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  1. I am amazed that stuff like this still surprises people. BASC are useless. They don't speak for the shooting community, they fail to tackle the issues that matter they consistently under deliver, they talk down to their membership I could go on... How they are still in existence is beyond me.
  2. Isn't this a little bit hypocritical on a site where people advocate eating hares, rabbits, squirrels, pigeons etc etc. I have even seen badger hams discussed on here.
  3. No. The high antimony lead loads were available for Wildfowling 30 years ago. As were the old copper plated winchester 2 ounce 2's part of the selling point was that the copper coating made them harder so there was less deformation and tighter patterns.
  4. Yeah. That's why you can get high antimony lead shot, and copper plated lead shot.
  5. I didn't want to fall out of them I will admit. That's why I was all roped in nice and tight!! As you say it's a fall back depends on how long you want it sitting in your driveway. Try advertising it on the UK workshop forum or similar. You might find a better audience.
  6. Well. if the centre of that to the sap is 13.5 inches that gives me a diameter of 27 inches. Not a big tree at all. Especially for doug fir. Looks to me like you have 10 to 11 inches of useable wood if you do mill it. Maximum useable timber @ £14/ft3 = 14.9×14 = £208.60 A sawmill won't necessarily pay you that as it includes the sap. 80ft= 24 metres. I have climbed much much bigger trees than that to survey raptors and had plenty of tree above me.
  7. If they offered you the price you are asking on here bite their hand off.
  8. The last time I bought Doug fir it was £14 a cubic foot. That's a big lump but it isn't from. big tree. Looks like heatwood in the middle there and sapwood on the outside from the photo.
  9. You can do that with Kit Kats and Twix.
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