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    Shooting mainly - why else would I be here?

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  1. ClemFandango

    Police chief. ?

    and pompous ***** are still alive and well in Bolton.
  2. ClemFandango

    Police chief. ?

    I hope all you utter heroes are joining up tomorrow. I for one will sleep more soundly knowing that the Pigeon Watch macho man brigade will be on the streets protecting the innocent.
  3. ClemFandango

    Modern life.

    "a bad workman blames his tools." "let the saw do the work." **** off.
  4. ClemFandango

    Modern life.

    Silly me! All this time it's been slipping through my fingers.
  5. ClemFandango

    Modern life.

    how do you collect dog ****?
  6. ClemFandango

    Pink decoys

    few for sale here. https://www.maisonsdumonde.com/UK/en/p/plastic-pink-flamingo-ornament-h-54-cm-flamingo-157449.htm?esvt=-&esvq=&esvadt=999999---1&esvcrea=255664478057&esvplace=&esvd=m&esvaid=50084&gclid=Cj0KCQjwuuHdBRCvARIsAELQRQGAFMhrnE3ibGxYH4VLeCeGqC_EJdAMCG7j-xTNk8BNuA-eyxJYUAYaAiGGEALw_wcB
  7. ClemFandango

    leather priest

    It's no different to a knife or anything else. If you have good reason to be carrying it - you are fishing or shooting then there won't be a problem. If you have it in your pocket when you stop for fuel on your way home maybe less so. If you take it in to town to go to the shops, you're asking for trouble.
  8. ClemFandango

    Help BASC challenge ban on shooting in Wales

    BASC where involved in the initial consultation. What will you be doing differently now that the decision has been made?
  9. ClemFandango

    Rifle for Red Deer

    any deer legal calibre that you can get ammunition for locally and you are comfortable shooting with in a rifle you are comfortable handling.
  10. ClemFandango


    Apparently the new Tesla HGV has a 400 mile range on a 30 minute charge. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/tesla-semi-lorry-have-range-600-miles-says-musk I'll believe it when I see it though.
  11. ClemFandango


    Most of what our government take? https://fullfact.org/economy/uk-spending-foreign-aid/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwxbzdBRCoARIsACzIK2mcVybeq1Z1w5d--St2lPX6jV_k7aN4b60a7CQbXCwQTJ97fK8kryIaAh26EALw_wcB you're talking ****. "You would say" half of it is stolen. Do you have any evidence to back that up? You were so well informed about where "most" of our tax bill goes I'm looking forward to reading this.
  12. ClemFandango

    fungi ID.

    I'll take a guess. Ugly trumpet.
  13. Ribble NNR ownership... RSPB https://www.rspb.org.uk/our-work/conservation/landscape-scale-conservation/sites/ribble-estuary-national-reserve/ North Norfolk coast NNR ownership... Some Norfolk Wildlife Trust... some National Trust... Some Private ownership... Some RSPB... Some Crown Estate. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/norfolks-national-nature-reserves/norfolks-national-nature-reserves https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/land_owned_by_natural_england Swanton Novers is leased to NE, I'll give you that. I can't find the landowner details.
  14. ClemFandango

    TV License

    yup. https://www.prsformusic.com/licences/broadcasting-music-on-radio
  15. ClemFandango

    TV License

    I used to get the letters to the house I lived in at college threatening to send an investigator round. We didn't have a TV so I had nothing to fear, I just binned them. Was there for two years, nobody ever knocked the door.