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  1. St neots Cambridgeshire
  2. Keeperphil


    I'm selling my 2001 Jimmy used for lamping it's got mud tyres all in good condition £500ono I'm based just out side of st neots there's no test has been of the road for about 5 years will get some pictures on Tuesday
  3. I'm looking for a beater with a good steady dog for sat 16th Nov 14dec 27dec 11jan 25jan beds cams boader
  4. 2001 Jimmy used for lampimg no mot been of road for about 5years good mud tyres good engine and gear box £500 ono collection bedfordshire
  5. I'm all sorted cheers for the replays
  6. I'm looking for beaters for my new shoot on beds cams boader the dates are 27th Oct..17th Nov.. 15th Dec... 29th Dec...12th Jan... 19th Jan keepers day .If you are interested pm me your phone number and I will ring you back cheers ..kp
  7. I've had black necks for about 10years now my shoot is on750 acres with about 125 acres of wood .1 year I was given bazantys for some reason that was the worse year I've had the birds were so jumpy I will never have them again .( I was told bazanty is polish for pheasant ) ..k
  8. Open to sensible offers
  9. I've got 2 full tubs + 1 open that's had 77grains out of it £150 for all 3 tubs collection bedfordshire only
  10. I've got a keeper mate that's got a springer dog he want to mate he is in Bedfordshire if that's any help cheers Phil
  11. Cheers Steve thanks for your help .phil ?
  12. Only shows soft point /not ballistic tips
  13. I've some h380 powder I want to reload my 22/250 can't find any info on 50grain v max heads any used h380 before how much powder did you use cheers . I have always used varget only for a bit left cheers Phil
  14. For sale cens mini electronic ear plugs .I can't get on with them has good as new with all the bits only 1 set of ear plugs been used perfect working order.plus spare batterys £150 ono can post
  15. Hi Gary I will do .If I forget drop me a pm august time cheers phil
  16. Thank you for the intrest .I'm all sorted .Will need some for next season when I start the shoot up .Phil
  17. I've got 897 12g 30gram 6shot gamebore blackgolds £250 collection from bedfordshire only beds cams boader
  18. Will get back with postcode and so more info later
  19. Hi John. It will be mid week next season .6 shoot +keepers day
  20. Yes there is a very good chance of beating next season. pay yes .there will be a beaters day next year .this just a last minute day only one this season only looking to shoot about 50 it's a way for me to sort some beaters out for next season hope that's some help
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