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  1. im trying to find some land in the herts/essex area to hunt on (air rifle only). my mate i used to shoot with has moved away and the land i used to shoot on has been built on so i thought id see if theres anyone else looking for land who fancys going round a few farms with me to try and get some new permision? pm me if anyones interested cheers arran
  2. from what ive read most people seem to use .22 for rat shooting, does anyone use .177 for hunting them?
  3. its £225 for the conversion and he gives the gun a 12 month warrenty. if you buy the gun off of him with the reg fitted he covers it for ten years so they should be pretty reliable
  4. i was going to sell it and get a hornet because of the regulator but i like the handling of the s400 and im thinking this way il have the best of both worlds
  5. im thinking of sending my .177 aa s400 to ben talor to have it regulated. has anyone got one of these conversions or know anyone who has? if so do you think the benifits outweigh the cost? any info appreciated cheers
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