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  1. morning pal, tmguns have offered me £300 for my 12 which is proberly the going rate for a hushpower being bought off a trade, however i don't have any slots on my shotgun license still waiting for more forms, id still prefer a trade of someone. Just to let you know it's £25 to post from my end which I'd pay.I'll wait for the forms to come but if I can't sort a trade by then I'll take £300 off him thanks .
  2. No problem ! I've had 3 rfd now and luckily have got a way with it, can send more photos etc let me know anyway thanks for replying
  3. Hi, I would rfd as I've never experienced a problem myself ! But I'm sure others have which is understandable.
  4. Swap for a 12g mossberg hushpower ? Would have to rfd though..
  5. I got a 20b investarm hushpower by far the nicest hushpower to shoot ! £575 delivered by rfd there £850 new.. ive used the 12g and 20g moss imo the investarm is the nicest to hold,shoot, and to look down,as the moderator is the full length
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