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  1. Don't often watch videos of people shooting but I enjoyed those. Thanks for posting.
  2. This. Salt herrings are good too.
  3. Good point. I thought with them being so gregarious they might be trappable but I bet you are right. I've never even seen one.
  4. Is it possible to ladder trap parakeets?
  5. Yeah of course. I can definitely see the appeal. I guess it depends on the OP's motives.
  6. There's not much to gain from an eight bore over a modern 10 bore in terms of effectiveness with Non-lead ammunition. Unless you are also looking for the nostalgia you might find it is easier to go down that route?
  7. There are one or two films where someone is being threatened with a pump action. For dramatic effect they rack the action, So I assume it's now loaded and wasn't before. I can stomach that. But then as the tension builds they rack it again... No cartridge is ejected. Also. On any film where they pull out a fancy sniper rifle to pull of a mile and a half shot, why is the scope always something out of a christmas cracker?
  8. Surely the gamekeeper who asked you should organise this for you?
  9. Odd. I ordered a car part from German on Tuesday. It arrived this morning. No bother.
  10. Possibly post this on Stalking Directory. Roe, CWD and Muntjac are all in Suffolk/Norfolk so you could likely shoot all three and Red and Fallow if you looked for somewhere in that area and were willing to travel East.
  11. I did a bit of googling and it turns out you can pasteurise eggs without cooking them. Which I would have thought would be impossible so every day is a a schoolday. Thanks Fat Chap. Easy enough to do at home apparently and it doesn't affect the egg for cooking later so if you were really worried you could do that. https://sugargeekshow.com/recipe/how-to-pasteurize-eggs/ I don't think there's any need though other than your piece of mind.
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