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  1. Moley magoo

    Webley Vulcan

    Spot on thank you
  2. Moley magoo

    Webley Vulcan

    Tried most places but no luck yet cheers
  3. Moley magoo

    Webley Vulcan

    Yeah for the look, front sight is missing and thought silencer be better than replacing sight
  4. Moley magoo

    Webley Vulcan

    Hello there Can anyone help, trying to find a silencer for webley Vulcan, thanks.
  5. Moley magoo

    Holy moley

    Mole catching May not be the most glamorous job but it certainly has it's perks, A few free fields in return for pigeon shooting has not failed me in last 30 year
  6. Moley magoo

    243 Winchester brass

    Fired once £25 per 100 with postage
  7. Moley magoo

    Never seen as many

    Yes a shoot round Durham area and agree numbers are up, av never had as many good days on rape as this year. The birds don't seem to move on and return to fields next day that have been heavily shot.
  8. Moley magoo

    Where have all the pigeons gone?

    Durham area certainly has plenty especially around peterlee way the most av ever seen, Been hammering the rape since late November