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  1. Peterlee in co, Durham Was bought as a gift n a use thermal so it's just sitting there
  2. Sight mark wraith HD series comes with standard and long mount in excellent condition and ir has never been used, a bought this scope in May and only used it a couple of times it's literally brand new still. Asking 500 ono with free postage
  3. Pulsar n750 digisight, comes with box, bag, instruction manual, remote and spare mount. Upgraded to thermal a few years ago and kept this as a backup so not been used much. Everything works fine apart from on board ir which flickers, a never used this as always had an additional ir torch added. Asking £350 and postage what ever that will be, thanks.
  4. Used 1/4 optima beretta extended choke £25 including postage
  5. Wanted a laurona half choke the extended type thanks
  6. 12 bore fiochhi TT one... Size 7 shot plastic wad, 28 grams 250 shells for £40 peterlee area of Durham cert holders only thank you
  7. 12 bore fiochhi cartridges, size 7 shot, 28 grams plastic was....325 cartridges for £50. Cert holders only thanks Durham area
  8. Tried most places but no luck yet cheers
  9. Yeah for the look, front sight is missing and thought silencer be better than replacing sight
  10. Hello there Can anyone help, trying to find a silencer for webley Vulcan, thanks.
  11. Mole catching May not be the most glamorous job but it certainly has it's perks, A few free fields in return for pigeon shooting has not failed me in last 30 year
  12. Fired once £25 per 100 with postage
  13. Yes a shoot round Durham area and agree numbers are up, av never had as many good days on rape as this year. The birds don't seem to move on and return to fields next day that have been heavily shot.
  14. Durham area certainly has plenty especially around peterlee way the most av ever seen, Been hammering the rape since late November
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