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  1. Thanks for the info I am sure I have seen a post somewhere about only using fibre wads in these hushpower guns you obviously don’t get any problems with the game bore plastic wad? thanks.
  2. All the you tube vids I have watched are of hushpower .410 ones but are you saying as long as it has a moderator on they are all about the same quiteness? thanks.
  3. Am looking at getting one of the above been looking on guntrader etc, there seems to be a stealth model with a moderator on is this the same moderator as the hushpower or is it mossbergs own version? if it’s different are they as quiet as the hushpower version? Any opinions of the above gun greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for your reply Motty. Will take a look at those cartridges when I have a look for a gun. The mossberg pump 410 that I have seen. On guntrader some say moderated and some say hushpower are these the same one or different mods?
  5. Thanks for your reply and advice, I have been to the field this last couple of Mornings at daylight, I took my gun and sat in the hedge, there were plenty of shootable birds early on but as there are houses close bye I couldn’t shoot as the farmer had had complaints previously. I am toying with the idea of a 410 hushpower as I know these pigeons will decoy in close early on from the last 2 mornings. Am going to have a look at the 3 shot Mossberg next week does anyone use one of these if so any recommendations for cartridges? thanks for all advice so far.
  6. Get the gun out for what? there was nothing in my permission they just sat in the tree for the 2 hrs I was there.
  7. Hi all, got down field at just gone 8, sat with a coffee and watched them all sitting in the tree, had a couple of hours watching there were odd ones were leaving but in the opposite direction to someone else’s osr field. The osr was still well frozen at 10 so I came home as had other things on this afternoon. Will have a look on way home from work in the week and hope for better weather next weekend. Thanks for all advice.
  8. Thanks all for your replys and advice, is nearly freezing here now so will take marsh mans advice probably get down at 8ish with a flask and see what happens. Thanks.
  9. Hi all, new member here. I am going to have a try on some pigeons tomorrow on a field of oil seed rape, only shot clays before so is a whole new thing for me. I have a look this afternoon there is a big gang of pigeons in a tree about 200 yrs away(not on my permission) now and again a odd few fly to my field. I have some poles,net and about a dozen half body decoys, unfortunately no flapper or magnet yet. After any advice for the morning, looks like it will be fairly cold, maybe a bit of drizzle and 15 to 20mph wind. How early should I get set up for? How long should I give it before i give up/alter pattern move hide if I get nothing coming in? if I set up as close as I can to the tree where they are I will be near a hedge but not on the side where they would see my pattern should I go out further into the field? any advice appreciated. Thanks ploughman.
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