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  1. Up for sale is my Schmidt and bender 6x42 German made stalking scope A8 reticle 1" tube. £250 + post its in really good condition, usual marks from a used but looked after second hand optic. lens are perfect scope comes with butler creek flip covers on both ends these are the first and best of the butler creeks and will last forever will post pictures as soon as I can figure out how. .mounts not included
  2. ive got room for one more shotgun in one and this will fit three to 4 rifles with scopes i imagine
  3. Ive been given my dad shotgun cabinet its like a 4 or 6 gun. anyway im applying soon for my fac and wondered, shotgun cabinets are ok for rifles too right. i know it might mean removing moderators. using it will save me cash so i can buy a bigger ammo safe.
  4. That would work but really don't want to be spending aby more money going to be going for my FAC so will need a new cabinet that I can put rifles in so trying to keep on her good side.
  5. She's more likely to intercept the delivery than me. Then busted !
  6. Would love a commander chair they so look amazing but but wife's put her foot down after i just bought new wellies this week.prefer to stand really. mine is only about 16inch tall. Was given it fir free it' bran new was never used thats why I just thought of adapting it.
  7. Yeah I have decided to keep the air rifle but I do have a sporter 12g o/u taking up space in my cabint that should cover allot of the cost of getting a new rifle when the time comes. Cheers
  8. Oh God! yep that will do it. Now I feel like a ****. Cheers lol
  9. Not a bad idea thanks didn't think about putting legs on
  10. I' 6ft 1 my knees dont thank me jumping up from that position. Its not about being low down its ease of getting to my feet. My right knee isn't great these days. Years of rugby and too many pies.
  11. I got given one of these any tips on raising the height it' not really tall enough but I like the style for holding my nets. So maybe where I could get a taller bucket to raise it up? Any ideas welcome.
  12. Wow thanks for all the replies guys really appreciate them all. I have someone who has open fac to help me out with pest control on permissions and we are getting together to discuss things soon he has lots of land and even stalking in Scotland.
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