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    Shooting mainly - why else would I be here?

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  1. ClemFandango

    what calibre.....

    "carries enough venom to put an adult in hospital." ********. So does a honey bee if you are allergic to bee stings. I've been stung by them, it hurts but I didn't end up in hospital.
  2. ClemFandango

    UPS lying driver.

    We used to have constant problems with Yodel until I caught the driver red handed walking up to my house and posting the card without even knocking. I confronted him as he was walking back to his van and gave him a right earful. Service was pretty good after that.
  3. ClemFandango

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

  4. ClemFandango

    Rabbit numbers

    Thanks, I'll give that a listen It's an interesting debate isn't it? I spent most of my youth absolutely slaughtering rabbits by all means available, shooting, ferreting, long netting, gassing, trapping etc etc to try and reduce the population. I don't sit on either side of the fence but enjoy a bit of discussion Rabbits were introduced here so that landscape they are trying to conserve is entirely unnatural for England, but there again we utterly slaughter grey squirrels, people are trying to totally eradicate them from the uk because they are non native and yet they occupy pretty much the same ecological niche as the Red squirrel we are so keen to protect which isn't rare, in fact is abundant on the continent.
  5. ClemFandango

    Rabbit numbers

    Invasive pest species. Surely an overall reduction in numbers is a good thing?
  6. ClemFandango

    Has Wildfowling become too easy?

    I think the term wildfowling has gotten confused. People will include flighting ducks on a pond or shooting geese over stubble as wildfowling, which to me it isnt.
  7. ClemFandango

    Corvid control

    depends on the species of corvid really. I'll assume you mean magpies and Carrion Crows given the activity? Larsen trapping is most effective. Rooks and Jackdaws Ladder traps can be productive although less likely to be the culprit here. Shooting Magpies and Crows, I have had success over a. Eagle Owl decoy or a Dead fox staked out, shooting from a well made hide.
  8. ClemFandango

    Emily Thornberry isreal calibre comments?

    I didn't hear it in context but the calibre doesn't really dictate whether a bullet mushrooms or not, rather Bullet composition does.
  9. ooh. I didn't realise you northern boys were so touchy.
  10. ClemFandango

    Best military surplus outlets.

    Another vote for Anchor supplies. https://www.anchorsupplies.com
  11. int shed. somat 'appen this is a contender for t' most northern post award.
  12. ClemFandango

    squirrel control

    I have had places in the past where anything you put out gets destroyed, pinched or interfered with eventually, and there again, like you some places that are just "safe." I guess it depends on the type of people that use the woodland and the level of public access.
  13. ClemFandango

    Garage/workshop ideas

    unless you can attach a compressor at the "input" end and blow the hose out.
  14. ClemFandango

    squirrel control

    but most people can so camouflage your feeders might avoid vandalism.