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  1. Crikey that's awful. Sorry you have had to and continue to endure that. I never realised it could be that horrific. I hope that your residual symptoms clear up for good as soon as possible and you can live free of it.
  2. The guy that used to deliver to us on a Sunday night reckoned he loved it. He said it was easy. Got to meet people and he could earn as much as he liked by taking extra hours... Mind you he would have had a VERY rural route I imagine. I'm not sure I'd want to be doing it in a town or city.
  3. We'll be waiting forever because it won't happen.
  4. You are 100% correct. Any shooting of lead shot in shotguns over wetlands in England Scotland and Wales is illegal regardless of species/target. In England and Wales it is then also illegal to shoot certain species with lead shot (mainly waterfoul) wherever they are found i.e. not over wetlands. Sorry if I misunderstood your first post.
  5. No. That's not true. A licence may specify what method you can use but in this country you can use rifles to cull cormorants. In fact the EU guidance documentation refers to using rifles to cull cormorants and it's relative efficiency. "The use of rifles is likely to have limited, if any, effect in conditioning other birds, so there may well be little potential scaring effect of killing birds with rifles. Safety will be a key consideration with regard to any use of firearms, but it will be a particular concern where rifles might be used. Bullets can t
  6. I have a basic plastic press. Hand formed burgers are great if you are cooking there and then but I freeze mine in packs. Presses are useful as you can add a plastic or greaseproof paper disc to stop them sticking together. I give a few away to landowners, people who have done me favours etc and a press is good to give a uniform, professional looking finish. I don't add anything to help them bind. Just salt and pepper. That's with rabbit, pigeon, hare, venison and goose mince. Separately or all mixed together depending on what I have. If you can't clean a burger p
  7. I'll take your word for that. I don't have the balls to try it myself.
  8. You can say whatever you like about me. None of this is personal. It's just the internet. It's their, not there by the way.
  9. It's a fair point when you put it like that. I wonder how much difference it actually makes?
  10. I had never thought of the difference in diameter until Scotslad mentioned it. But I am with you, again a difference of say 12mm tread depth is less than an inch difference in diameter. Surely it's not that significant?
  11. You know when you've been Fandango'd
  12. No you weren't "Just saying it happens." You were advising on an open public forum that it is legal to use lead over wetlands in Scotland. You were saying that it must be legal because you know at least 24 people who do it and one big pheasant shoot. Not is wholly irresponsible to undertake any kind of shooting without understanding the law it is also wholly irresponsible to advise others to do the same. This is the sort of thing that lead to the General Licenses challenges and it will lead to a total ban on lead shot. Your ignorance and the ignorance of your mates jeo
  13. Would it eat raw chicken wings? boney enough to clean it's teeth but not too big? Fairly inert if it has stomach issues?
  14. More than likely. Pull all that **** out and leave me with wheels and an engine.
  15. How on earth, given the difference in suspension travel as you drive, differing road surfaces, camber and speeds, incline and declines can uneven tyre wear be any sort of factor in the health of the differential? Even if you had brand spanking new tyres versus totally bald you are talking a difference of what? 12-15mm max? I bet the camber on some of the roads here is a difference of more than that. Sounds like a marketing ploy to me.
  16. Why is it many people exceed the speed limit? Why is it people shoplift? I don't know. What I do know is that it is illegal to use lead shot over wetlands in England, Scotland and Wales. Jesus man How much more do you need? I linked to the scottish government website with the legislation. Well known or not. They are breaking the law if they are using lead shot. Christ on a bike! The law has been in place for 16 years!
  17. Oh dear. You and your two dozen mates need to read the legislation pretty sharpish. You couldn't be any more in the wrong. It's very clear. In fact I'm not sure how there could be any confusion... Taken from the scottish government website. https://www.gov.scot/publications/environmental-protection-restriction-use-lead-shot-scotland-2-regulations-2004/ 4. No person shall use lead shot for the purpose of shooting with a shot gun on or over wetlands Offences 5. Any person who contravenes regulation 4, or causes or permits another person to contravene that r
  18. Cormorants aren't mentioned. Doesn't matter though. In Scotland, England and Wales it is illegal to use lead shot over any wetland. Regardless of the species you are shooting. If you are not shooting them over a wetland in Scotland you are fine. In England and Wales then you may be right but I think you'd be on dodgy ground. It maybe worth seeking advice The legislation only covers lead shot. You can use lead rifle ammunition over wetlands to your hearts content.
  19. That's incorrect. Lead shot is illegal over wetlands in Scotland but not species specific so yes. It is illegal in Scotland.
  20. If they are over wetlands using lead shot would be illegal.
  21. Edinburgh Rifles and Sporting Goods but I think he specialises mainly in rifles.
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