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  1. Supply and demand. They are businesses they have to pay their staff and they will have to recoup their losses. If you don't like it. Don't go. Stiff ****.
  2. Rooks eat carrion and I've seen them grub about in pig ****. You can bet they bring some pretty horrible stuff back to the branchers.
  3. You've seen a truck full of game that is going to be processed. Not a stinky pile of unwanted game.
  4. My boy is three and my wife is an engineer. I feel a double whammy coming on.
  5. Considering that I am not a scientist in any way, shape or form it would be a little hypocritical of me to suggest that. I just did some googling and strong vinegar has a Ph of approx 2.5 while stomach acid has a Ph of 1.5-3.5 so actually very similar levels of acidity. I have to admit I thought vinegar was weaker and stomach acid was stronger. Maybe the difference is the length of exposure to acid and the time it takes to break the lead down?
  6. Well yes. Obviously I was making a joke. considering the PH of stomach acid, how can vinegar have any bearing on lead absorption into the human body?
  7. Very difficult for waterfowl, raptors or even humans to ingest a car battery.
  8. Mice with nice clean bums.
  9. Socks are reusable though. You just have to wash them when you get to carpet surfboard stage. Think of the planet.
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