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  1. I haven’t bought French wine since they were emptying lorry loads of U.K. lamb out at the ports and that is a long time ago.
  2. Nice work. I make them for pals when they ask. I don’t use collars but horn spacers in black and white. Takes a little longer but looks good. You’re right about price though. Never reflects the effort. Pal of mine had a new shank put on his fathers stick and was charged £40 which I thought was steep but then I would have done it for nowt.
  3. Aldi fishing bag when they are available
  4. Thought I would just let you all see a pals post from FB today. Just about sums up how I feel about wildfowling. Not right in the head really but what the hell. “Sitting in the middle of Wigtown Bay in what feels like a minus 20 windchill waiting for the tide to flood is a good time for pondering. Sometimes I do wonder if I was dropped on my head as a child. To get such a thrill and enjoyment from somthing as stupid as puntgunning. launching the punt at 1am, having 3 hours kip then floating out here in such a tiny craft in the moonlight to wait for daybreak. Only for the birds you persue to lift just out of range, when you do get in range of a pack the winds holding the bow out and with all your strength, as the sea is splashing over the deck and into your face you just manage to turn the bow just enough to put a shot up the edge of the pack as they jump. My hands look like I've been bare knuckle boxing a block of ice and the rain now running down my neck is cold enough to make me question my gender. Yet I love every minute of it..... I'm Extremely privaledged and fortunate to be able to practice this most misunderstood sport.... But if you think its about killing duck, your most definitly mistaken. My wife thinks I'm mad, my mother thinks I'm mad, and I don't even bother trying to explain it to my kids.... I'm not even very good at swimming, but I hope that skillset is never required 😂😂😂”
  5. Latest from Caerlaverock not looking good!😢😢 We have had confirmation from the Animal and Plant Health Agency that the barnacle sent for testing from the reserve on the 12th November has H5N1. This week we have carried out a second survey between Kenneth Bank and Moss-side to count dead and sick birds, to note we found dead and sick pink footed geese for the first time yesterday. Summary of numbers found: 96 dead barnacles 34 sick barnacles 2 dead whooper swans 4 dead pink footed geese 1 sick pink footed goose (These totals dont include WWT sanctuary area who are seeing 5-8 sick barnacles a day at the moment) We are in regular contact with Defra and the APHA who have advised the reserve staff that although the risk of transmission to humans is rated low it is still a risk and to avoid contact with wild birds and to ensure we comply with the highest levels of biosecurity (full body protective clothing) where we must have any contact (e.g. for monitoring/sample collection). The latest position on the Scottish government website is that the with the confirmed cases of H5N1 in Fife and Dumfries the situation is currently still being assessed in terms of disease control requirements - https://www.gov.scot/publications/avian-influenza-bird-flu/, at this time we don’t know if there will be a change to the Solway to a control zone. For now the government guidance remains that if you do shoot to follow good personal biosecurity and should regularly cleanse and disinfect clothing, footwear and vehicles – this is particularly important if you have any contact with game birds, poultry or other captive birds.
  6. This is the man that should be recognised as a superstar not jumped over paid formula 1 drivers or football players!
  7. But surely it depends what steel cartridges you are using. See my post on the Eley Ecowad 20g I used at the weekend. No notable recoil in my Guerini and 24g killing at sensible ranges. So a gun at around 6lb 12 oz is surely not too much to lug around for walked up. Gearing up to a 12 at a little over 7lb would probably also be okay if you aren’t going for punchy cartridges but I wouldn’t want to do walked up with one over 8lb. Surely it’s about balancing gun weight against cartridge but then it always was to shoot comfortably and stay mobile.
  8. +1 I use the GAEP finisher on 10 bore it produces a nice round tapered top on the cartridge.
  9. Very good summary. My go to is a leather, zip sided sheepskin lined now twenty years old. Loads of protection for the gun, easy to dry and never had an issue with the zip which is heavy duty nylon.
  10. Absolutely spot on. Had one for a number of years in side plate and it is a really well put together, fast handling gun at around 6lb ish. I used it extensively on our woodland driven shoot where there was a lot of snap shooting. I can’t recommend these guns too highly for their price point. I also bought a Yildiz this summer with youth stock for my grandson. It came with a standard stock which swapped over was fine for me to try a few clays. It shot very well and I would have no hesitation in using it on game.
