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  1. I was trying (and failing evidently) to make a joke.
  2. It's not opinion though is it? It's clearly written in law. Does nobody on this site actually read the general licence? If you don't have permission from the landowner to shoot pigeons where they are causing damage you can't prove they are causing damage can you? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/woodpigeons-licence-to-kill-or-take-them-to-prevent-serious-damage-to-crops-gl31 8. When this licence can a) Only as a last resort to prevent serious damage1 . be used b) Before using the licence reasonable endeavours must have been made to resolve the problem us
  3. Carp? Might deter the Gos but risk attracting a Heron.
  4. If you don't have permission to shoot pigeons where they are landing or feeding you aren't protecting any crops and therefore aren't complying with the terms of the General Licence. Shooting pigeons in these circumstances would be against the law.
  5. Why are people patting BASC on the back for this? They haven't done anything. The government issued the guidelines. You didn't need BASC or any shooting organisation to clarify it was quite clear that shooting could continue.
  6. Same. Been eating game shot with steel for a couole of years now. None of my teeth have ever exploded. It's just more nonsense from people with their head stuck firmly up their ****.
  7. Classic method and can be effective. Don't just hang them and forget about them though. With all scarers it is important to move them frequently as the birds become accustomed to them.
  8. God this is minging! Is the colour a mistake or a glitch?
  9. I really like them. I like the handle colour. I would prefer them without the brass studs and lanyard hole to be honest but that's nitpicking.
  10. I had the same thing and the milk was always curdled.
  11. Fair point. I'll let you tell me that again when you are out on the marsh looking for some poor soul who went out thinking having a GPS app on a phone would keep him safe.
  12. If you have to rely on a phone to find your way on and off a marsh you don't belong there.
  13. Gavin Tree Mc Tree face.
  14. I went to a gunshop in Grange over Sands once near Kendal when I was visiting a friend of mine. Can't remember the name of the shop but he had all sorts and the guy who ran the place was very helpful
  15. I wish I was a good enough shot to consider "limiting" my range to 60 yards. More accurately for my case. If you are willing to swear when you miss birds at 30yrds, then steel is fine.
  16. Crikey that's awful. Sorry you have had to and continue to endure that. I never realised it could be that horrific. I hope that your residual symptoms clear up for good as soon as possible and you can live free of it.
  17. The guy that used to deliver to us on a Sunday night reckoned he loved it. He said it was easy. Got to meet people and he could earn as much as he liked by taking extra hours... Mind you he would have had a VERY rural route I imagine. I'm not sure I'd want to be doing it in a town or city.
  18. We'll be waiting forever because it won't happen.
  19. You are 100% correct. Any shooting of lead shot in shotguns over wetlands in England Scotland and Wales is illegal regardless of species/target. In England and Wales it is then also illegal to shoot certain species with lead shot (mainly waterfoul) wherever they are found i.e. not over wetlands. Sorry if I misunderstood your first post.
  20. No. That's not true. A licence may specify what method you can use but in this country you can use rifles to cull cormorants. In fact the EU guidance documentation refers to using rifles to cull cormorants and it's relative efficiency. "The use of rifles is likely to have limited, if any, effect in conditioning other birds, so there may well be little potential scaring effect of killing birds with rifles. Safety will be a key consideration with regard to any use of firearms, but it will be a particular concern where rifles might be used. Bullets can t
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