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    Clay shooting, Rough shooting, Beating and Pacifying the good lady

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  1. Howling Hound

    saying hello

    Welcome mate
  2. Howling Hound

    Beaters needed

    You can still count me in
  3. Howling Hound

    Break in at Oakridge Shooting Ground

    Silly thing to do but the guy was fuming. Claimed he thought he was advised to do so by the operator. One of the officers shoots regularly at the club so he got away with it. Main consequence was a speedy arival of forensics etc
  4. Howling Hound

    Break in at Oakridge Shooting Ground

  5. Howling Hound

    Break in at Oakridge Shooting Ground

    Over last week end (between Sunday night Tuesday mornong) toe-rags broak in to Oakedge and removed the ground keeping and workshop equipment. Also a few £1000 of fishing gear. Please were called via 999 but we were told to dial 101 even though it was a shooting ground. The operated said that officers would attend some time during the day. Next phone call via 999 to say that it was believed that the scum were still on the ground and we were going out to look for them. It was advised that we should not do that as it may be dangerous. The operator was thanked for the warning and that we will now take guns. Full armed response arrived within 12 mins. No traps were taken and it has not affected the shooting Reward of £1000 has been offered to find these poor misguided people Please be vigilant
  6. Howling Hound

    Stop unwanted junk mail

    Why? Rebates are always welcome
  7. Howling Hound

    EUROVISION...heelllp !

    I must admit my Eurovision experience this year was greatly enhanced by adapting an old drinking game. 1, stand up 2, turn telly off 3, go down the pub
  8. Howling Hound

    How was your bank holiday weekend

    Yea but some jobs I don't mind doing. And how come it's my turn to walk the dog whenever it' raining At least there' some enjoyment to start off with kids (about 2.5 mins in my case) all down hill after that
  9. Howling Hound

    How was your bank holiday weekend

    Don' you just hate some people. If not for the horse riding and the chose of beverage Steve would fall into this catorgy. Spent the days sweltering getting a stable ready for the Lady Hounds new horse, big smelly thing that converts pound notes into poo. But hayho, needs must when the Dragon drives. At least I get some piece when she is out riding and she leaves me alone to go shooting.
  10. Howling Hound

    SxS Meet at Oakedge

    Hi decoyman Please bring your spaniel, well behaved dogs always welcome. If you have never been to the ground before you are in for a treat. It may be the best kept secret in shooting however after they host the British open in August it may be better known. As I have said before exactly what we can put on will depend on the uptake, but English sporting is always availale I will keep you in the loop Martin
  11. Howling Hound


    A few years ago I spent some time raising cash for the Gurkha Welfare Trust at CAMRA beer festival's. At one were managed to get two Gurkhas to come along. You would not believe some of the stupid comments we got. Are they real Gurkhas? (No they are ****** plastic!) Why are they raising money in the UK for? One woman even tried to make an official complaint about allowing knives into a beer festival. I will always remember the festival chairman's reply. Madam those knives are safer where they are than locked up in an office. Glad to say we raised lots of cash. The two lads turned up with a collection tin each. I took then away and gave them two buckets which were filled. Great times.
  12. Howling Hound

    Working Away

    Cardiff is luxury. Spent 9years working away in Hastings with the occasional stays in Bradford and Paisley. Got Hastings sussed eventually. Found a stunning privately owned country hotel in Battle with its own lake. As it made its money at weekends for functions and weddings negotiated a silly rate for a long term stay during the week. Usually only me staying there. Eventually treated as one of the family ran the bar, was in the hotels quiz team traveling to different pubs. Meals out etc. Home from home Never got scotland or Bradford sorted though.
  13. Howling Hound

    SxS Meet at Oakedge

    I can not shoot this sunday as I have to get a stable ready for the new oss. However I will pop up and check put the new catering situation by having a full breakfast, purely for research reasons you understand
  14. Howling Hound

    SxS Meet at Oakedge

    OK Salopian your in Will keep you informed as we go along
  15. Howling Hound

    SxS Meet at Oakedge

    Opps The date is Friday 20 july not the 10th No excuses just going a bit gaga Thanks thebigh21