  11. So thought I would buy some eco steel in 12 and 20 bore to try this season. I know steel can do the job on the foreshore but on pheasants? Had a day on our small shoot today. Birds are generally standard stuff around 25 yds with anything over 30 yds a high, or long bird. I took the 20 bore out and choked it imp cyl and quarter. Was using 24 gm no 4 shot. Firstly there was almost no felt recoil in a gun weighing around 6lb 12oz, a really sweet cartridge. As to performance it was brilliant with only one exception, six first barrel kills on a variety of birds through the imp cyl barrel. The last bird was dead on the second barrel a good way out at 30 yds. On returning home I cleaned the gun. Quite a lot of powder and general residue so needed a good scrub through, probably more than with my usual VIP load. The barrels though came up fine with not a mark. In conclusion these shells are a hit for me and I will carry on using them. Not sure what they will perform like on taller birds but will see when I get that opportunity.
  12. Hoping not and certainly no talk yet of adversely affecting wildfowling but will update if there are any developments
  13. Had to share this bad news. Not affecting wildfowling at present but caution recommended. After surveys yesterday the latest numbers of dead birds are as follows: In the Caerlaverock NNR wildfowling zone over 60 dead barnacles and 1 dead swan with 4 other barnacles showing signs of illness. WWT reported 6 dead swans and over 30 dead barnacles on Monday with 4-5 dying a day at the moment, they suspect an under count as they haven’t counted along the merse edge. We have been receiving reports of dead barnacles along the eastern shore of the reserve as well as at RSPB Mersehead, I don’t have confirmed numbers for these locations. In addition we have had a report of one dead mallard (Priestside) and a dead wigeon (inland on the Estate) We will continue to monitor on the reserve to provide data to the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and DEFRA; if you come across any dead or sickly animals elsewhere, below is the contact number for reporting: Avian influenza (bird flu) is a notifiable animal disease, dead wild waterfowl (swans, geese or ducks) or other dead wild birds, such as gulls or birds of prey, as part of Scottish Government, Defra and Welsh Government’s surveillance for avian influenza should be reported to the Defra helpline (03459 33 55 77) (Option 7). DO NOT touch or pick up any dead or visibly sick birds that you find. For further information see our advice to the public. The revision of the risk assessment under the The Avian Influenza (H5N1 in Wild birds) (Scotland) Order 2007 is currently underway. The risk of incursion of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 infection in wild birds remains at HIGH (occurs often). The risk of poultry and captive bird exposure to HPAI H5 across Great Britain is MEDIUM (with medium uncertainty) where biosecurity is sub-optimal, and is LOW (with medium uncertainty) where stringent biosecurity measures are applied. In light of the high number of recent wild bird findings, it is likely that the risk of poultry and captive bird exposure to HPAI H5 across Great Britain will be amended in the next few days.
  14. Unless one of the ballistics experts on here corrects me I would say the lack of shot and at least partly open crimp will reduce pressures hence the pop.
  15. I would really try for the longer chamber if you can to get a good killing load for geese. I have a 2 5/8 and it is just too short.
  16. I use Geenflag. Called them out three times in the last couple of years and they were spot on. Most recently pickup grounded in the keepers yard an a big estate in a relatively isolated location. Got straight through, explained the problem and recovered in about an hour and a half.
  17. Put a little on one side each year for the grandkids when they reach 18. Get occasional wins but never had anything mega.
  18. My wife uses Lloyds Bank for hers
  19. Just add Hothands, hand warmers to the back of your hand inside your glove
  20. Loved his novels. Another great hunter gone to the game reserve in the sky.
  21. Well done, wish we had a few to get under.
  22. Pal of mine had one and amazed me where it would go despite not being 4x4. Can’t comment on reliability I have tended to go high mileage newer but always want to see a good service history. Was thinking of a replacement for the L200 recently when having an issue with it. Was looking at Ex police dog vans which seem pretty good value and I know to be well serviced.
  23. I have always understood a square load to be one were the height of the shot column is the same as it’s width. I have loaded plenty of BP loads over the years and it’s pretty simple. Nowhere near as sensitive as nitro. Just go for it if you have the materials and tools with the two licenses.
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