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  1. 1 hour ago, JKD said:

    But you don't HAVE to do that either,,,, 🤔 Why not just leave them alone in your gardens, or do the 'dirty deed' and don't tell everybody on t'internet 👋

    There is nothing "Dirty" about it. If there is then all of our shooting is dirty. 

    I shoot them in my garden and around the farm with my rimfire for two reasons, one. They taste good. 2, they eat my bloody veg. They are worse than Pigeons. 

  2. 2 hours ago, blackbird said:

    There’s a slight difference going out enjoying a days sporting shooting giving the birds a fair chance than shooting game birds on the ground in your garden, why not encourage this guy to pop off the songbirds as well? 

    Because that would be illegal. 

    There is no reason why he can't shoot gamebirds in his back garden if he wants. 

    Personally I'd trap them and ring their necks like Rimfire says. Way more efficient. Annoyed I haven't thought to do that before. 

  3. 51 minutes ago, blackbird said:

    Can you not just enjoy seeing the game birds in your garden, just because you own a gun you don’t have to kill everything you see 🤬

    Can't you just enjoy seeing gamebirds in the woods instead of having 20 people drive them to a line of guns? 

    Just because you own a gun you don't have to kill everything you see. 


  4. 1 hour ago, Walker570 said:

    Agree.  I was taken on a turkey hunt down in Texas and as long as you sat still they would walk right up to you.  The CANNON I was loaned would have been over the top for goose shooting on the wash.  I was not ungrateful for the opportunity obviously and tried my best to show how I had enjoyed it.    On a couple of occasions when down there I saw them flushed from a ridge and that would be slightly better fun.


    I have watched a few vids of Turkey shooting in the US and have always wondered why they enjoy it so much. No different to shooting pheasants with an airgun in your back garden!

    I asked once why they don't just use a rifle and apparently in a lot of states that's illegal.   

  5. Iove pickled eggs. My mum used to make them when my old man had 30 or so banties.

    Same "Recipe" as Ditchman.

    Trouble is they give me huge amounts of toxic farts. Imagine a Sulphur mine next to a maggot farm, down the road from a sewage plant.

    Great if the inlaws are visiting and you want rid of them sharpish but not great in polite company. 

  6. 2 hours ago, Nuke said:

    You grind it to fine, I use the plate with the largest holes for game meat.

    No need to mix in other meat or fat either, for seasoning and binding just add a bit of salt, let the ground meat rest for a bit and then press it in a burger press, the harder the better. No good burger press? Then go get one...

    Season the burger with a bit of pepper when frying them and don't cook them for too long, keep them pink in the middle.


    This is how I do it. 

  7. I must be the exception to the rule. I'm super intelligent AND practical. 

    Last week I describe Pi to a million decimals for a laugh then I built a small frigate out of old fosters cans and a Fiat Panda engine and then I made a 98% effective vaccine for Corona virus out of stuff from under the sink.

  8. 7 hours ago, figgy said:

    There is a torture test on YouTube of a fella getting a selection of pump guns wet muddy and sandy.

    The one he hates as cheap junk turned out to be the most reliable and worked when all others failed. It either a Mossberg or Remington can't remember which. The video is well worth a watch. 



  9. 42 minutes ago, Graham M said:

    Think we are moving away from the OP, so perhaps it's best to put this one to bed.


    1 hour ago, Graham M said:

    Absolutely correct. A deer should be completely unaware of what is happening until it gets hit by what is basically the hammer of Thor. If the shot has been taken carefully it will drop on the spot, or at worst run for a few yds and then drop.

    I have found that most of the deer than run for hundreds of yds are the ones shot by shooters with too much adrenalin flowing and a bit of a tremble. Surely it's better to stalk slowly and then settle yourself for that all important shot, rather than work yourself up into a state where you need to get the shot off regardless.

    I have watched deer move off rather than take a shot where my heart rate was up and the crosshairs were all over the place.

    I think this is the problem. Some shooters have paid for a stalk and are determined to shoot something even if the shot isn't really on, only to find that for a couple of extra minutes they would have either had a deer move off, or a great shot to remember.



  10. 25 minutes ago, scarecrow243 said:

    according too them it was a bad shot before why was that not on video,   your quarry should have a sporting chance and that video proved it was NOT humane

    You'd have to ask them why they didn't video it. 

