m around M1 J26-28 but obviously willing to travel a touch more if your in the area? If there still available ping me over your PayPal and I’ll send the money over! Cheers Matt
  10. Matty89


    Decided to have a long weekend in Krakow and earlier today we visited Auschwitz to pay our respects. A very surreal feeling and couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for the families involved. i guess the same can’t be said for a lot of people these days, all ages to mainly young but some also older. Honestly they should ban any selfies at these camps, hand out an on the spot fine. All I saw today were groups of girls and boys posing for their selfies with beaming smiles upon their faces and showing no respect for their surroundings. More interested in getting the best angle and filter for their photos than taking anything from the day. Only yesterday some survivors met up at the museum, I do hope it was closed to the public so they didn’t have to witness such disgusting etiquette. A lot of Americans and Brits seemingly the main culprits! Felt very ashamed to be tarred with the same brush today! Time and place and that is not it! That’s my rant done with!
  11. Matty89


    I thought exactly the same when I heard it on the radio this morning, the promoter is completely in the right here, they offered carer tickets and that is more than enough in my opinion. If they'd provided an interpreter she\d have found a problem with that the silly mare. Just another sign that we are now officially Benefit / Claim Culture Britain! I tell you what If I was at a Little Mix concert I'd probably take some ear muffs and just watch the dance routines and skimpy outfits myself!
  12. I’ll take these mate I’ll drop you a pm!
  13. I only shoot about 250 a month on the clays not out in the field unfortunately not even a fraction of that amount infact. I'd just like to reload that many a month or so to get a decent supply stored up for a few wildfowling days out in the future as i'd like to get out on the foreshore for some proper days out.
  14. cheers mate ill have a look. Completely agree with you economically I can't really make it worthwhile the more i look and I do like the super steels and as there affordable it does make me think it's a pointless exercise loading the 32g loads the more i think about it. I do however really enjoy tinkering and have wanted to get in to reloading as a little side hobby in spare time for an hour here and there, I wouldn't be reloading huge quantities only probably a slab per month if that so I would quite like to reload something along the lines of a 37g BB load in 3 inch cartridge. I'd also like to get a little .410 for rabbits so i'd enjoy making some different loads for that further down the line. I don't get out to shoot vast amounts of pigeons/ducks or geese so its more of a hobby for me than a requirement to keep costs down. I just like tinkering and something about reloading really entices me, no need for me to rush into buying components until I'm happy with a load.
  15. Yes that was my concern with A356 powder, similarly with Alliant Steel they seem to recommend FED209A primers which I can't get hold of either, I always seem to be struggling to get hold of one component or another or struggling to find a proven load data with use of alternate components. I think the data sheet from C&G is from around 2010 maybe earlier so some components may have been superseded I'm not sure. With regards to the load being slow, this was just my inexperienced interpretation in comparison to other loads available on the same data sheet all of which use the cx2000 primer: This load specifies an Extrap Vm 1312fps it just seemed slow in comparison to some of the alternatives (using different powders) that were mainly between 1400/1500fps although they were using felt base and overcards etc.
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