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  1. Should have just given her a short back and sides.
  2. ClemFandango


    Norfolk boys hold their pants up with bailer twine.
  3. Have a look at Freyr and Devik from Edinburgh rifles. Lightweight, easy to clean good sound suppression and well priced.
  4. THANK YOU The utter ignorance of the sport even from wildfowlers is astonishing It worries me that there are less and less people who actually punt, rather than people who just think they know what it is about.
  5. as much as I love having my fingernails pulled off with pliers and then dipped in lemon juice.
  6. get smaller cups? My mother in law cannot, or will not cut cheddar with a square edge. Wouldn't be a problem but because she's fat she is always getting it out the fridge to eat when she stays here, I know when she's here because my perfectly square block of cheddar is all wonky. ******* evil witch.
  7. I used to grey myself up. Waste of time. Doesn't make much difference what you wear, the punt and your approach should do the work, it's a bit like people saying not to smoke when stalking deer.
  8. Why would you try to grow Quinoa in Glasgow anyway? Quite a lot of it growing in East Anglia. Just saying.
  9. ClemFandango


    Grumpy old ********.
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