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  1. I use em in both .223 & .243 caliber - accurate enough to do a good job on Foxes and Roe Deer, as already mentioned they are a powerful round - I chronoed my .223 at almost 3400fps using 55gn softpoints
  2. I have one of the first ones - used to cycle anything I fed it, I converted it to FAC, changed the spring and then it hated 65mm 30g and now only likes 70mm carts - as said before keep clean use big cartridges
  3. as above - got a couple of mora's at a tenner a pop you can't go wrong, also got a gerber freeman 9 i think it is) with a gut hook for deer, that was £25 and is still razor sharp
  4. Mine cycled anything i chucked in it until I upped it to a 7 shot, now it will only cycle 70mm, hey ho thats life
  5. Hello & welcome, yep as above, notts are behind at the moment, may be a little longer, calling them probably won't help, all it will do is tie people up on the phone and cause even further delay
  6. I've had one in .223 for a few years, great gun straight out the box, trigger a little on the heavy side but can be sorted or replaced if the need arises, other than that I'd recommend one, built to last and very accurate
  7. Fair point, saying that most of my landowners have seen and handled it and didn't seem alarmed by it, some have commented on how serious i must take their pest problem to invest in something of that value - which can't do any harm really, plus any members of the public that might see it and freak out will be asked, when they calm down why they were trespassing
  8. People may say that about some of the shirts you wear, but at the end of the day it's all about preference; what look silly to you may not look silly to other people and vise versa
  9. My new bunny basher, got it a couple of months ago, very well made piece of kit
  10. adymorris

    Lee Dies .243

    Have they been used much, and what condition are they in thanks
  11. Easiest thing to do is get the part number - that will firstly identify which model it is It will be something like M6987XX/B There about 6 or 7 variants of that series alone, from memory they used to ship with 40 or 80Gb drives and 512mb Ram and either a combo or superdrive, depending what's in it will depend on the price it will sell at. As someone has already mentioned they will be PowerPC G4 processors and not Intel, so 1st generation or 1st generation late revision models
  12. Dam - missed em too, on my Birthday as well - ****** !!!
  13. Try some PRVI Partizan .243, only £12 a box fro Henry Kranks, If your .243 likes em, it's almost as cheap as .223, then there's reloading...
  14. It was seen by many as a work around to having the bullets posted to them V-Max is expanding and face to face A-Max is not expanding and therefore postable - I did some home loads with A-Max - the things were bouncing all over the place, I got rid in favour of V-Max, If you hunt live quarry use V-Max, that's what they are designed for
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