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  1. It's rife. Not just Epping but all over the country.
  2. That's interesting. Thanks for that.
  3. Richardsons in Halesworth Trulock and Harris in Framlingham. Maybe a bit far though?
  4. It seems like a lot of people don't understand how cartridges work. When the gun is fired, the case creates a seal between the cartridge and the barrel. The force of the explosion fires the projectile out of the gun. Without the rim if the gun were to go off this would still happen but the rim, increases friction with the face. Without it there is a very real danger that the barrels may shoot off the gun in the direction pointed. because of the great force exerted they would almost certainly leave our atmosphere and continue until they collided with the moon or another celestial body. Einstein stated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The person firing the gun, having more mass than the barrels would be driven into the ground but luckily wouldn't travel as far as the barrels. The most likely scenario would be that they would come to rest less than a mile underground. It is thought that this is what happened to Lord Lucan who was riding Shergar when he took a potshot at a lofty starling.
  5. also the OP already stated he can get ply for free. Just make sure you treat the end grain as well as the underside as has already been said. Marine ply is a bit of a marketing gimmick. It's just a different glue. If water gets into the wood it still delaminates all the same.
  6. Thanks for doing that. Interesting manufacturing fault. Thanks to the OP for posting. As I said I'm sure it was inconvenient on the day.
  7. You wouldn't have got another cartridge in behind that. Not dangerous really. Inconvenient but no need to be melodramatic.
  8. I don't need a barrell but for someone that does these are going cheap!
  9. They can and do enforce. Not just in Epping forest but several places. The trouble is a few people collecting for personal use is no harm but you get a lot of eastern europeans collecting commercially which absolutely hammer the fungi, which are important for the biodiversity of the forest/park etc.
  10. I do a bit of tree climbing as well as sailing and fishing so I use quite a lot of knots. Have a look at an app called Grog knots. really good instructional pics and videos and loads of knots.
  11. Deleted post. I was talking out of my bum.
  12. where the hell did you get that from? They are moose. This.
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