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  1. I never got to try the 694 I’m sure it’s a great gun but the CG seduced me in 10 shots 👍
  2. Only had mine 2 weeks I can’t see me changing it for a very long time unless my lotto numbers come up 👍
  3. Hi Guys I’m afraid I have gone to the dark side and bought a Caesar Guerini invictus1 I tried one on a gun testing day and fell for it, don’t hate me I couldn’t help myself thanks everyone for your input and advice much appreciated
  4. Hi Jim I’m not really expecting any problems only for my friends instructor I wouldn’t even be questioning it I’ve not heard any bad reviews about the 694 from anyone else
  5. Fingers crossed Samboy I hope everything is good on your gun because I really really want one I’ve even had the green light of her indoors to buy one, I’m just having a little panic over the reports of problems my current Beretta run’s like a Swiss watch so I expect the 694 to be the same it’s going to be a couple of months before I buy it so if you do have any problems please get back to me 👍cheers
  6. Hi everyone I’m thinking of buying a 694 but a shooting buddy of mine had a lesson with a very famous shooter, he was asked which is the better gun DT11 or 694 he said he would prefer the 694 but he also said that he has had at least 3 of his pupils guns 694 fail on them, so people have you had or heard of any problems with the 694 also repair times apparently GMK have been very slow to repair them over to you guys cheers in advance
  7. Has anyone been to Catton Hall my problem is I usually shoot alone here the guys I normally shoot with don’t like it, so I don’t like the idea of touching the buttons and then bringing the gun up near my mouth a foot pedal or buttons would be ideal I do think all grounds are going to have to convert to some sort of foot operated traps.
  8. Have any Beretta 690 black edition owners had this problem where the black paint on the action is wearing off, I was talking to a guy at my local club who had the 690 black the same as me but he had changed his gun when I asked him why it was because of the paint coming off the action he has the 10 year guarantee when he called GMK the distributors for Beretta in the UK they told him it was down to wear and tear when he told them the gun is only 15 months old and should not be wearing out in 15 months they then tried to blame him cleaning the gun with solvents he told them he had never used solvents on the exterior of the gun and it was down to the gun not being fit for purpose he then told me after insisting on the gun not being fit for purpose and wanting to speak to a manager who eventually got back to him offering a new action and barrels which he took and immediately exchanged the 690 for a 692 not the black edition, I was wondering has anybody else had similar problems and what was the outcome
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