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  1. To be honest if it was the PVA you probably would have been fine. Anyway if it was the PVA based stuff now that you have separated it try to scrape, pick or sand as much as you can away and then try using vinegar to soften and wipe it away. If that doesn't do it try methylated spirits. If that doesn't do it try Acetone If it was the PU based stuff go straight to acetone. Once you have removed the old glue you can try to re-glue. Clean and tidy your workpieces and sand with some very fine sandpaper, degrease again with a tiny amount of acetone. PVA or Cascemite will
  2. Which Gorilla glue did you use? PVA or PU?
  3. I have dealt with Dale twice and he is one of the most helpful people I have ever encountered in the gun trade.
  4. I don't add any fat at all to venison burgers, just venison, salt and pepper. They aren't dry at all. Venison sausages 2/3rd venison 1/3rd belly pork or fatty pork trim. I use oatmeal as rusk and stock for the liquid content. Chicken turkey pheasant rabbit stock anything like that. You can add skimmed milk powder to your mixture which definitely makes a more moist sausage.
  5. And I have bent wood that has grown straight, namely green oak for the timbers in clinker built boats... Not sure this is the same though. I didn't say he shouldn't try just be realistic with your expectations.
  6. Once wood has cupped you can try to force it back with steam or water but the likelihood is that if you manage to flatten it out entirely without it splitting (I think unlikely) as it dries it will return to it's warped shape anyway. Any effort to force it to hold a shape will cause splitting as the wood moves.
  7. Ignore the first few replies they are talking rubbish. What you are proposing is absolutely fine. I have done it many times before as have many many other sausage makers etc. Thaw, mince and process and re-freeze as soon as possible. Having worked in the freezer section at a large supermarket during my college years If you think that the meat you buy in the supermarket hasn't been frozen and thawed multiple times before you buy it you are naive. This
  8. total ********. If someone is of that sound a mind they wouldn't commit the crime in the first place. Are you suggesting the thought process of a murderer today goes... I think I'll kill that bloke... Ooh but I might get life in prison... Oh well at least I won't get hanged. I think I'll go for it. I fancy a few years at her majesty's pleasure anyway. For future reference the definition of conjecture... conjecture noun an opinion or conclusion formed on the basi
  9. Good one. Pot calling the kettle black. There has never been a time in history, nor a country past or present where murder or indeed crime did not occur In the presence, or absence of capital punishment. To suggest that Capital punishment is an effective deterrent is flawed from the start. If cutting off a thief's hands was a deterrent, they would have only done it once and never again. If the death penalty was a deterrent they would have only hanged one person and never any more. It doesn't work.
  10. I made a hot smoker out of a gas barbecue and an old stainless steel beer keg cut in half and just plonked on top basically with SS rods through to make a hanging rack. Used the gas to get my wood going and then used to shut it off and let it smolder and cook overnight. I have smoked with Oak, Beech, Apple and Alder. Beech and Alder added to Oak is my favourite. I mostly smoked herrings as we used to catch them for pot bait but I'd put a few aside. Have also smoked mackeral, cod for kedgeree (******* amazing). prefer mackerel cooked straight out of the sea, c
  11. So in the states in america where there is still the death penalty. Murders are only commited by the hardcore criminal element? Don't think so. Jail isn't enough of a deterrent for murder? People do it because they either aren't thinking straight, or they think they can get away with it. The punishment is pretty irrelevent.
  12. So people still got murdered then? Wasn't much of a deterrent.
  13. Yeah if you have a missus willing to sut at your campsite cooking all day.
  14. When we had the death penalty, were there no murders?
  15. Thank god BASC have the fighting fund to buy lube so all we have to do is bend over and grit our teeth.
  16. I think Mountain Dew was banned here for quite a few years. I once found some in a fly tipped fridge that was six years past the best before. Washed the can, chilled it and cracked her open. Just as good as the day she was made. I guess because of the sugar content. It's back now rebranded as an energy drink. Like the fan idea. saw somewhere the other day a guy had adjusted an aquarium pump to fit on his barrel and blow air through it between shots for bench resting. I have a few smaller battery fans from amazon around the house. Anything over 10 degrees c is t
  17. A ladder trap is the most effective solution I have come across. Make sure you make the gaps on top to fit jackdaws. Put the time in with pre-baiting and don't be too keen to set it. Empty the trap after dark and go back to your prebait routine.
  18. a mate of mine asked me to keep a look out for some reloading gear a while back as he's just getting into it. I'll tip him off.
  19. I have a few of the old mitchels. I guess 1980's. Excellent reels. You see them on ebay second hand quite frequently.
  20. I stood in a big lorry driver **** in a gateway yesterday. I'm pretty certain I know the culprit too. I'd have loved to have flicked that into his cab for him.
  21. Where in Suffolk are you Farmboy? Stags wander fair distance this time of year and may just pass through over night. That or are there any Fallow where you are?
  22. It's totally true. If you want to get the feeling of owning a boat, rent someone elses for the two weeks a year you will actually use it and then burn a £20 note every other night of the year. Two happiest days in every boat owners life. The day he buys it. The day he sells it.
  23. Your top ones look Sika hybridy.
  24. Just a slug. If you have that on your ticket then they are legal.
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