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  1. It's not illegal. Doesn't matter about being "Sporting" or not. Personally I'd prefer to head shoot with an airgun, you'll get less meat damage.
  2. I have NEVER exceeded the speed limit ever in my life. Peter P.
  3. Should have been using tear gas and rubber bullets. Terrible thing putting a dog in harms way like that.
  4. Iove pickled eggs. My mum used to make them when my old man had 30 or so banties. Same "Recipe" as Ditchman. Trouble is they give me huge amounts of toxic farts. Imagine a Sulphur mine next to a maggot farm, down the road from a sewage plant. Great if the inlaws are visiting and you want rid of them sharpish but not great in polite company.
  5. Not me. I'm called Paul.
  6. I must be the exception to the rule. I'm super intelligent AND practical. Last week I describe Pi to a million decimals for a laugh then I built a small frigate out of old fosters cans and a Fiat Panda engine and then I made a 98% effective vaccine for Corona virus out of stuff from under the sink.
  7. You'd have to ask them why they didn't video it. No. You shouldn't give your quarry a sporting chance. I assume you would like telescopic sights banned? Firearms? You would prefer to run your quarry down on foot and punch it to death?
  8. The stag was injured previously according to the poster so it was humane despatch. Why does shooting have to be sporting as long as it is humane? You mean I have to stop sending people my nudes now?
  9. I totally agree. I'm not trying to justify anything in the video and I am not saying I agree with the actions of the guide or the client. I put my thoughts on that in my first post. I am totally with you on videoing. You have to ask... Why would you?
  10. Well yes. Of course. None of it is impressive. If I have a client and a deer needs follow up it's me that shoots, not the client as typically they are less experienced, adrenaline is up etc. So why the guide isn't shooting here I'm not sure. It looks to me like he tries to body shoot it but the shot is actually lower than the water level which again was a poor choice but how much more was showing? Neck and head on a moving deer? And my guess would be a third shot wasn't fired due to backstop. As I said before he could have walked 30yds down the shore and shot it again.
  11. If you have never had to take a follow up shot at deer. You're either a liar or you have shot **** all.
  12. If the follow up story is true then I don't have any problems with the actions in the video. The shot came during a window where the stag had a big rock backstop behind it. Presumably a second or third follow up shot wasn't taken because the stag had moved and the next shot wouldn't have been safe. Difficult to judge from a video where the camera and the rifle are at different angles. Personally I might have moved my position to shoot again but I wasn't there. I imagine the laughing etc is more elation at having ended a follow up of a wounded deer. Having wounded deer myself
  13. Yeah and I think the last time was only 2 or 3 years ago.
  14. I have two and love them both. They shoot well. I use them for wildfowling if I anticipate a lot of teal (instead of the 10 bore) and pheasants.
  15. Cascamite or epoxy. No need for a dowel it won't make a ****s worth of difference.
  16. Okay Doris whatever you say.
  17. Noble cause but Change.org is a waste of time.
  18. Time of the month love?
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