    No. You shouldn't give your quarry a sporting chance. I assume you would like telescopic sights banned? Firearms? 

    You would prefer to run your quarry down on foot and punch it to death? 

  11. 32 minutes ago, scarecrow243 said:


    The stag was injured previously according to the poster so it was humane despatch. 

    Why does shooting have to be sporting as long as it is humane?

    21 minutes ago, WalkedUp said:

    Teenage girls and young women are taught not to send nudes etc as a they will be spread out of their control. Maybe us sportsmen need to have a similar mindset before sharing images or films with our friends via WhatsApp or certainly posting on public forums. 

    You mean I have to stop sending people my nudes now? 

  12. 27 minutes ago, Graham M said:


    This isn't about taking a follow-up shot, this is about filming a bodged job and then having a good laugh as the poor animal struggles to swim to land as it is dying......................

    And then putting it on the internet for all the world to see.

    Earlier this year I botched a shot at a fox. It moved on the shot and I hit it on the front leg. As it struggled to run off I managed to put another shot into it....

    I was absolutely mortified by the situation and certainly didn't see anything to have a laugh about, and if anyone had been videoing it I would have demanded that the video be deleted. The thought of someone putting it on the internet for everyone to see would have been the most humiliating thing anyone could have done to me.

    I totally agree. I'm not trying to justify anything in the video and I am not saying I agree with the actions of the guide or the client. I put my thoughts on that in my first post. 

    I am totally with you on videoing. You have to ask... Why would you? 

  13. 14 hours ago, scarecrow243 said:

    Whoever said they think it's illegal to shoot an animal in the water... It isn't.  it was me who said it and i dont care who thinks its ok to do it its not and it should be made illegal


    7 hours ago, bruno22rf said:

    I can say, hand on heart, that I never have, but then I dont shoot deer. I prefere to watch them. 

    Fair enough. 

  14. 1 minute ago, WalkedUp said:

    If it was a 2nd shot it still failed to quickly despatch the beast. Needing three shots (not that they actually fired the third) to do the job isn’t particularly impressive - wouldn’t video or post it. 

    Well yes. Of course. 

    None of it is impressive. If I have a client and a deer needs follow up it's me that shoots, not the client as typically they are less experienced, adrenaline is up etc. So why the guide isn't shooting here I'm not sure. 

    It looks to me like he tries to body shoot it but the shot is actually lower than the water level which again was a poor choice but how much more was showing? Neck and head on a moving deer? 

    And my guess would be a third shot wasn't fired due to backstop. As I said before he could have walked 30yds down the shore and shot it again. 

    All very difficult to say as it is total speculation, none of us were there at the time. 

    I wouldn't and don't video any of my shooting, I can't understand why anybody would ever want to do so unless they think they are hot ****. 

  15. 1 hour ago, bruno22rf said:

    The fact that it was a second shot makes it worse for me - who's pulling the trigger? Mr Magoo? To attempt to justify this clip as anything other than downright cruelty is sheer folly - and as for why are clips like this released, is it OK to let this kind of practice continue as long as no body sees it? The shooting community needs to clean up it's act and damned fast if it has any hope of surviving long term. Laughing as an animal dies in pain and fear is the act of a complete moron - no excuses.

    If you have never had to take a follow up shot at deer. You're either a liar or you have shot **** all. 

  16. 10 hours ago, mossy835 said:

    cant under stand why they put it up.

    If the follow up story is true then I don't have any problems with the actions in the video. 

    The shot came during a window where the stag had a big rock backstop behind it. Presumably a second or third follow up shot wasn't taken because the stag had moved and the next shot wouldn't have been safe. Difficult to judge from a video where the camera and the rifle are at different angles. 

    Personally I might have moved my position to shoot again but I wasn't there. 

    I imagine the laughing etc is more elation at having ended a follow up of a wounded deer. Having wounded deer myself and then had a lengthy follow up it is a massive relief when you finally fix your mistake. I wasn't there so I don't know though. 

    Whoever said they think it's illegal to shoot an animal in the water... It isn't. 

    What I can't get my head around is the obsession with filming every thing. Not only that but putting it on the internet? What the **** is the motivation behind that? 

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