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  1. Anyone have a half decent 686 or 687 they be willing to part with?? I’m looking for a 1st gun and have around £500/£600 budget. Big ask I know but thought I’d chance my luck, cheers
  2. Which shotgun cleaning kit would you recommend?? Looking to get 12b kit with rods, attachments, oil, cleaner etc. Had a look in the usual places and there’s a few different options but i was just wondering is some were better than others, cheers
  3. Thanks very much for the replies, just having a quick scope of what’s for sale the ATA caught my eye for the money but would I be better buying a “bigger brand” 2nd hand or something that’s cheap and cheerful but new??
  4. Looking for 1st gun recommendations, I will mainly use it for rough shooting over spaniels but also an odd night at duck/pigeons, looking for a o/u that won’t break the bank and also not sure if I would be better with a 20b or a 12b?? Any advice would be welcome 👍
  5. As said get an Audi avant, much better than the beemer and alot cheaper for parts etc, mine is on 124000 and still as sweet as a nut, I went from south west scotland to newcastle and back on friday on half a tank, 50mpg
  6. Greyshill, it's good stuff I've fed it for years, to be honest I always cook it up 1st just to be safe
  7. Good idea if you've got the right customers, if it was me I would be sounding out some decent customers 1st before I loaded up, where in the country are you?
  8. Dakota gundogs do rabbit days, you'll find him on Facebook
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