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  1. That's just daft. Roe are really easy to sex, regardless of antlers especially in winter coat. Lack of testicles and pizzle are a big giveaway, as is vaginal tush and the shape of the rump patch. Just observation is another way - kids at heel might suggest she is a doe, also if they squat to pee.
  2. Yeah I know. Bumpy said that new stalkers around his way were only shooting bucks in the summer because they can't tell the sex of roe in the winter. That's ridiculous.
  3. That sounds logical. Could you build yourself a purpose built fly safe? From your posts on here you seem to shoot quite a few bucks, I bet you have the use for one.
  4. Jesus wept. Do you mean they are trying to avoid shooting a buck in the doe season? sexing roe is pretty basic stuff. Why do they let it put them off culling during the winter?
  5. ClemFandango


    I read a survey that said 60% of women were afraid to get undressed in front of their husbands with the light on... I wish mine was.
  6. The only trouble I can see with camming them up is not being able to find them when you put them down. I make very similar modifications except instead of the cammo tape I roll up some inner tune into bands and put it half way up the legs to stop them clacking together.
  7. You can cross pheasants and bantams, not a great fertility rate in my experience but maybe Phantams would be more saleable?
  8. Evidently I haven't acquired the taste.
  9. My big dog used to retrieve Muntjac... Nothing like that though. Good picture.
  10. Do you other hobbies include your aquarium and jousting?
  11. Some forces allow you to report crime on their website instead of using 101, the result is the same in that the crime gets recorded but you don't have the long wait on the phone.
  12. Ha! Surely that will get thrown out of court! I hope so for your son's sake. What a waste of energy.
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